We ♥ Hotwire

If you haven’t heard of Hotwire and are planning a trip, it is the place for booking amazing hotels for cheap!

Mr. Knight and I first used Hotwire for Mr. Knight’s 23rd Birthday weekend in Orlando. We rented a 4 star hotel (the Rosen Shingle Creek) for $60 a night. Can you believe that? Just $60 a night… and the hotel was AMAZING!! The deal with Hotwire is, you select the general area you would like to stay and the amount of stars. They don’t tell you the name of the hotel till after you have booked. We had such a great experience the first time around that Mr. Knight and I decided to book our hotel night (before our big plane ride to Maui) in Jacksonville.

And look at this super chic and modern hotel we got near the airport for $70 a night:

Aloft: A Vision of W Hotels

Can’t wait to chill out here with Mr. Knight, the night before our big Maui flight. :-)

All images taken from the Aloft: A Vision of W Hotels website

Wow… I feel incredibly hip right now.

I went to the Aloft: A Vision of W Hotels and checked the price they were offering for the same room and the same timeframe. They are offering the room for $112 a night, while we got a deal of $70 a night via Hotwire. Saving $42 a night on a super sweet hotel? That’s what is called “awesome” in our book. :-)

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  1. Hannah says:

    We use hotwire whenever we go to Atlanta. The Westin Peachtree is by far our favorite Atlanta hotel. The sad part is I’ve used Hotwire SO much that I always guess which hotel we’ll get. I’m a pretty good stalker so we’ve always gotten exactly what we wanted… and for CHEAP!
    Love it :)

  2. Janna says:

    I’ve used hotwire before and love it! We of course always so a little stalking for to see what hotels are in the area! Good deals are always fun! And that hotel is very nice!

  3. @Hannah: Oh I so wished we traveled as much as you do! Yeah I certainly swear by Hotwire now. We are always incredibly happy with what we are given!

    @Janna: Good deals ARE fun!!

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