The Wind Beneath My Veil Part One: The Inspiration

When I first started looking for wedding veils, I wanted a birdcage veil. I felt it was chic, modern, and sooo me. When I went dress shopping, my parents really leaned towards a more traditional veil. I put a few on but wasn’t really feeling it. A few bridal store visits later, and after many hours of looking at other couple’s wedding pictures, I became obsessed with having a chapel length veil. Who ever said your parent’s don’t know what’s best for you?

So, you might ask… how did I go from a 6″ veil to a 90″+ veil? What happened to me? Well these images below is what ‘happened’ to me↓

Bride and Groom with Bride's Veil in the WindCould totally see a picture of us like this over our mantel… if we had a mantel, that is.
Source JenniferSKog Photography

Miss Gator's Bridesmaid at her wedding with her awesome veilThis is one of my fav’s from one my awesome bridesmaid’s weddings. Did you think veils just flow in the wind naturally??? Ahh…well they don’t! I’m totally like 3 feet to the right of this picture, throwing her veil up in the air; hoping one day she will do the same for me :-) ♥ her!
Source Cannon Fire Photography

Bride and Groom at Winery with Flowy VeilUmm… yes please, I’ll take one of those, if you don’t mind!
Source April Smith Photography

Over the shoulder Veil lookLove love love the ‘over the shoulder’ look
Source Once Wed

Yes, I want to be the girl with the long veil. So often I go the minimalist route, while my fiance tries to push me into a more feminine direction. When we go shopping for me, I’m usually reaching for the gray v-neck shirt, while he is reaching for the ruffly bright-colored shirt (could be the architecture student in me). So, I feel it is about time I shed my ultra minimalist inhibitions and just roll with a more flow-y, funky, floral, romantic, feminine self.

And you know what? It feels real good to do so. :-)

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  1. Emily says:

    Haha, the reason I wanted the long veil was because I saw this photo
    and knew I had to have that kind of moment. It’s all about DRAMA with the cathedral length veil, baby!

  2. I do LOVE the drama of it all… and the ROMANCE!

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