Mint + Coral Gender Reveal Party // Emily and Stephan

Last weekend we had the opportunity to capture our best friend’s gender reveal party! As y’all know, we are videographers. It’s not often we get the chance to try our hand at photography. For us, photographing an event is very different than video-ing (is that even a word?) an event. It was nice to step outside our comfort zone and take some pictures. We had so much fun with Emily and Stephan, and are so excited for their little bundle of joy. Oh yeah, and IT’S A GIRL!

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All the details were incredible. From the mint and coral cake, to the mini chicken and waffles. Emily really outdid herself with this party.

And, in true party fashion, our son Tanner decided to projectile vomit EVERYWHERE. It was in the pockets of my shirt, my shorts… we both were a mess. Thankfully it was the end of the party and everyone had pretty much left, but it distracted us from getting some more fun shots with Emily, Stephan and that Bump. Boo. Hopefully we’ll get another change at her Baby Shower in a few months. So excited!

And, our little dude is feeling better. Of course he managed to come down with two ear infections the day of the party. He was champ though. I mean, did you see his smile in those pictures? Gah. :)