The Search for the Perfect Rehearsal Dinner Dress

The search is on!!!

It is the holiday season, and you know what that means….tons of wonderful family time with the Gator Family {love them♥}  Plus… tons of sales on special occasion dresses after the holidays are over! I have been scouring the net for the perfect dress, since I’ve found my wedding dress, finding the rehearsal and bridal shower dresses are the next best thing!

Our rehearsal is being held on the golf green at the country club Mr. Knight and I will be married at, along with a poolside dinner out on a beautiful deck overlooking a lake (okay… more of a man-made pond… bear with me here).

Okay… so this isn’t the exact location on the golf course we will be married at, but it does give you an idea for the area, and how incredibly beautiful it is. You can see how Mr. Knight and I fell in love with this place. Did I mention it also used to be the site of a theme park in the 1970s, complete with tea cup ride and ferris wheel? I’ll save that for another post!

This is an actual picture of our rehearsal dinner location. Pretty amazing, right?

We are planning for some good southern food with pulled pork, corn on the cob, pasta salad, apple cobbler for dessert (Mr. Knight and I’s favorite) and Malibu Bay Breezes for drinks, along with Iced Tea and Lemonade. We really wanted something informal and fun, where we can mingle and just hang out with our friends and family.

Now that I’ve given you an idea of the ‘scene’ for our rehearsal dinner, its time for some dress ideas!

But, before I lead you through a ton of dresses I have been looking at to fulfill my need for the ‘perfect’ little rehearsal dinner dress, I must introduce you to the very first rehearsal dinner dress I ‘bought.’

My first love…

Phoebe DressPhoebe Petal Dress, Out of Stock… everywhere
This dress was ‘the one’ for the rehearsal dinner… or so I thought. When I first saw it I ordered it immediately… and so did every other women in the United States {sigh}. I was so upset when I got the e-mail from Nordstrom that my beautiful Rehearsal Dinner dress was sold out and they would not be shipping her to me. But… as Gator Mom always says “if it isn’t meant to be, it isn’t meant to be.”

And so… the search begins…

Bushing Faille DressBlushing Faille Dress, Anthropologie, $188
Mr. Knight and Seminole Bridesmaid’s current favorite. I have to agree. It is quite fabulous. But the price… not so fabulous. :-(

Donna Morgan DressDonna Morgan Silk Chiffon Dress, Nordstrom, $138
I like this dress a lot. But, I feel this is the type of dress I always go for… which is probably why I like it so much.

Aidan Mattox DressAidan Mattox Dress, $158.39
Can’t you just image this dress poolside, flowing in the wind. How beautiful!

BCBG Laser Cut DressBCBG Laser Cut Dress, $119.90
I’m a sucker for the laser cut dress. I included this dress in the mix, because I sort of like it… but I’m pretty sure it isn’t ‘the one.’

Nicole Miller DressNicole Miller Dress, $160
This dress may have a little too much going on… but I like it quite a bit. :-) I originally saw it on sale at Rue La La and almost bought it on the spot… I think I should have… because it was way cheaper then it is now.

Nicole Miller DressFront of Dress

Back of Nicole Miller DressBack of Nicole Miller Dress
Veve Georgette Dress, $215
Okay… so the dress price is a little high again, but I love the way this dress looks from the front and back. Maybe if I stalk it online long enough it will go on sale even more (it was originally priced at $430)!

Nostalgia Dress, $89, Etsy
This dress is super cute (despite the unimpressed look on the models face… you could smile, ya know?), and comes in 50 different colors. I’m actually thinking this may make for a really cute bridal shower dress in poppy yellow (since I love anything Daisy). Plus, purchasing this dress is helping a small business owner grow their business since it is handmade. Good price, AND helping the artist community, what more could you want? :-)

Here are a few other dresses by Nostalgia on Etsy, all are $89, and are made to order:

As you can probably see, I can’t seem to make up my mind whether to dress more formal in champagne, or dress more casual, in a light and flow-y printed dress. For me, I think I would feel the most comfortable in a light and flow-y dress. I love the long blue printed flow-y dress above, and would love to wear something similar in a shorter style maybe.

But, seriously. I really need the help of my Gator Bride readers this time. What should I wear? Do ya’ll have any suggestions on sites to look at or dresses you have seen?

with love from my orange and blue little heart♥,
Miss Gator :-)

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  1. I have to say, those Etsy dresses are really incredible, and you could easily dress them up or down!

  2. @Stacy Marie: I know. I love those Etsy dresses too. I only wish I knew about them before I had picked out bridesmaid dresses. They are perfectly priced and absolutely adorable!!

  3. I pretty much only like the first three.

  4. marina says:

    Mr. Knights mom agrees with him :-)

  5. I agree. The 2nd and 3rd dress are my favorite for their look and price! Ahh.. I will have to get in the mood and go shopping soon!

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