Bamboo Altar Status :: Finished!

Wow… I love saying one of the things on our to-do list, followed by the word FINISHED. How does it feel? Oh, it feels fabulous!

Okay, so as you can see from past posts here and here, our bamboo altar  has been in the works for several months now. We have gone through several revision to get to the final look of the altar. It has been a tough and slightly stressful road for me, as I’m a control freak to the extreme. I don’t even let Mr. Knight fold towels because I like them folded a certain way. Yes, I know I need serious professional help, but we’ll save that story for another day.

The altar is being made by Gator Dad with his friend Ray, back home,  2 hours from where Mr. Knight and I live. So, naturally I can’t just drive on over on a whim to check out how the construction is going, so I’ve been mostly relying on iPhone pics from Gator Dad and email correspondance.

This past weekend Mr. Knight and I traveled back home to finish up the construction and look of the altar (with the addition of some pretty FAB fabric). But, before we get to the final reveal of our sweet altar, lets take a look back at the iterations we’ve gone through to get there.

Iteration #1: bulky bases

photo by Gator Dad

Okay, so after receiving this picture in my email a few weeks ago, I was happy to see the altar was coming along, but was overall not happy with those bases. In all my beautiful pictures I sent as inspiration there was not one where I saw big bulky bases like this. Gator Dad listened to my concerns and worked with Ray in minimizing the bulky bases. You think me, being an Architecture Student (and soon GRAD!), would think about wind loads and stability, etc of the altar… NOPE! I was too busy trying to make it pretty and delicate, the altar of mah Gator Bride dreams!

Iteration #2: wrong fabric

Before going home this past weekend, Mr. Knight and I hit up JoAnn’s for fabric to drape on the altar. I was dreaming something soft, white, flow-y, slightly transparent… just enough to let light come through. While Mr. Knight was dreaming about something under 30 bucks. Yes.. I’m the dreamer, and he’s the crusher of all dreams. We joke about this all the time. I say something float-y and romantic, and he brings in the common sense and our budget (the ultimate dream crusher). So, we bought the $30 fabric (which ended up being ivory tulle, the same that my veil was made of) and headed home to try it out. I knew it wouldn’t work but, I like to let Mr. Knight figure things out for himself, so I tried my best to keep my mouth shut. :-)

Mr. Knight taking a step back and coming to terms with the wrong fabric choice. Don’t ya just love that he’s wearing a Gator football shirt? He’s so cute. :-)

Me trying to cover the green bases (which are a must for stability) with the tulle, to no success.
*Please avert your eyes from my paleness, I haven’t seen the sun in 2 years (this is what happens when you’re in grad school).

So on we went to:
Iteration #3: addition of fabulous fabric

We headed down to Moretz Fabric store on U.S.1 in Holly Hill. If you are ever in Holly Hill/Ormond Beach area and are looking for FABULOUS fabric… go here. Mr. Knight and I practically planned the look of every room in our future dream house (including baby room) while walking through this fabric store. {sigh} Just gorgeous.

In the end, I’m not sure what type of fabric we picked up (I’ll have to have my fashion savvy friends assess the fabric and give a full report later), all I know is that it is perfect.

Please ignore my pouty face, I was having one of those days. And thank you Mr. Knight for taking the picture at an upward angle, since that is always the most flattering angle. Not.

Our florist is adding flower arrangements of white gerberas and white daisies to the tops of each joint to draw attention away from the bases. Kinda like this:


Hey, if you are looking at the bases and not Mr. Knight and I at our Wedding… then you will be shown the door. :-)

I just noticed I’m wearing an ivory shirt in the picture and my dress isn’t nearly as ivory as my shirt, so I’m confident Mr. Knight and I will look fabulous under this altar.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Yeah, it may not be exactly what I thought it was going to be but sometimes you have to make compromises when wind loads and stability are issues. I’m really happy with how it turned out and I can’t wait to marry my knight in shining armor under this baby.

I ♥ Gator Dad.
He always has to put up with my crazy requests and I love him, because he takes every one of them in stride and works so hard to make me a happy Bride and Daughter.

I want to thank Gator Dad and Ray for being so patient with all of my requests and crazy-ness. I try not to be a bride-zilla, but I think a little bride-zilla-ness peeked out this past weekend, and Gator Dad and Ray were real sports dealing with me. :-)

Did any project in your wedding planning process cause you to become a bit of a Bride-zilla?

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  2. Kristen says:

    Your alter is gorgeous! I love that you have a white shirt on it picture it gives a great preview :-)

  3. I admit, I was a little cheap with the tulle—and it showed. Definitely like the new stuff better.

    One of my favorite things about Miss Gator: She humors me…

    Can’t wait to get married under that bad boy darling!

  4. I love you sweet pea!!!

  5. marina says:

    Very Nice!!! That altar is gonna be perfect :-) Mr. Knight, Mama Knight wants to know when you are gonna start listening to Kim and start saving yourself extra money and work? Huh? I really wanna know! he he he. I love you sweetheart :-)

  6. Gabi says:

    Hey Mrs. Gator!

    I realize its been while this was posted however I have come across your blog several time in my wedding planning adventures and I always enjoy reading them:)

    I have just ordered my bamboo to build my altar and Im wondering if you could give me some info on the construction. Mainly, how did your dad build it so it would collapse? My wedding venue is a three house drive from where we live so traveling with it fully constructed isn’t really an option.. I hope to hear from you!



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