Showing Some Wedding Cake Love

One of the first wedding items we bought for our wedding was cake toppers (and might I say they are possibly the best and most unique addition to our wedding). ↓

Mr. Knight and Miss Gator's Cake Toppers by BunnywithatoolbeltThe little Gator Bride is missing her delicate little veil in this picture, but you can still get the idea.

3 months later we started thinking that we weren’t sure if we wanted a cake at all. Mr. Knight and I aren’t big cake lovers. We are more of  southern dessert lovers… apple pie…. apple cobbler… okay so pretty much anything with apples in it. We had this grand idea that my grandmother (along with my help) would make all these apple pies. Well, that was quickly vetoed when we decided that we were lazy and we wouldn’t know what to do with our cute little cake toppers.

So on to cake inspiration! {yummy}

Cake #1

Dot Tall cake
ohh how pretty! Mr. Knight and I love this cake. We want to do something similar to this but with aqua ribbon and instead of the cake being round we want square. Yes I said it… we want a square cake. I think it’s the Architecture student in me… but I love the modern look of a square cake.

Cake #2

orchid cakeAnother one we love. It is so simple and gets to the point. We would probably do this without the orchids (maybe white daisies instead?). Can’t you just see our lovely little knight and gator at the top of this sweetness?

Okay… so here is something I’m sort of thinking about for our garden/romance wedding. We are already going with the wooden cake toppers showcasing our alma maters… why not add one of these cute little wood banners? Imagine Cake #2 with white daisies (instead of orchids), our cake toppers and this banner on a lower tier.

Our Wedding Cake BannerWood cake banner by baumbirdy, $20.

Instead of saying ‘Our Wedding’ what about ‘Miss Gator ♥ Mr Knight’ (but obviously with our real names)? Simple square cake with rustic details and white daisies? hmmmm..

Cake #3

Okay so this last cake is a dream cake… meaning we could probably never afford one that looks like this (a bride can dream).↓

Miss Gator's Dream CakeIn order to get this look we would probably have to go with a fondant cake… not what we are looking for (we are buttercream people). So beautiful, yet so out of reach! Even though I like it, I think it is not really the style of our wedding. Still, quite a beautiful cake.

So far I’m leaning towards Cake #2. I can see it all coming together… now all I have to do is convince Mr. Knight that we have to get the wooden cake banner. Not only is it super cute but it will also make for a pretty sweet keepsake after the wedding.

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  1. We’re buttercream people too! We really gravitate towards the look of fondant, so we’re having a hard time figuring out what we want.

  2. Emily says:

    First of all, team buttercream all the way!!! And Sylvia Wynstock says that a great cake designer can make buttercream just as smooth as fondant!

    I agree with square for you guys, I think the ribbon at the bottom in 1 finishes it off and I like the swiss dot work. Love that banner!!!

  3. Emily says:

    Oh, also about fondant, every wedding I’m at that they have it, there is a let down moment when everyone realizes the icing isn’t buttercream…literally everyone sighs. The icing is the best part!

  4. Melinda says:

    Great ideas working off of the second option. The wooden sign is so cute! I bet you could easily make one very similar.

  5. @Emily and Stacey Marie: TEAM BUTTERCREAM!

    @Melinda: I was thinking just that. I figured I could make something similar out of a thin wood and run it through a printer or get sticker letters from Michael’s and then run a thin layer of veneer over it or something. Not sure yet. I only know that I have to have a wooden banner now!

  6. marina says:

    Papa could and would love to make the banner for y’all :-)

  7. […] If not, then you are in for a surprise… cause girl… I am in love with daisies! I mentioned in my cake post that I wanted to put little white daisies on our wedding cake. Well, I’m not stopping there. […]

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