Let The Gator GROWL

Just about every year I’ve been here at UF, I have attended Gator Growl. Growl is the LARGEST student run pep rally in the country (and possibly the world). In past years we have seen Steve Miller Band, ┬áLynyrd Skynyrd, Frank Caliendo, and Wayne Brady. This year the performers were Dana Carvey, The Jabbawockeez, O.A.R. and Tim Tebow (okay.. so Tebow wasn’t one of the performers but he certainly was a big reason to go).

Gator Bridemaid and Miss Gator at Gator Growl 2009Gator Bridesmaid and I at Gator Growl

Gator Growl 2009Albert and Alberta on the Gator Growl Stage

Every year the clips that are shown at Gator Growl are hiliarious… check out a few of them from past years:

Here’s a parody on Gator’s “Go Gator” Commercial (for the Noles):

The Jabbawockeez performance at Gator Growl this year was incredibly amazing. Check out at the 1:20 mark where they break out into Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” Fabulous.

In the next short clip they are doing a tribute to Michael Jackson. They were seriously.. just amazing. I can’t describe how awesome they are. Be sure to check out the massive Gator Growl crowd behind them (Gator bridesmaid and I are somewhere in there). :-)

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  1. Britney Bennett says:

    Definitely a fun event and a great way to show support for the Gators. And I love Tim Tebow!

    Great post. Thanks.

  2. Erin says:

    yay!!! I had so much FUN!!! The jabbawockeez and dana carvey were amazing! As was seeing all of our amazing senior boys on stage. Very sad that they wont be here next year:( Go Gators!!!

  3. mrknight says:

    I might be a Knight but I love Gator Growl (and, admittedly, the Gators unless they’re playing UCF…). I’m really kinda kickin’ myself for not going to Gator Growl this year. I always go and it’s always awesome. Why would I think it wouldn’t be this year? Oh well, at least I didn’t have to walk a mile and a half back home in flip flops like we do every year. My calves always burn so bad after that walk.

    Good post sweety. Has anyone else seen any good videos from Gator Growl 2009? If so, please share the links!

  4. @Mr Knight: Oh I soo wished you would have come, I knew you would have loved it! But… Gator Bridesmaid and I were happy that you took us there and picked us up so we didn’t have to take that lonnnng walk home after Growl. Such a Sweety! :-)

  5. […] actually the largest student run pep rally in the United States (and possibly the World?). Last year Gator Bridesmaid joined me at Gator Growl and we had a freakin’ awesome time. Mr. Knight […]

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