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  • Just Mauied :: The Dress

    As I start recaps, I have to let you know that I’m probably not going to go in order of how things happened. I’m a “talk about what I wanna talk about” kinda gal. For the most part, things will be in order, but I may throw in a few honeymoon recaps here in there, as if our amaze-balls honeymoon video wasn’t enough. :-)

    Where to start? I mean… how do I truly recap such an amazing day in Mr. Knight and I’s lives and truly give it justice? Let’s start with THE DRESS.

    You know what I’m talking about… the dress that many TV shows are ALL about helping you find. The first thing that people ask you about when you say you are getting married, “Well, have you found a dress yet?” It is the one thing that I stressed about for months before choosing the right one. See, I’m a very VERY picky young lady. Things have to be in their place… my ducks all lined up in a row, etc. I’m what you would call an obsessive compulsive person. I mean…. I got a label maker for Christmas one year.

    I wrote about finding the dress, but never revealed my little beauty. And boy… is she a beauty. I present to you the Wtoo by Watters, Marquarite wedding dress. Click the images to view them larger, in all their glory.

    Hello Gorgeous.

    Dear Wedding Dress,
    I love you.
    ♥Mrs Gator

    Something I found throughout all our wedding pictures, that makes me love the dress even more, is how light flows through it. The light flowing through my dress certainly gave it this float-y, airy-ness to it that I was going for. Such heaven.

    Maybe a little risque but I love it. I feel we are being very ‘GQ’ in this picture.

    And for you budget-savvy brides, yes you can find a beautiful dress at the chic Solutions Bridal for under $1,000. I was told by more then a few people to not enter Solutions Bridal with a small budget, but I did it anyways and am so happy I did!

    Seminole Bridesmaid and I toasting to saying YES to the dress at Solutions Bridal. It is weird that a Gator and a Seminole are besties? What can I say, it was love at first sight (for both Mr. Knight, the dress and Seminole Bridesmaid).
    taken by Kari, my fabulous bridal consultant

    Wtoo by Watters Marquarite wedding dress, $937. Alterations by Alterations Unlimited, $172. Total $1,109. Seeing Mr. Knight with a huge grin on his face the first time he saw me in my wedding dress, PRICELESS.

    *All Photos taken by the talented husband and wife team of Starks Photography. Isn’t it adorable that they are a ‘husband and wife’ team. I thought so. :-)

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  • Our Very 1st Giveaway!!!

    I am so happy to announce our very first giveaway here on Gator Bride! {hooray!!!}

    Jessica, of Especially Brides Jewelry, is incredibly sweet and is offering a pretty awesome giveaway to celebrate the launch of her new website.

    Especially Brides Jewelry

    Especially Brides is a great place to find that perfect piece to complete your wedding look! On her website you’ll find beautiful jewelry sets for you, your bridesmaids, flowergirls, and for mothers (plus, great little pieces to wear for a night on the town!). The shop is filled with beautiful rings, earrings, necklaces, and even a little something for the groom and his groomsmen in the Men’s Corner.

    Okay, so you all will want to know, what’s up for grabs in this fabulous giveaway? This beautiful pearl bracelet with gold metal accents and crystals. The perfect amount of vintage-y goodness. Yums.

    There are several ways to enter. If your comment doesn’t show up right away on the blog, please be patient, as I will try to approve comments as soon as I receive them. :-)

    To Enter:

    1. Simply leave a comment on this post! Extra points if you visit Especially Brides Jewelry shop and report back with which item is your favorite!

    2. Follow Gator Bride on twitter and retweet the following: {plz RT} I entered to win a gorgeous pearl bracelet from Especially Brides and @themissgator !!! http://tinyurl.com/2c9q3rl then comment to let us know it was you!

    Please only 1 entry per e-mail address a day, and you can enter as many times as you want! {super happy dance}

    The Giveaway will end Thursday June 17th at Midnight (Eastern Time) so be sure to check back every day to enter for your chance to win this beautiful piece of vintage-y goodness! The lucky winner will be announced Friday June 18th.

    Also, Jessica has been so awesome as to offer 15% off to Gator Bride Readers, just use code EBGO (sale ends June 30th).

    Oooo I’m so excited about this giveaway, I can’t wait to see who wins! Happy entering Gator Bride-ers!

    ♥Mrs Gator

  • DIY
  • Miss Gator’s Veil Status: Finally Done!!!

    This past week I met up with Debbie of Alterations Unlimited at Solutions Bridal to check out my wedding veil she was altering. From previous posts, here, you can see that I decided to have a designer make my veil to look like one of the fabulous $630 veils I loved at Solutions Bridal (at 1/6 the cost!). Well, that didn’t turn out all so well. Mostly the reason it didn’t turn out well is because I didn’t speak up when I didn’t like the outcome of the veil that was made for me. I have a tendency to do that. I just didn’t want to hurt the designer’s feelings when I didn’t like the cut of the veil. I should have realized then that I paid her good money to make me a veil that I wanted and that I need to get it fixed so it was just the way I imagined.

