The Wind Beneath My Veil Part Two: The Indecision

While shopping for chapel length veils to go with my beautiful garden romance dress I came across two (at Solutions Bridal… man I need to get out more!) and absolutely loved them both. What I didn’t love about them? The PRICE! Paying for a veil that is almost as much as my dress is certainly not in this budget bride’s vocabulary. Regardless, here they are↓

Miss Gator in a Beautiful Lace Edged VeilSooo romantic and beautiful… but at a hefty price tag, totally something this Gator Bride can not afford! It was either the veil or finish Grad school… and I choose Grad school :-)
Lori London Lace Veil, $630

Miss Gator in Simply Lori London VeilSimple and chic. Love it! And with the price more reasonable (okay sort of reasonable), a good choice for this Bride. What you can’t see is the beautifully sewn edge of the veil. Most veils have a thick ribbon or cord but the edge of this veil is so incredibly delicate and sweet.
Lori London Veil, $260

So… here I am. Caught between two beautiful veils. One I can’t afford, but love (and my parents love too!), and one that is more affordable but is lacking something in my mind.

I tend to over analyze everything. I hardly make any decision rashly. Just ask Mr. Knight. He knows how I think about something for several months before I get up the nerve to purchase it. Through my analyzation of these two veils I’ve discovered that what I really want is a hybrid between the two. If these two veils got together and had babies, I would want their babies. Too weird of an analogy? Bear with me… it’s Friday and my brain is in weekend mode :-)

Next week I’m meeting with a designer here in Gainesville who will (hopefully) make the perfect veil to go with my dress… for a perfect price. Till then, stay tuned!

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  1. Lauren says:

    I see how you would like the 1st veil since it is very feminine (I don’t know how a veil would be masculine anyways lol), but if you’re going to wear your hair up, the 2nd veil looks a lot better. If you’re gonna do something all the down or half up with lots of curls, the lacy one would work.

    Btw thanks for making me think way too much about weddings, especially when I’ve been seeing someone for under a month. I feel like a stage-five clinger.

    And also I’ve been wanting to try the new natural Pepsi, but I can’t find it anywhere! Suggestions?

    Keep up the good work with the blog, Miss Gator! You should come out to a few APX events this fall. The Alpha Xi’s are making great leaders.

  2. @Lauren: Totally have Natural Pepsi at the Super Walmart. Don’t know where else though. It is amazing. Buy several cases. You will thank me later. :-)

    Thank you for the veil advice! It should be an easy decision but it’s not for me. Miss you and hope to see you more this fall!

  3. Rebecca W says:

    I love the first veil! Its gorgeous. I agree the second one is lacking in some way. Why not try to find a cheaper veil and alter it yourself? You can find some really great trims at JoAnnes fabric and then you could take them to a tailor and have them stitched on….just a thought.

    Love your blog, it really makes me think more and more about my choices for my own upcoming wedding!

  4. @Rebecca: Yeah, I just bought fabric for the veil at Joann’s and am currently all over the internet in search of the right lace for my beautiful veil.

    Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!

  5. Andrea says:

    Hi there! I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve stumbled upon your blog! I’m a Gator bride that will be getting married in Charlotte, NC. I had to drop a note about the veils. Check out . I haven’t received my veils (yes, two veils, they were such great prices, I ordered a short and long one) yet, but have seen great reviews and found it through Weddingbee (I know you’re a reader too :). Check them out- you can create your own veil and I got both of my veils (one is 42in with some crystals, etc and the other is chapel length with the same) for $130 including tax, shipping, etc. If they turn out half as good as they look online- I’ll be thrilled!

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  7. […] Unlimited at Solutions Bridal to check out my wedding veil she was altering. From previous posts, here, you can see that I decided to have a designer make my veil to look like one of the fabulous $630 […]

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