GBVideo Announcement #1

Oh my goodness. This week is a BIG week for announcements here at GBVideo. Okay, are y’all ready for the first announcement? I can’t wait! This has been weeks in the making!!! Okay here it is…

Starting today, Kimberly (that’s me!) is working full-time on GBVideo. Yay!!!

For those who didn’t know, for the past 2 years Kyle and I have been working our normal full-time jobs along with capturing weddings on the side. That only really leaves weeknights and weekends (when we aren’t shooting weddings) to edit and run our business. This summer we shot 8 weddings… 8 WEDDINGS. With only weeknights and weekends to edit… that doesn’t leave much time when some final edits take up to 40+ hrs after all the audio/color edits, formatting, revisions, etc. We’re perfectionists, what can we say?

Doing what we love at Liz and Daniel’s wedding. :)

Between editing, answering emails, networking with other vendors, re-branding and re-working our website, marketing, and the normal day-to-day activities (hello- laundry, dinner, cleaning!), we’ve been left with little time to do much else. Trying to make it to a family party or get-together has been next to impossible for us. And as family is incredibly important to us, it’s made us sad videographers to miss out on so many family events because we have a tremendous amount of editing work to do. :(

For us, THIS is what it’s all about. Happy clients make for happy videographers! :)

With GBVideo growing by leaps and bounds, I made the desicion to leave my job as an Architectural Designer and pursue GBVideo full time. We absolutely LOVE what we do. Making our couples smile is what it’s all about for us. We love happy clients. And… as we always say – it’s awesome to be able to capture LOVE with the one you LOVE♥

So, I’ve done it. Made the leap to full time and I have to say it’s the most exciting and freeing thing I’ve ever done. It is so much fun to wake up and work on our growing business!

Okay, so what y’all really want to know is – what does this mean for our clients?

It means we’ll be able to turn out edits much faster than before. Which is a win/win for everyone!  {whoop whoop}

Truly, we want to thank our clients for making this all possible. Without the love and support of y’all, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Thank you so much for loving us and sharing your videos with the world. Y’all are awesome and we just feel like the luckiest little videographers ever. Much love!

We also would like to thank all our awesome vendor friends. Y’all make working weddings a BLAST! And we are so thankful for all the referrals you all have tossed our way. Too awesome, too awesome. :)

Stay tuned for GBVideo’s Announcement #2!

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  1. Katie says:

    That is such awesome news for you guys! It’s been amazing to watch the journey of GB Video start from just a dream, and now ya’ll are making it happen! Looking forward to watching the continued growth!

  2. Corinna Hoffman Photography says:

    Congrats again on making this as your full-time job, Kim! Congrats on the other news also :) Nice to meet you guys and work with both of you at Erica and Kyle's wedding. Thank you also for the blog love on their sneak-peek pictures!

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