The First Dance Indecision

Well.. I have been listening to TONS of songs today. Mostly because Mr. Knight is as work, and I miss him (I know… I’m such a sap!). Our “first dance” song for our wedding has changed quite a few times and I think it is about to change again, there are just so  many songs that Mr. Knight and I listen to, connect to and love.

Sunny MOH, Seminole Bridesmaid and Gator Bridesmaid dancing their first dance with their husbands. Had to include this. Aren’t they all such beautiful Brides?! (click the image to enlarge the picture and get a better look at my beautiful bridesmaids!!! ♥ Them)

The first song Mr. Knight and I ever chose for our first dance was “I’m Your’s” by Jason Mraz. It is just so sweet, mellow and chill. Everything Mr. Knight and I ♥. We will still be playing the song at our wedding for sure… and it still isn’t completely out of the running.

Then it changed to “Lucky” by Jason Mraz ft. Colbie Calliat. The two voices are incredibly sweet talking about how they are in love with their best friend, and how they will wait for each other. Just so sweet and mellow. So… for the past 5 months this has been our “first dance” song.

Then Mr. Knight had to go and buy a new album by Owl City. I have to say it wasn’t instant love at first listen. I initially thought the music was sappy, emo, and whiny. Three things I don’t like. But, Mr. Knight insisted it was great music, so we listened to the cd for a few weeks. Yeah… now I LOVE Owl City. Funny how that happens.

Without further adieu, here is the song we are considering switching our “first dance” song to. Listen and Enjoy. :-)

Owl City “Vanilla Twilight” -So sweet and dreamy!

I think its the tone of the music and the lyrics that really get to me… plus Mr. Knight likes it, which is always a plus! Still contemplating this one. What do ya’ll think??

What are you/or did you dance to for your first dance with your hubby at your wedding?

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  1. Kim ryor says:

    Kim, I’ve never heard of Owl City before. They reminds me another band… can’t land my finger on it, but I like them! That song is perfect. Great choice!

  2. @Kim: Awee Thanks!!! I know.. they do actually sound familiar. Definitely a nontraditional First Dance song!

  3. LauraLou says:

    I heard this song a few days ago and loved it! My FI and my song is True Companion by Marc Cohn, but we might be doing a ‘fun’ first dance instead and surprising everyone!

  4. Emily says:

    So I’m officially giving Owl City a second shot. GREAT song. Stephan just plays the one Owl City song. Over. And Over. And remember you can always use the songs for the wedding video or something. Great choices:)

  5. Katey says:

    Just for those saying it sounds familiar, the guy sounds just like the lead singer of The Postal Service/Deathcab for Cutie. Not the same guy, but when I first heard the Fireflies song by Owl City, I really and truly thought the Postal Service had a new album.
    My opinion: Anything involving Jason Mraz! I just love love love his voice, and though I can’t remember how the Lucky song goes (though I know I’ve heard it) I can’t imagine Colbie and Jason sounding anything but perfect together.

  6. I was not a fan of Owl City at first either! But this song is really great – I could give them another chance at winning me over. :) However, this will be a tough call for you guys. Jason Mraz is phenomenal as well and I adore his voice!

  7. mrknight says:

    Yeah, I guess we could do that song. I don’t think we’ll really know until a few weeks before (maybe a month or so). It’s going to be a tough decision.

    Love ya!

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