‘Team Miss Gator’ Anyone??

These custom hoodies for one Bride’s bridal party, designed by Steep Street, are fabulous! Can we hear a ‘Team Miss Gator’ anyone???

Bridal Party Hoodies

The very lucky bridal party in their hoodies!{in awe}

I really want to design something for me to wear on Mr. Knight and I’s wedding day. I was thinking a little zip up hoodie or v-neck shirt. Still coming up with ideas. These custom hoodies are so inspirational. Just seeing them are really getting my creative juices going (if there only wasn’t so much school work to be done!). I want to create a design that can be easily changed (maybe a few words changed), so that I can make one for my Mom and others as gifts. And of course I would make it available through our blog store once our wedding is over (and once our blog store is actually up!).

Off to more school work… dreaming of designing super cute wedding day gear. If there was only more hours in a day/week. :-)

Will any of you be making something (or ordering something) special to wear on your wedding day?

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  1. Erin says:

    Ahh I LOVE these!!!! as you know i wore a cute bride hoodie on my wedding day and STILL wear it out!! haha kind a wierd…..lol although i wish i would have been creative and designed something custom like this!

    Bridalpartytees.com is also a great site for those that are not as creative and are pretty inexpensive- I got my Bridesmaids some custom tanks for my bachelorette party which i must say were pretty amazing…lol

  2. marina says:

    Those are adorable! What a great idea! And, yes, I have bought a dress but am DESPERATELY looking for what king of jewelry to wear with it…ugh. I need help!

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