Wish Upon A Wedding

As Brides we worry about the little things in our Weddings. From communicating our vision to our florists, finding the perfect wedding photographer, making sure the bridesmaid’s dresses are the perfect shade of pink, and making sure all our DIY projects are done (and perfect in our eyes), among other minute details.

For other Brides, there are bigger issues at hand. Will my fiance live to see our wedding day? Will we be able to afford a wedding after paying all of our hospital bills? Will we have the strength to be ‘present’ on our wedding day?

Now, I know most of you have probably heard of the Make A Wish Foundation, but what about a foundation that grants wedding wishes?

When I came across the non-profit organization, Wish Upon A Wedding, I was nearly brought to tears by the stories of these courageous men and women battling life-threatening illnesses. These men and women only had one wish, to marry the love of their life.

As the World’s first nonprofit wedding wish granting organization, Wish Upon a Wedding provides weddings at destinations across the United States for individuals facing life-threatening illness.  It is a chance for couples to enjoy a very special day, without any thoughts of existing health issues, and while surrounded by their closest family and friends.

Check out the couple that started it all:

I love checking out the wish fulfilled section of their website and seeing all the happy couples and reading their stories. Seeing what these couples have gone through to get to their special day (and, for many, the hard road they have ahead of them), really puts things in perspective.

If you are a Wedding Vendor and would like to donate your services as a wish granter, please visit the Wish Upon A Wedding website to sign up. The closest chapter to us is the Orlando + Central FL chapter. If there is anything at all that you think you can do to help fulfill a wedding wish, please please contact the Orlando chapter.

So next time your stressing out over something so small and meaningless (in retrospect), remember that you have your health, your loving fiance/husband/boyfriend/family/friends by your side, and that life is wonderful gift. :)

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  1. Brandi says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! I got all emotional and I’ll be giving my husband an extra kiss later today. I think it’s fantastic that something like this exists for the couples who start their marriages in the hardest of circumstances.

  2. Hannah says:

    Bicoastal Bride/Heather W is a founding member (?) and somehow convinced me to bid in their holiday auction… $250 later I have two awesome Orlando area photography packages and no money left!

    I keep telling myself its for a good cause, it makes it a bit easier!

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