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It was a big GatorBride weekend week over here at the Gator/Knight household. We were very busy updating the blog with awesome fun buttons (at the top↑) and a handy dandy (and cute) wedding countdown to our nuptials (on the right→). Yes I have been a little behind in talking about all this… but that’s life!

Countdown to Miss Gator and Mr Knight's Wedding

Now on to the good, fun, new stuff…

New Gator Bride Buttons

Super Fun Buttons (at the top↑) {clicky clicky!}

Photo Gallery

Gator Bride Photo Galleries

What makes this gallery different from all the other photo galleries on wedding websites is that this one is FULL of photography by Florida photographers at Florida locations. How exciting! There is also a gallery filled with Orange and Blue inspiration (for those thinking about going the Gator wedding route). I update the galleries every week with new photos, so be sure to check back for updates. :-)

Video Gallery

currently under construction
Remember all those wedding videos Miss Gator (muah) has posted? The videos that made you laugh, made you cry, and down right just made your day? Well this will be the place where you can find them all!


currently under construction (working on super awesome Gator Bride designs, as we speak!)
This will be ‘the place’ to get super sweet gear to wear on your wedding day… or just super cool tees to wear everyday (declaring your Gator Bride Awesome-ness).

Contact Miss Gator

Have a question for me? Feel free to contact me with all your wedding/bride/gator/anything questions.

Other Stuff

Under ‘Other Stuff’ we have:

Featured On

Blogs Featuring Gator Bride

A little area filled with all the nice things other blogs/websites have said about Gator Bride. I feel so lucky to have such sweet readers♥.

GatorBride Badges

Sample Gator Bride Badge

Dying to have a Gator Bride badge on your blog or website? This will be the place to get one! I’m currently in the process of designing several badges for all the Gator Brides out there. Whether you are married, engaged, seeing someone, single, a gator fan or just a super sweet person… there will be a badge for you!

Local Vendors

Local Florida Wedding Vendors Page Snapshot

This is an on-going list of local wedding vendors in Central and North-East Florida, along with links to articles I’ve written about them (and the vendor’s location in Florida). How incredibly helpful. :-)

Phew… that was quite a bit to go through. I hope you all will enjoy the new features on Gator Bride  as we (Mr. Knight and I… but mostly Mr. Knight’s awesome coding) continue to bring you new and exciting features.

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  1. Marlena says:

    Love the new additions. Can’t wait for the button. I don’t have a blog or website but would love to post it on my Facebook page if possible. I’m a Gator Bride marrying my Gator Babe in Boston, June 2010. Keep up the great work!

  2. @Marlena: I’ll make a quick blog post once I’ve finished designing all of them. I think you can make them a ‘bumper sticker’ on Facebook and it will show up on the left column.. But I don’t know.. I’m kind of clueless when it comes to facebook.

  3. Lindsey says:

    I LOVE the additions and how well-thought out this is. Did Kyle design it? I saw the “Mr. Knight <3's Design" badge there!

  4. mrknight says:

    @Lindsey: Actually, it says “I ♥ Design (& Mr. Knight)”. But, Miss Gator and I have worked on the design about equal. Maybe like 70/30, really. But, she gives me the inspiration and “yes” or “no”‘s anything I come up with.

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