This Past Weekend…

… there was a whole lot of this ↓ going on.

We spent New Year’s weekend together, caulking and painting our big, beautiful, new baseboards (which were installed 3-4 months ago).

I even had the chance to use my new heavy duty knee pads Mr. Knight gifted me for Christmas. He knew with all the upcoming house projects we have this year, I would need knee pads to protect my knees and keep them in tip-top shape. What a thoughtful Knight!

While we slaved away downstairs, Gator Kitty and Pepper were enjoying some playtime upstairs.

Pepper and Mouse Mouse chillin’ out together.

Gator Kitty keeping an eye out for the devious Pepper-dear.

Pepper hangin’ out with her other favorite friend (besides Gator Kitty and Mouse Mouse), Horse-y.

Pepper spends most of her day grooming Horse-y, trying to eat Mouse Mouse, and sneaking up on unsuspecting (and most of the time, sleeping) Gator Kitty. Ahh, to be a little kitt-nah.

As you can see, we were quite the New Years party animals (har-har). What did you do New Year’s weekend?

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  1. I love my little kittehs. I’m also quite enjoying our mostly-complete baseboards. All we have left is the powder room and part of the kitchen! … and then there’s the crown molding… :-(

  2. Brandi says:

    Knee pads are brilliant for all that housework – kudos to Mr. Knight!
    And your kitties are both too beautiful… and make me wish I had a little girl kitty (because I need another pet like I need a hole in my head…)!

  3. Mrs Gator says:

    @Brandi: haha! They are my babies… for now! lol.

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