Sweet Dreams of Nina Electra Wedding Shoes

If you all remember my post last week, Accessorizing the Bride, I mentioned these cute little ‘design your own’ Nina Electras I have been eying for well over 6 months. I mentioned my predicament that in order to get my dream shoes for our wedding I would need to special order them in a 3.25″ heel (they come stock in the 4″ heel which is wayyy to tall for this lady). The problem? The price. The custom heel height is $199. If you join their mailing list you can get 10% off your first order, but I just couldn’t wrap my head around paying $180 for shoes that I may only wear once (it has taken me a long time to get to this point, when we first got engaged I started looking at shoes that were between $300-600… yes I was out of control).

One day, while browsing Weddingbee , I decided to check out their classified section on the site and came across a pair of Design Your Own Nina Electras in Ivory in my size. A bride ordered them custom from Nina and later decided to wear a different shoe for her wedding. SCORE! and the price? $80 including shipping. DOUBLE SCORE!

Now you may say “$80 is still quite a bit for a pair of heels,” not if the only difference between them and the $200 one is that they have been worn around the house once. Check out  my sweet WeddingBee classifieds deal (I still can’t get over it!). As my Mom says, when its meant to be… its meant to be.

Miss Gator's kitty taking a sniff at her wedding shoesGator Kitty giving the new shoes her sniff of approval

Miss Gator's Design Your own Nina Electras

iPhone picture Miss Gator took as soon as she opened the packageYes I had to immediately take a picture with my iPhone when I opened them. They are adorable and I love them! *Please ignore all the bug bites on my leg… we live in Florida and it is swampy

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  1. Rebecca W says:

    That’s really awesome! Such a good shopper Gator Bride! They are lovely, i’m sure they’ll look stunning on your big day.

  2. They are meant to be, those are gorgeous!

  3. Thank you @Rebecca W and @Stacy Marie. WeddingBee Classifieds is amazing! Only took me a year and a half of searching them to finally find something I was looking for! :-)

  4. Cindie says:

    I ordered the same shoes but in Navy Blue!!! They will be my ‘Something Blue’ :)

  5. Love the one with Kumi. What a cutie!

  6. These shoes are SO adorable! I can’t wait to photograph them! I love getting insight into your wedding through your blog – it totally makes me feel in the loop and updated! I’m getting so excited for you guys! :)

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