Golf Carts and Weddings

Before I show you all these amazing pictures I found of golf carts in weddings, I have to give you a little backstory on my relationship with golf carts.

I have a love/hate relationship with golf carts.

Have you ever heard of a Bride having a love/hate relationship with golf carts? I know, its a weird thing to have. Although Mr. Knight and I will be getting married on a golf course and have golf carts as our vehicles from getting the wedding party from point A to point B, we aren’t incredibly big golf fans (and I’m not a very big golf cart fan).

I really should explain a little background on by relationship with golf carts so you will better understand my reasoning for saying ‘I’m not a really big golf cart fan.’

It all started back in high school when we got our own golf cart. Why did we have a golf cart? I really can’t tell you why, because I have no idea, other then that it was something fun to ride around in. We would ride it to friend’s houses (that were just down the street), and to the park nearby. It also made an awesome ride for Trick or Treating in.↓

Miss Gator Trick or Treating in High School with her friendsYes.. we are wearing old dance costumes and I am sporting red Chuck Taylor All Stars. Don’t judge.

Well.. when you are a teenager you tend to do stupid things. Isn’t that where they got the saying ‘young and stupid’? One day I did this to the golf cart:

Miss Gator was a bad little gator and tipped the golf cartI was a bad little Gator.

I learned my lesson on being stupid. I ended up in the hospital and now have rather large scars on my knees from sliding on the concrete (thank goodness Dickies work pants were ‘trendy’ at the time, or I would have been hurt quite a bit more). It also ended my passion, dancing. My left foot still gets sore in certain shoes and when it rains (I blame it on an over-looked hairline fracture). After what happened, I completely avoided our golf cart at all cost. I touched up the paint from my stupidity and would wash it, but never drive it. I was just too scared.

So naturally, I was a little hesitant when we started talking about incorporating golf carts into our wedding. I have since calmed down a bit. Circular on-ramps for highways still freak me out (I keep thinking our car is going to tip over). But, Mr. Knight has promised he will drive slow and take care of me. I trust him and know he would never want me hurt.

I have been looking around for tasteful golf cart wedding pictures (I don’t want a bunch of picture of golf carts at our wedding.. but 2 or 3 would be fine). There are so many tacky golf cart wedding pictures out there… every time I see them I just cringe. Here are a few I found that were relatively tasteful and sweet:

*Click the images to view them larger

Bridal Party chilling on a Golf Cartsource Making the Moment Photography

Golf Cart bring the Bride and her Bridesmaids to the ceremonyMy bridesmaid crew and I will be arriving to the ceremony via golf cart. How cute is this picture?
source unknown

Wedding Party riding from the wedding on Golf Cartssource Lisa Mark Photography

Bride arriving to the ceremony via Golf Cart with her FatherI love this picture because it captures that ‘moment’ right before the Bride arrives at the ceremony.
source Vantage Pictures

Mrs. Lemonade's Golf Cart Getawaysource Jenna Cole

Mrs. Lemonade's Golf Cart GetawayI love this picture but am incredibly scared for the bride. I am sure Mr. Knight would NEVER drive away from our reception this recklessly. On a side note, I suddenly have the urge to get that cute little Vera Bradley over night bag in the picture. Too cute!
source Jenna Cole

bride and groom making their getaway via golf cartsource Elizabeth Medina Photography

A bride and her crew source Rustin Michael

A bride and groom making their getawaysource Leigh Webber Photography

Bride and Groom having a moment on a golf cartsource Imagine Nation Photography

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  1. mrknight says:

    Yeah, there are some good ones in there babe. I promise, I will drive like we’ve been married for 60 years (i.e., like an old man) while in our wedding-day golf cart.

    PS, I love the caption under the tipped-golf cart. Kinda made me laugh.

  2. Emily says:

    Ummm, never knew that “incident” story…amazing.

  3. @Emily: And you thought you knew everything about me? I still have a few surprises left in me! :-)

  4. I love this post…thanks for the amazing inspiration…we are getting married @ the town center of the gated community that FI lives in…lots of people use golf carts and i wish i had one for us to ride in!

  5. Was just searching yahoo and found your blog, love it.

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