The Wedding’s of the Two Most Important Women in my Life

And, who, might you ask, are the two most important women in Miss Gator’s life? That would be Gator Momma and Gator Grandma.

They are the two women throughout my life that have always been there for me—the two women that I could tell just about anything to. Growing up, Gator Grandma took care of me quite a bit. We would play cards (rummy was our favorite game) and go for walks at the park. Even when I was ‘playing’ sick at school, she would drive 30 minutes to come pick me up. She would take me to Mc Donald’s (to get me my .99 cent happy meal), hang out with me for a while, and then take me back to school. She has a way about her that just cracks me up (I think it is the generation gap). When destroyed jeans were the ‘hip’ thing to be wearing, Gator Grandma would see me wearing them and she would ask me why I dressed like I was homeless. She then proceeded to offer to buy me a new pair of jeans. Explaining to her that I bought the jeans with the holes already in them, always seemed useless (haha). She called Mr. Knight ‘my friend’ until we were engaged (which always cracked me up). She would always say, “Where’s your friend?” At least now she says, “Where’s Mr. Knight.” :-)

Anyways, a while back, Gator Momma‘s sister gave me a picture of Gator Grandma and Gator Grandpa at their wedding. I love looking at wedding pictures, and love  looking at family wedding pictures even more.

Gator Grandma and Gator Grandpa on their Wedding DayGator Grandma and Gator Grandpa on their Wedding day

Gator Grandma and Gator Grandpa had 6 children (one of them being the lovely Gator Momma!) and what I love about this wedding picture is that I can see the face of my Gator Momma, my Aunt and all my Uncles in Gator Grandma and Gator Grandpa‘s faces. Gator Grandpa unfortunately passed away before I was born. I have such a strong connection with Gator Grandma, and I always wondered what it would have been like to have known and had a connection with the man my Gator Momma called Dad.

On Gator Momma‘s wedding day, two of her brothers walked her down the aisle.↓

Gator Momma's brothers walking her down the aisleDoesn’t Gator Momma look beautiful? It had just rained before Gator Momma and Gator Dad‘s wedding, so the ground was still a little soft. My Uncles literally carried Gator Momma down the aisle so her shoes didn’t get dirty—which I think is incredibly sweet. :-)

You May Kiss the Bride!!!You may kiss the bride!
Hey… who’s that little girl that is just outside the left side of the picture holding the basket? Is that Miss Gator? Why, yes it is!!

Gator Momma and Gator Dad on their Wedding dayGator Momma and Gator Dad on their Wedding at the beautiful Ormond Memorial Gardens.
Mr. Knight and I are getting married in Ormond and even looked at this location for our ceremony. It was surprisingly smaller then I remembered when I was younger. Funny how you get older and everything appears smaller, isn’t it?

I loved being apart of the wedding and the wedding planning process with my parents. Okay… so maybe I really didn’t do that much. All I can remember is not doing my job as the flower girl. I was supposed to hand out roses as I walked down the aisle, but I didn’t. I wouldn’t walk with my cousin (the ring bearer) and we refused to hold hands. I remember being a brat because I couldn’t ride in the limo with my parents from the wedding to the reception and crying when they left for their honeymoon because I had never been away from them for that long. Yes… I was a brat on my parent’s wedding day. Just call me Miss Gator, the brat. Either way, there aren’t many people who can say they were there for their parent’s wedding and remember it—which I think is pretty darn special. Yes… I’m a special little brat. :-)

Gator Momma, Gator Grandma, and Miss GatorGator Momma, Gator Grandma and Miss Gator

Us, Gator Women, have certainly been blessed with wonderful men in our lives. I will be marrying my knight in shining armor in 4 months and 27 days… 4 months and 27 days!?!? Where has the time flown!

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  1. mrknight says:

    Well done my love. I can’t wait for you to start adding more posts again. I have no idea what’s going on anymore… this was my source of news for our wedding. I’ve been lost and confused for weeks!

    Oh, and you’re still “Miss Gator, The Brat“, but I love you just for that reason.

  2. I hope your finals are over soon, I miss seeing you around these parts! What a sweet post about the Gator women!

  3. Gator Dad says:

    Nice memories Honey.

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