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  • Gator Fridays :: Gator Cake Toppers

    Now, I know y’all have seen the fabulous cake toppers Bunnywithatoolbelt made us for our wedding. Shoot, these little babies inspired this blog! I guess you can say, Gator Bride started with the commissioning of these little characters. Thank you Hilary for bringing our little mascots to life!

    Here we are, just chillin’ on our wedding cake. ♥

    Since then, Hilary has received quite a few commissions for custom college-themed cake toppers. Just recently she sent me an album featuring some of her adorable Gator creations, along with their stories. Check them out below. :)

    This first topper was actually commissioned by the fabulous Kari, who helped me find my wedding dress (and who was also getting married). She asked Hilary to create a topper for her Groom’s cake that would incorporate the Gators, the video game Halo, and the band Coldplay. I’m pretty amazed at what Hilary came up with. Perfection!

    This little topper was commissioned by a University of Florida Alum for his Groom’s cake. The topper features the Groom enjoying his favorite past time with his beloved German Shorthair pup.

    Aren’t these two adorable? Easily one of the cutest cake toppers I’ve ever seen. They make me so happy. :) Oh my goodness, and the bride even has a mini veil! Love the details.

    I think I can look at Gator cake toppers all day! :)

    Now, on to a few cake toppers that are hard for my little Gator eyes to see. Oh, I feel for these Gator Brides marrying Seminole Grooms.

    I’m actually totally digging how Hilary gave the Seminole Groom a little mohawk of feathers. Totally a different take on the Seminoles. I wonder if the Groom is a musician?

    This set is probably one of my favorites. Not loving who it’s for (that team out west), but loving the inspiration. The bride and groom met in the marching band, so they wanted little cake toppers showing their team spirit and instruments. Mr. Knight and I both played the flute. We fell head over heels for each other in middle school band class, but didn’t start dating till high school.

    These cake toppers really get me going. Poor Gator groom!!!

    We loved our cake toppers Hilary made us, so much that we just didn’t want to keep them boxed up. This past Christmas we made them into ornaments for our tree. Currently, they are displayed prominently on a shelf in our living room. I get so much joy from seeing them everyday.

    Did you have sentimental cake toppers? Where are your cake toppers now? Did you come up with a creative way to display them? I’d love to hear!

    Also, be sure to check out Hilary’s Etsy shop. She has a few super cute bride and groom cake toppers that are on super sale! Oh, and if you want to see more of Hilary’s AMAZING custom cake toppers, check out her Picasa Album.

  • Florida Photographers
  • Gator Fridays :: Bryn + Seth’s Campus Engagement Session

    I’ve seen so many photos of engagement sessions taken on the University of Florida campus. It’s funny how photo sessions taken at the same location always end up so different. Each photographer and couple have a unique view of the UF Campus. This week’s Gator Friday feature is of Bryn and Seth (who, are having an ORANGE and BLUE wedding this coming May!).

    Bryn + Seth’s Story (as told by Bryn):

    We both met through mutual friends on a night out to dinner the summer of 2008. We spent that whole next weekend hanging out and have been inseparable ever since. I was going to the University of Florida that fall to finish my bachelors degree and luckily Seth lived in Gainesville. So we spent the first two years of our relationship in the heart of the Gator Nation. We both (thank goodness) are huge Gator fans! Seth proposed to me on Christmas in 2009 in my backyard by the river. He knew that I wanted to get married in my backyard (my brother and sister-in-law also got married there) and he wanted to propose in the same spot he knew we would get married. We are now living in Valdosta, GA while I am working on my graduate degree and Seth is working to finish his bachelors degree at Valdosta State University.Our wedding is going to be March 12th, 2011 and our colors are of course orange and blue with some other gator accessories here and there.

    I love Bryn’s blue wedges. Sooo cute!

    Ahhh…. Adorable. Pretty awesome that they are sitting where Gator Walk happens every game day. Some AMAZING players have walked this path to the Swamp. Such history in those there bricks!

    The happy couple snugglin’ outside the Baughman Center.

    Congratulations to this happy Gator Bride and Gator Groom!! Oh, and don’t y’all want to see the amazing (and sentimental: see story above) place they will be tying the knot?

    Gorgeous. So sweet they will be getting married at the same place the Gator Groom proposed. It just makes mah little heart flutter. :)

    If you are familiar with the UF Campus, what’s your favorite location on campus? Mine is the grass lawn outside of the Architecture building (naturally, har har). I spent many afternoons laying out on that lawn with friends, soaking up some vitamin D, drinking our Diet Dr. Peppers and eating reese’s peanut butter cups (in moderation, of course).

    All photos by Megan Altman Photography (except the last one!)

  • Gator Fashion
  • Gator Fridays :: The Gameday Girls

    Awhile back I was contacted by Shannon and Kaitlin of The Gameday Girls. They are two University of Florida gals who would make their own jewelry to wear on game day. When people started inquiring about their adorable orange and blue jewelry, they decide to open up shop, right here in Gainesville.

    Shannon and Kaitlin of The Gameday Girls

    They were so awesome to offer y’all a fabulous discount on their products! 30-40% off!!!! How awesome is that? To receive 30-40% off their products, you can visit this special page they set up – Gator Brides Love Sales (we soo do!). Check out all the discounted products (just for y’all).

    Polka Dot Faux Pearl Studs, normally $10, $6 for Gator Bride readers!

