The Etsy Way of Outfitting Your Groom

I very much believe that, when you can, you should buy handmade. Not only are you getting an item which is (at times) completely custom but you are also supporting an Artist (and their art) and usually getting a better deal over factory-made items (which is always a plus!).

There are so many talented Artists and Designers over on Etsy. When looking through the wedding category, I am stunned by the amount of talent and beautiful items that are being sold. Any idea you have ever had for your wedding, chances are there is someone who can make it for you on Etsy. Just about anything in a Seller’s shop can be altered to fit your wedding. Mr. Knight and I had some pretty awesome custom Gator cake toppers made through Etsy. My bridal consultant Kari had her Groom’s cake toppers custom made through Etsy too. So, without further adieu, here is a small taste of items available on Etsy to outfit your Groom on your Wedding day ↓

Etsy Groom Accessories

MichelleVerbeeck His/Hers Hitched Cuff $14; ErinBorges “In Case You Get Cold Feet” Socks $30; Cuftlynx Custom Cuff Links $60; MeandMatilda Black Damask Tie $19.99; JMGJewelDesign Flower Fascinator and Boutonniere $45; Somethingbluedesigns I ♥ My Wife Shirt $14.95; InitialImpressions Personalized Grosgrain Ribbon Tag Set (for Dress and Tie) $13; MeandMatilda Modern Ring Bearer and Tie Set $38.99

Sometimes we are so concerned with what we (as brides) are wearing that we forget how important the groom’s attire is in relation to the bride. It is important to remember that the groom’s attire is JUST as important as the bride’s. I know… you all are say “What are you thinking Miss Gator? The bride is the most important!” Well, it is important the groom and bride compliment each other. You can really make a bold statement with the groom’s attire, which often makes for some pretty SWEET pictures. Check out below↓

Very Dashing Bride and Groom Kissing

Complimenting Bride and Groom My little heart skips a beat every time I see this beautiful wedding. I just love the look!
source: Once Wed

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  1. Emily says:

    OBSESSED with the cufflinks and damask tie!!!

  2. @Emily: I totally thought of you when I put the Damask Tie on the board. SOOOOO you!

  3. Emily says:

    You know Damask is like my signature pattern! Totally wanna get hubby one for family photos…can you imagine it on a Christmas Card?!

  4. […] also had grey suits for rentals, which I would have LOVED for Mr. Knight and his groomsmen (check out my inspiration for it here) to wear… or even khaki suits. But, Mr. Knight would not budge on wearing a black tux. Which, […]

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