Why Use Licensed Music?

So, you’ve found the most-perfect song for your Wedding Film. You and your significant-other love the song. You contact your videographer (GBVideo—of course!), and we say no-can-do. Bummers, right? We think not and here’s why.

Mad BrideMaybe a little extreme, eh? Flickr

We are contacted all the time by couples who would like to use the most recent Lady Gaga, Colbie Calliet or Jason Mraz hit for their films. We would LOVE to make them the happiest couples ever and say “SURE!” but we wouldn’t be doing our jobs as cinematographers and honest business owners by doing so.

Why it’s important your wedding videographer uses licensed music:

Numero Uno—it’s totally illegal (& not very nice).

One of the most infamous cases of illegal music gone bad is Joe Simon of Joe Simon Films. He put together a totally breathtaking wedding video to one of Coldplay’s songs for Cowboys’ Quarterback, Tony Romo’s wedding. The video went viral and soon after he was contacted by the record label’s legal team. He  later ended up settling the case to an amount in the 5-figures range ($XX,XXX). That is a ton of change for a small business. He likens using unlicensed music (music purchased from iTunes, Amazon, given by Client, etc), to playing Russian Roulette. You never know when you’ll get caught, and when you do you might receive more than just a cease and desist letter.

What does this mean for wedding clients?

If your videographer is forced to remove your wedding film from the internet—due to illegal song usage—sharing it through e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc., with your friends and family is out of the question!

Our thoughts? Make sure your videographer uses licensed music and support a totally awesome Artist in the process!

Ben_RectorBen Rector – one of our favs.

Did you know that in order for the average Artist to make $1,000 US Dollars a month (minimum wage), they must sell:

“1,160 CDs with high-end royalty deal OR 4,000 CDs low-end royalty deal OR 1,200 iTunes full album downloads.” That’s crazy for up-and-coming Musicians. Right?

Enter… The Music Bed and licensing:

Daniel Mccarthy, Founder and Co-Owner of The Music Bed, says:

“By licensing a song, you are telling not only the artist that you like and respect their work, but you are telling everyone who sees your project that you respect other artists. As a photographer, if you were driving down the road and you saw a billboard with one of your images on it, what would you think? As a videographer, if you’re watching television and see a clip from something that you shot on a commercial, what would you think?

Just like you, recording artists are putting their time, talent, and effort into making something extraordinary and, just like you, they would like compensation for some of their work.”

TMB_triangle-of-powerThe Music Bed’s Triangle of Power – or what they like to call “Circle of Love”

When we were first starting out, we discovered The Music Bed and fell in love. Not only do they provide amazing tunes for just about any film you can imagine, they also connect filmmakers with musicians, and help grow their fan base. We love win-win situations like these!

Also, The Music Bed provides music that allows a filmmaker to let their story shine through, and not just the song. We want you to think back to your wedding film in 5, 10, or 20 years from now and say, “WOW, what an incredible video… and the story of us… it was so beautifully captured,” not “Man I’m so sick of hearing that Jason Mraz song. I wish we had chosen a different song for our film.” Okay, so no offense to Jason Mraz (we personally love him and chose him for OUR wedding film a few years ago before we were privy to the knowledge we have now), but, we want your film to be about YOU, not about the artist. Sound good? :)

And you know what? We are so lucky because so many of our clients agree. Which is why we always choose the song for your Wedding Film.

After capturing your wedding, we come home and think about the story we’d like to tell based on what we captured. Then we spend hours (and sometimes days!! seriously days…) searching for the absolutely most-perfect song for your film. We’ve got to fine one that will allow us to best express the emotions of your story and tell it in a way that will blow your mind.

Another cool thing? So many clients come back to us to let us know how much they love their song. We’ve made so many new Holley Maher, Tim Halperin, Ben Rector, etc., fans out there – it’s totally awesome. We love that we are supporting an artist ♥.

Quinn Erwin of the Afterlife Parade puts it well when he said, “All Artists and Musicians need moments of affirmation regarding their work that reminds them that what they are creating has value.”

And we couldn’t agree more!

Check out this video about The Music Bed and Song licensing, made by the ridiculously-awesome team, Shade Tree Films (one of our role-models!)

We love you Music Bed. Rock on.