    Soo… last August, when the veil was finished, I just went with it. I tried it on for Mr. Knight and agonized over the cut of the veil for months. What was wrong with the cut you ask? Well I wanted a cut more like this, straight and over the shoulder, like all the past veils I tried on:


    And the designer cut the veil with these ‘wings’ I called them, more of a mantilla cut, like this:


    Seems like a simple fix, right? Well, since I never spoke up, it wasn’t a simple fix. I later went back to the designer, paid extra money, and had the designer change different things about the veil that I didn’t like. Which was bringing up the price of the veil overall. After my first alteration with the designer and added expense, I decided to just let my veil ‘be’ and that I would see how it looked with my altered dress.

    Fast forward several months and here I was trying on my veil, for the first time, with my altered dress at Alterations Unlimited. When Debbie saw the veil she let out a small scream and immediately pin-pointed the cut of the veil as a problem (not to mention the comb was sewed on backwards). She offered to fix my veil for me, and make it the beautiful over-the-shoulder look I wanted, and the comb, for… wait for it… FREE. Umm.. I love her!?

    She said it was no problem and it would be a quick fix for her… she is seriously my angel for rescuing me from the heinous-ness of a veil with ‘wings.’

    Want to see the final product????? Check it out!

    The perfect ‘over the shoulder’ look I wanted! It seriously felt AMAZING to put this veil on. This veil made my week!
    image by Debbie on Miss Gator’s iPhone

    I guess I was so happy I couldn’t even keep my eyes open! haha. The veil is now PERFECT! Totally up to this little Gator Bride’s standards!

    Who knew a veil would cause so much drama?

    Did you have any issues in your wedding planning process that just drove you nuts and you just couldn’t keep it off your mind till it was fixed? My agonizing lasted for 7 months, how long was yours?

  • Wedding Fashion
  • That ‘Something Blue’

    As the old saying goes, the Bride is to carry…

    Something Old, Something New,
    Something Borrowed and Something Blue

    on her wedding day for good luck. I actually love this tradition, and have finally found my ‘something blue.’

    I originally thought my cute orange and blue garter, I picked up a few months ago, would be my ‘something blue.’ But, when I really thought about it, I wouldn’t be wearing my garter for the whole wedding (probably slipping it on a few minutes before the garter toss), and felt I needed a ‘something blue’ that would be with me throughout the day. Little did I know that my earrings would become my ‘something blue’!

    Check out these beautiful Aquamarine drop earrings Mr. Knight bought me!
    You know they are a winner when Gator Kitty gives her ‘paw of approval’!
    (Yes… that would be my wedding shoes in the background. I decided to have a wedding accessory photo shoot one afternoon.)

    These earrings are absolutely beautiful in person (pictures do not do them justice!), and the Aquamarine is such a pale blue that it will be barely noticeable (plus the vintage look of them goes perfectly with my dress).

    So… this is my status so far:

    Something Old: Still searching, though the vintage lace I bought on eBay to make my veil would suffice. But, still looking.
    Something New: My dress! (and just about everything else I’m wearing that day)
    Something Borrowed: Still searching!
    Something Blue: My earrings!

    So, as it stands, I still need my ‘something borrowed’ which could also work for my ‘something old.’ Any suggestions?

    What are you planning to wear/wore on your wedding day to satisfy this time-less tradition?

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  • A Night Out With Mah Ladies!

    In about 2 1/2 short weeks I will be re-united with some of my best friends for a girl’s night out before my bridal shower at Mama Knight‘s house. Our plans? Who knows… and who cares! All I know is that I’m gonna have my girls by my side for a night/weekend of girl time, girl talk, eating, dancing, and girl bonding (with no boys!). What more could a sweet little Gator Bride want? Is it weird I just called myself sweet? Well, I am sweet, what can I say? :-)

    *click image to get a better look at my chickas!

    Unfortunately, one awesome chicka will not be able to make it for a girls weekend, my beloved happy bridesmaid. She is cooped up in a blizzard-y NYC and has a boss who gives her very little days off a year (but, hey, that’s NYC for ya). She will be missed!

    ♥Love her

    And, an entry about a girl’s night out wouldn’t be complete without an outfit mood board…

    Donna Morgan Dress, 6pm.com, $107; Nine West Valenka Heels (bought on sale last summer… by the way, most comfortable heels I own) $69; J Crew Earrings, $68; J Crew Necklace $50; random Pink Satin Clutch; cute Forever21 hair clips, $1.50 (love this $)

    Of this look, I currently own the beautiful Donna Morgan dress, and the Nine West Valenka Heels. I’m currently on the look for a clutch, jewelry and hair accessories (totally hitting up Forever 21 soon). While I absolutely adore these JCrew earrings and necklace, they are way out of this budget brides price range. Sunny MOH and I are headed to the outlets this weekend for some dress/accessory/bonding shopping day, so I’ll be on the lookout for these items.

    I plan to wear this sweet Donna Morgan dress for our Rehearsal Dinner, which will be poolside at our Country Club (in-less I fall in love with something else while out shopping… but this dress is, most likely, the one I’ll be wearing). I plan to accessorize the dress differently, with possibly more gold tones in jewelry then the black, which I’ve accessorized with for the girl’s night out.

    Do you plan to wear the same dress to multiple wedding events? Or will you be changing it up each time?

    Also, do any of my lovely readers have some ideas for me, on how I can re-accessorize this dress for the rehearsal dinner?

    ♥Miss Gator