The Wedding Shoe Game

I bet ya’ll got really excited when you saw that title. “ohhhh Miss Gator is going to talk about Wedding shoes… oh goodness I’m sooo excited!!!!” Well, I hate to burst your bubble but I won’t be talking about Wedding shoes but rather the Wedding Shoe Game Brides and Grooms play at their reception! I had never heard of this game till I found pictures of it over at Jenna Cole Photography. Since Mr. Knight and I are all for games, I just had to check this out. Do you all want to know how to play?!? Of course you do!!

Two chairs are set up in the middle of the dance floor and the Bride and Groom sit back to back, like so:

source: Flickr

The Bridal Party stands about 10′ away from the Bride and Groom, with the Bridesmaids facing the Bride and the Groomsmen facing the groom. Then the Bride and Groom will take off their shoes and exchange shoes so each person has one Groom shoe and one Bride shoe, like so:

source: Jenna Cole Photography

Then the DJ will start by saying: “This game is to show how much the new Mr. and Mrs. Knight really know about each other… I will ask you a question and you raise the shoe that you think best fits the answer to the question… alright here’s a practice question…”Right now, who has the most cash on them?”

Then it goes on from there, with fun questions like:

  • Who’s the better cook?
  • Who’s the best driver?
  • Who’s the fastest driver?
  • Who has the wackiest family?
  • If you haven’t already… who is most likely to pass gas today?
  • Now that you’re married, who will be the first to say… “not tonight”?
  • Who talks more?
  • Who’s most likely to get lost?
  • Who’s most likely to ask for directions?

source: Flickr
Some deliberation by the Bride and Groom…

source: Grand Rapids Wedding Photography
A Bride and Groom having a TON of fun at this game. It’s funny to see how each answers.

Check out the clip below of a Bride and Groom playing the Shoe Game at their Wedding:

Too funny!

Mr. Knight and I want to have a fun at our wedding and I think this is a great game to play. I know it really isn’t traditional to play games at a wedding (I don’t really consider the garter toss and bouquet toss, games), but I think it would be a great addition to our wedding reception, and I believe Mr. Knight agrees.

Will any of you be playing any games at your reception?

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  1. Janna says:

    That looks like a neat game and would be a nice way to break up the dinner and then dancing.

  2. marina says:

    Looks like good times to me :-)

  3. kaity says:

    awesome game! i will totally do this one day!

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