Gettin’ Mah Hair Did

Armed with some sweet hair inspiration (collected over the course of our engagement… 2 years!) and my Handle & Sprout hair flowers, I headed to my hair trial at the beautiful Veranda Pampering Salon, this past week.

A collection of hair inspiration I showed my wonderful hair stylist, Sabrina.

Outside view of the Veranda Pampering Salon. Isn’t is cute? I absolutely LOVE this place. My Grandmother (Gator Dad’s Momma) has been going here for years and loves it, so naturally, I had to try it out! I even got to meet her stylist!

1.5 hours later, and many, many bobby pins later, this is what Sabrina came up with…

I absolutely love it, and think she did a wonderful job combining all my inspiration into 1 look. Naturally, the day of my hair will be flawless (no wisps or pieces of hair out of place). Minor alterations to the look that Sabrina and I have planned is to lower all the curls in the back a bit (more like the first line of images on my inspiration page) and cut more bangs at longer lengths to frame my face better (like the first line of images on my inspiration page). Did I mention that I love my southern ‘bump’ she added? If you don’t know what a southern ‘bump’ is then you need to check out Bumpits, which are basically southern hair ‘bumps’ to the extreme.

Here I am trying to get a front view of my hair around 5pm. Mr. Knight just had to get in the picture and try and antagonize me by using a laser pointer in my camera lens. This is typical Mr. Knight behavior.

I’ve made appointments for all the Mommas and my bridesmaids at the Veranda to have their hair done the day of the wedding. We all are going there together and hanging out while everyone gets their hair done (they have a great waiting room, open to the inter coastal, and it has french doors into the salon, so we can watch each other get our hair done). I’m planning on making (or possibly ordering) trays of fruit, breakfast munchies, etc to have laid out for the girls to snack on, and maybe a game or two to play, to keep everyone busy.

Do you have any special plans for the day of your wedding, with your ladies?

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  1. Hannah says:

    Aw… most salons in Gainesville are closed on Sunday (our wedding day) so we’ll have to get ready in the hotel room. Your hair is beautiful though! I think I’m printing out your inspiration board and bringing it in because its exactly what I want too! And of course… a bump is necessary!

  2. Awee thanks Hannah! I’ll email you a bigger file of it to print out! Coming up quick. Almost less then 2 months for us both!

  3. Janna says:

    Your hair looks great and the flowers look amazing! Your inspiration board shows what I want too- I was trying to figure out how to wear my hair and have a veil similar to the one in the photo as well.

  4. Emily says:

    Beautiful! And just enough bump :) And we so won’t have time to play games!

    You will be stunning!

  5. Manny & Kirsten says:

    Hey Kim, it looks like everything is going to be wonderful at your wedding, I hope that you enjoy every moment of it :) We did, and its astonishing how quickly its all over – drink it all in :)

  6. @Janna: I’m glad you like it! I can send you a higher quality image of the hair inspiration if you like!

    @Emily: No time to play games? NONSENSE! lol

    @Manny & Kirsten: Thanks! I want to make sure we take a moment to take it all in the day of. I know it will go by fast!

  7. Personally, I think your hair looked amazing just as it was. There isn’t anythng to change, in my opinion. But, I trust that you’ll be beautiful… since you can’t help it…it’s your nature to look stunning.

    My hair is so boring—sorry. :-(

  8. Karen says:

    :) Awesome… Its going to be a dream. Congrats. And good job.

  9. Janna says:

    I’d love it if you could! Thanks!

  10. marina says:

    Beautiful!!!! Mama Knight definitely approves :-)

  11. Awe thanks Mama Knight!!

  12. Your hair looks fab!

    I hear you on that typical behavior…Ryan flashed the laser from the Crate and Barrel scanner in my face for like 5 minutes. Fun for him, not for me!

  13. Beautiful do!

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