GBVideo Announcement #2

Okay, here comes announcement #2. As many of our friends and family already know… we are expecting!!! {yayyy!!!!}

Adorbs. We love this little munchkin so much already!

We are so incredibly excited to welcome our little bundle of love next year. :)

So what does this mean for potential clients? Since our little one is due in April 2013, we will be blocking off most of March, all of April and most of May from bookings to be safe. We are still booking for January and February 2013, and we are also accepting bookings for late May-June 2013 and later. We may take some last minute bookings in early March but that’s all contingent on how I’m feeling in the pregnancy and what our doctor says. We would hate to have to leave a wedding because my water broke or I went into labor. And since when you book us, you get us (no substitutes – we’re too OCD for that and we would never want to compromise our quality and style of shooting), we want to block off these months to be safe. :)

Non-Wedding Clients for March-May 2013: We will still be booking events that are not date-specific, so-to-speak. Examples are Promotional videos (photographer/vendor/etc), Family videos (similar to family photo shoots; I’ll explain further in a moment!), Love Story/Save-the-Date Videos, and Proposal Videos. We’ve actually received quite a few inquires already for these types of videos and will have some fun examples up on the website in the coming months (can’t wait!).

Family Lifestyle Videos are a rather new venture for us. They are very similar to Family portrait shoots with photographers, except we capture a certain activity or day for a family or couple. So, you can kind of think of it as home movies on steroids. I mean, why should all the fun stuff and awesome videos stop at the wedding? Your kids will grow up fast and they’ll only be kids once. One day, you’ll be aching to hear your kids laugh and play again. All their antics might drive you crazy now but you’ll get nostalgic in later years after they’ve moved off to college and such. Of course it’s not just about kids… we could capture your mother or grandmother, father or grandfather, aunt, uncle, whatever… there’s just something special about capturing events and people with motion and sound that just can’t be done with photographs.

If you’re interested in this, just contact us at info at with the subject “Lifestyle Video”. :)

Now… back to editing videos of some seriously gorgeous couples in LOVE. Gosh… we are too lucky.

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  1. Emily says:

    Excited for all the new video options!!!!

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