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  • Mint + Coral Gender Reveal Party // Emily and Stephan

    Last weekend we had the opportunity to capture our best friend’s gender reveal party! As y’all know, we are videographers. It’s not often we get the chance to try our hand at photography. For us, photographing an event is very different than video-ing (is that even a word?) an event. It was nice to step outside our comfort zone and take some pictures. We had so much fun with Emily and Stephan, and are so excited for their little bundle of joy. Oh yeah, and IT’S A GIRL!

    GenderReveal-2 GenderReveal-4 GenderReveal-6 GenderReveal-7 GenderReveal-13 GenderReveal-16 GenderReveal-17 GenderReveal-21 GenderReveal-23 GenderReveal-34 GenderReveal-37 GenderReveal-39 GenderReveal-43 GenderReveal-49 GenderReveal-51 GenderReveal-66 GenderReveal-68 GenderReveal-75 GenderReveal-81 GenderReveal-82 GenderReveal-84 GenderReveal-85


    All the details were incredible. From the mint and coral cake, to the mini chicken and waffles. Emily really outdid herself with this party.

    And, in true party fashion, our son Tanner decided to projectile vomit EVERYWHERE. It was in the pockets of my shirt, my shorts… we both were a mess. Thankfully it was the end of the party and everyone had pretty much left, but it distracted us from getting some more fun shots with Emily, Stephan and that Bump. Boo. Hopefully we’ll get another change at her Baby Shower in a few months. So excited!

    And, our little dude is feeling better. Of course he managed to come down with two ear infections the day of the party. He was champ though. I mean, did you see his smile in those pictures? Gah. :)

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  • Happy Easter, Love GBVideo


    Wishing y’all a wonderful Easter! We had a great time celebrating little man’s first Easter. Last year, we were just bringing this sweet little boy home from the hospital. Can’t believe it has been a year. If feels like it’s been 10 years, yet it feels like just yesterday. All you Moms out there will understand what I mean. :)

    Easter is extra special this year because my best friend is pregnant! She also had one of the cutest photo announcements I’ve seen in forever. I wouldn’t expect any less from Em. She’s easily one of the most fabulous pregnant ladies I know – and one of the most maj person in my life. (images by Half Wolf Media)

    baby_m_heart_forweb baby_m_bunny_forweb

    Aren’t these just the most adorable images you have ever seen? Besides all picture of our little man, Tan. Obvs.

    Love these two people and so incredibly happy for them I could burst into tears… which I probably will again at some point.

    Much Love y’all.

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  • Tanner // Mother’s Day 2013

    Baby Tanner // Mother’s Day 2013 from Gator Bride Videography on Vimeo.

    Isn’t that just the sweetest? Kyle put this together for me for my first Mother’s Day. It is an amazing reminder of just how wonderful my little baby boy is.

    Becoming a Mother hasn’t been easy. No one can truly prepare you for the task at hand. The first few weeks were rough. Getting used to a new sleep schedule and realizing I can no longer run out “real quick” to pick up something (also those party weekends at a friend’s house for their birthday are totally out the door too!).

    Needless to say, Amazon Prime has become my best friend. That and Netflix. LOVE. They both make my life just a little bit easier. Which is needed when your little one has reflux (God bless all those parents who have dealt with this – rough, rough, rough!).

    Every week gets better. And now, my baby boy is 10 weeks old. 10 WEEKS! I don’t know how we got here. Oh yes, I do know how – with lots of snuggles, diaper changes, late night (and early morning!) feedings, play time with our friends Hootie and Roy (his Jellycat Gator), stroller rides that ended in crying sessions, all-day baby-wearing sessions (Love you Moby and Ergo), and lots of belly kisses!

    So, here’s to all the Mothers out there. Hope your day was perfect and that you got uninterrupted bathroom time. :)

    Happy Mother’s Day!


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  • Tanner’s Newborn Photo Session

    At just 1 week old, Tanner had his newborn photography session with one of our friends we went to high school with who is now a rad newborn photographer! Kelli of Beautiful Moments Photography did a ridiculously amazing job capturing our little Tan-man. Even though he was a little difficult during the shoot (pooping, peeing and fussing!), she was still able to capture a few images of our little peanut.

    View More: http://beautifulmomentsphotographyllc.pass.us/tanner View More: http://beautifulmomentsphotographyllc.pass.us/tanner View More: http://beautifulmomentsphotographyllc.pass.us/tanner View More: http://beautifulmomentsphotographyllc.pass.us/tanner View More: http://beautifulmomentsphotographyllc.pass.us/tannerI just love this little man. So sweet. I mean… look at that FACE. Adorable.

    I’m currently trying to figure out which to have printed on a big canvas. I’m actually a little happy he was so fussy during the shoot, because if I had any more images to choose from, I’d have even more trouble deciding which one to print!

    Thank you Kelli for capturing our Tan so perfectly. We are forever thankful to you. Much Love♥.

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  • Baby Tanner // Week 1 Video

    Tanner 1 day old

    Those who are Facebook friends with us (Hey – yo!) or follow our company Facebook page, GBVideo, know that we have recently welcomed our little man into the world. Tanner was born March 28th and weighed in at 8 lbs 3 oz and 19.5 inches of pure perfection. I had a crazy fast labor experience, which I will be writing about shortly. When he was ready to make his debut, he certainly didn’t diddle daddle. The first few days were surreal. We kept saying “He’s really here? He’s really here!” and “I can’t believe we made him, he’s perfect.”

    As videographers, we had BIG plans to make a super epic birth video (minus all the actual pushing, etc – and PG rated, of course). We had our bare bones camera gear packed and ready for the hospital a few days before I went into labor. Just the necessities to capture what we wanted to capture – to tell the story of the birth of our little one. Well… all our best laid plans went right out the window as soon as my water broke, as we went into full on panic mode since the first contractions I had were about 1 min 30 seconds to 2 minutes apart. But, I’ll save that for another post!

    Since these first time parents were overwhelmed, in a panic, and this Mommy insisted Daddy get the camera out of her face while she was in labor… we only ended up with a bunch of purely random clips from before, after and the week following Tanner’s birth. You’ll even get a sneak peek of Tanner’s newborn session with Kelli of Beautiful Moments Photography. :)

    Tanner // Week 1 from Gator Bride Videography on Vimeo.

    He is absolutely amazing and we are in love with this little guy. Every time we look at his little face we are amazed we could create such a perfect little human being. {sigh} He makes my heart sing.