That ‘Something Blue’

As the old saying goes, the Bride is to carry…

Something Old, Something New,
Something Borrowed and Something Blue

on her wedding day for good luck. I actually love this tradition, and have finally found my ‘something blue.’

I originally thought my cute orange and blue garter, I picked up a few months ago, would be my ‘something blue.’ But, when I really thought about it, I wouldn’t be wearing my garter for the whole wedding (probably slipping it on a few minutes before the garter toss), and felt I needed a ‘something blue’ that would be with me throughout the day. Little did I know that my earrings would become my ‘something blue’!

Check out these beautiful Aquamarine drop earrings Mr. Knight bought me!
You know they are a winner when Gator Kitty gives her ‘paw of approval’!
(Yes… that would be my wedding shoes in the background. I decided to have a wedding accessory photo shoot one afternoon.)

These earrings are absolutely beautiful in person (pictures do not do them justice!), and the Aquamarine is such a pale blue that it will be barely noticeable (plus the vintage look of them goes perfectly with my dress).

So… this is my status so far:

Something Old: Still searching, though the vintage lace I bought on eBay to make my veil would suffice. But, still looking.
Something New: My dress! (and just about everything else I’m wearing that day)
Something Borrowed: Still searching!
Something Blue: My earrings!

So, as it stands, I still need my ‘something borrowed’ which could also work for my ‘something old.’ Any suggestions?

What are you planning to wear/wore on your wedding day to satisfy this time-less tradition?

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  1. Great picture sweety! :-) Glad to see Gator Kitty approves—that’s quite important, really.

  2. Gator Bridesmaid says:

    Love these earrings Kim!!! They will be perfect! My something old and borrowed was my moms anklet with a vintage cameo charm that was my grandmothers. It was really special but was terrified it would fall off sometime during the day!
    P.S. Gator Kitty is so cute!

  3. Emily says:

    Ooohhh I likey!!! My old was vintage bracelet, my borrowed was a ring from my mom on her wedding, my blue was undies, my new was everything else.

    You can always scout out family members/friends for borrowed.

  4. Kim those are lovely! Ryan had an aquamarine ring of mine re-done in platinum and resized for my birthday, so I’ll be wearing that. Those will be a great thing to wear after the wedding!

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