Yes… I did it… I Boudoir-ed

I took the plunge this weekend and did my boudoir shoot with Jaime of Sweet Serendipity Photography. This past summer I went with Seminole Bridesmaid to her Boudoir shoot with Jaime and knew I wanted to do one for Mr. Knight after seeing her shoot and photos (which turned out amazing!).

Mr. Knight knew about the shoot (it is incredibly difficult to hide something from the person you live with). All he knew is that I was doing the shoot. My inspiration, outfits, etc. were all kept a secret. I plan on giving him a book of the photos on our wedding night. Initially I wanted him to get his ‘little black book’ before our ceremony during the typical time the bride and groom exchange gifts. I had really wanted photos by our photographers of him looking through the book. My only worry? I really don’t want any of his groomsmen seeing the photos. I didn’t take any photographs that I wouldn’t feel comfortable showing Gator Mom or Gator Dad, but I really don’t want a group of guys looking at my boudoir photographs that are meant only for Mr. Knight’s eyes. So, as of now, he will be receiving his ‘little black book’ on our wedding night.

Seminole Bridesmaid came down the day before to help me get my outfits together. She was sweet enough to pick me up some outfits from the new H&M store in Orlando. By the way, amazing lingerie for incredible prices ($14.95 for a bra and $6.95 for underwear… pretty difficult to beat!). Sunny MOH (Maid of Honor) was amazing and drove down from Jacksonville for the day to support me in my little endeavor. It made me so incredibly happy to have my two best friends in the whole world there to help me get through the session and calm my nerves. :-)

Sunny Bridesmaid (MOH) and Seminole Bridesmaid before my shootSunny MOH and Seminole Bridesmaid waiting with me at the Camilla Rose Inn before my shoot. My moral support and style. Love them♥

Miss Gator before her Boudoir ShootSeminole Bridesmaid just let my hair down and we are about to go in to the room and meet with my photographer, Jaime.

I have been debating whether to show a shot or two on the blog. I think I will have to wait till Jaime is done editing them to check them out and decide then. I most likely won’t be showing any photos with skin, just a few close ups to give you all an idea of how the shoot went and so ya’ll can check out how amazing Jaime is of Sweet Serendipity Photography.

Here is the price rundown on the shoot (for those interested in doing one!):

Rockstar Boudoir Session
(yes… I am a Rockstar… just kidding!)

  • $250 for shoot with Jaime
  • Shoot includes:
    1 hour photography in Anticipation Room at Camilla Rose Inn
    Champagne for those over 21
    Little Black Book with 20 images
    Private Online Gallery of proofs
    She also will have a 15 minute consultation with you before your shoot
  • + 10 images on a disc (I stalked her blog and managed to win a giveaway she was having… yes I’m a blog stalker); this is not apart of the package
  • $95.88 Lingerie and accessories for the shoot (primarily from H&M)
  • $85 on 2 pairs of heels (1 from Target and 1 from Nine West); totally re-wearable, so not that upset about spending the moolah on them :-)
  • Hair and Makeup = Free; Seminole Bridesmaid was kind enough to do my hair and makeup for the shoot. Jaime does have a hair and makeup artist on location for an additional fee if you need it

Total: $430.88
($345.88 if you don’t count the shoes)

Seeing the look on Mr. Knight’s face when he finally gets to see all the images from the shoot? Priceless.

I still have to admit. Seeing that final total sort of knocked me back a step. But you know… I’m really glad I did this. It has been something I’ve always wanted to do for Mr. Knight but have never had the courage to do so, or the means. I’ve been saving for months to do this for him. Now will come the hard part of keep the images from him for the next 6 months. I can’t believe we are 6 months out!

Stay tuned for a possible sneak peek in the next few days!   :-) (which means a mini sneak peek for Mr. Knight too!)

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  1. That will be tough to keep it a secret! I bet they look fantastic!

  2. Lauren says:

    I wanna see. I wanna see. I wanna see.

    You definitely were brave to do boudoir photos. I hope you love them!

  3. Jaime says:

    It was great to have you Miss Gator and your pictures look fabulous! I think it’s a small price to pay for the PERFECT wedding gift for your new hubby- one he certainly will never forget!

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