    Ribbon and Pearl Necklace, normally $16, $11.20 for Gator Bride readers!

    Jumbo Mascot Faux Pearl Studs, normally $13, $9.10 for Gator Bride readers!

    They have other super cute products that aren’t apart of the special sale, but MUST be mentioned.

    Gator Applique headband, $16
    In LOVE with this headband!!!!

    Ribbon Bow headband, $13

    Shannon and Kaitlin also make these products for other schools/teams like UM, Auburn, Georgia, UCF, USF, Clemson, and that school out West. Oh yes, and for you Sorority Sisters out there, they can make some special pearl earrings with your letters on them!

    You can find The Gameday Girls on Twitter – @thegamedaygirls
    and on Facebook – The Gameday Girls Facebook Page
    I follow them on Facebook and they are always posting new products and sales.

    What’s your favorite Gameday Girl item? Personally, I’m in love with those big polka dot pearl studs! And at that price, I may have to get myself a pair… and maybe a few pairs for my friends. :)

  • Florida Photographers
  • Gator Fridays :: Allyn + Zenia’s Gator Engagement Shoot

    Who doesn’t love a good Gator love story? How about a couple who laid the fate of their relationship in the hands of a simple game of “rock, paper, scissors”? Intrigued yet?

    photo from Basia Mille Photography

    Here’s their story:

    Allyn and Zenia met at the University of Florida in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department’s College of Medicine. Allyn was a Graduate Research Assistant and Zenia worked in the Fiscal Office. Allyn later went on to work for University of Florda until 2009. In 2009 Allyn was offered a position with the USDA in California.

    At the time Allyn was offered the new position, he and Zenia had only been dating for a few months.  As they walked through campus, Allyn told Zenia of his new opportunity. She responded with the only way she know how: “I think we should break up.”  Allyn, on the other hand, strongly disagreed.

    With a clear and ominous impasse in front of them, they did a very “unscientific thing”;  Zenia suggested they “rock, paper, scissor” for it.  Seriously.

    Allyn agreed. So there,  as oblivious students walked to and from class, a relationship lay in the balance as two people threw open hands, balled up fist and pseudo peace signs. In the end, Allyn was victorious and Zenia moved to California with him “no strings attached. “

    Funny thing though,  it was the fact that she was willing to do that for him that started the wheels in motion for Allyn.  In the end? Marriage.  All because he chose “paper” instead of “scissors.”

    Going from breaking up, to living together, to getting married – all because Allyn chose “paper”? Wahhhh. Crazy! Okay, now on to the really good stuff… the pictures!

    If they don’t have a canvas print of this in their house, I can’t be friends with them. It is just too awesome of a picture not to be hanging big and bold on a wall. :)

    This reminds me of our little ring shot, taken oh sooo long ago. Loves it!

    I feel like the maintanence workers knew Allyn and Zenia were coming. The stadium looks freshly painted and the field is clean, painted, and crisp as if it were game day.

    Ah ha! The infamous “rock, paper, scissors” match!

    Ah, don’t you just love the UF campus in Winter? Beautiful.

    I would like to thank David of Basia Mille Photography for sharing Allyn and Zenia’s story, along with some fabulous Gator engagement photos.

    If you’re a newly engaged couple and would like to share your very Gator photo shoot (or video, like Marie + Sean did), please contact me! I loveeeee seeing anything orange and blue, and lovely! If you’re a photographer, please do the same!

    Well, that’s it for this week’s “Gator Fridays” post. I hope y’all had a fan-tabulous first week of 2011. I have lots of fun orange and blue Gator posts to share with you in the coming weeks. Stay tuned my orange and blue lovelies!

    All photos courtesy of Basia Mille Photography

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  • Gator Fridays :: VS PINK Gator Sale!

    Most college gals are no stranger to the line of adorable college gear Victoria’s Secret PINK has been selling the past few years. For the first few years the line has always been sold out at the Gainesville Victoria’s Secret. What can I say? Us Gainesville gals love cute Gator gear.

    It’s no secret either that the collegiate line by PINK ain’t cheap. This year we paid $40 for a Gator long sleeve t-shirt for Mr. Knight’s little sister (last year we paid $70 for a sweatshirt for her). Very pricey. Which brings me to why I’m featuring this line for Gator Fridays this week…


    If you are looking for adorable Gator gear (or any sweet collegiate gear), this is the time to buy! Check out these sweet deals.

    Gator underwear? Yes please!

    Work appropriate attire? On Gator Fridays, I think so!
    Gator Pullover Sweater, $29.99

    Jeweled Gator Hat. Loves it.

    Gator Puffer vest with fur trim hood, totally need this for these upcoming cold winter months!

    White Gator tank top with lace detail. Adorbs.

    And let’s throw in a little UCF sale item in honor of Mr. Knight’s alma mater (who will be playing Georgia at the Liberty Bowl today)…

    UCF Knights slouchy sweat pants.
    I know Mr. Knight would LOVE to see me wear these. One day I will. Just for him. But I won’t leave my house. Wouldn’t want my Gators to see me!

    If Victoria’s Secret would be so kind as to find my post and send me all these items, I would forever be a happy little Gator girl. Okay, really I would be a happy little Gator girl either way, but wearing these babies I would be an EXTRA happy Gator girl. :)

    By the way, I’m writing this while Mr. Knight is watching a documentary on the invention of the computer operating system, Linux. He’s a major nerd.

    Do you have any favorite places to pick up cute Gator gear? Please share!