Wedding of the Week: Kari of Keetoyourheart♥

If you have been reading any of my posts for the last two months, then you know a thing or two about the awesome that is my bridal consultant at Solutions Bridal, Kari (the one who put me in the dress of my dreams!). Her and her hubby were married a few weeks ago and I’m so incredibly excited to finally get to share her wedding with you all (I somewhat stalked Kara Pennington Photography’s blog for these photos to come up). Check out their Gainesville-Goregous wedding↓


kariandrew007Is that a UF ring I see there? Love it.

kariandrew014Kari walking down the aisle at the beautiful Baughman Center on Campus. {sigh} gorgeous

kariandrew015Oh the Groom looks like a happy camper for sure! :-)



kariandrew026Oh I love fun and happy pictures!

kariandrew031Check out this fancy-ness. They rented out the Sharab Lounge in downtown Gainesville for pictures!

kariandrew036Is that the Kate Spade Clarice heels peeping through? I think so!

Kari and Andrew's reception at Steve's Cafe Americain Kari and Andrew’s beautifully PINK reception at Steve’s Cafe Americain

Groom's Cake Toppers by Etsy seller Bunnywithatoolbelt
Even Albert showed up at their wedding. Love me some GATOR! These are the groom’s cake toppers and were made by Etsy seller Bunnywithatoolbelt (who also made our super cute Gator/Knight cake toppers!)

Kari and Andrew's Reception

kariandrew050Overall a seriously awesome and GLAMOROUS Gainesville wedding. Never thought you would see glamorous and Gainesville in the same sentence, did you?

Congratulations to the  new Mr. and Mrs.!

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  1. Jess says:

    What a stunning bride! Love the Kate Spade’s!!! And the bar picture is to die for!!

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