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  • Golden Ocala Wedding Highlights // James + Jessica

    James + Jessica // Highlight Reel from Gator Bride Videography on Vimeo.

    James and Jessica 1

    (Photo by Russell Martin Photography)

    I mean… WOW. Look at that dress!?

    Jessica’s dress was gorgeous – and PINK! Which totally complimented her personality. Jessica and James’s story of how they met is one of the most unique we’ve heard. Upon meeting James for the first time (before they started dating), Jessica’s Mother said “He’s the one you are going to marry.” It was meant to be between these two, and we couldn’t be more honored to have captured their day.

    I know we don’t talk about this often, but we purchase the license to all the songs we use in our videos. James and Jessica’s reel was cut to “Once in a Lifetime” by Landon Austin and licensed through The Music Bed. For more deets on why we license the songs we use, and what this means – check out our articled titled “Why use licensed music?” and get informed!

    Much love – GBVideo

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  • Post-Wedding Bridal Portraits

    Since I jumped the gun and published my Gator Friday post early this week, we’re going to skip it today and feature some pictures of sweet Seminole Bridesmaid.

    Okay, so obviously today’s post isn’t about me. I know, y’all love it when I talk about myself (only joking). This little ditty is about Seminole Bridesmaid (SB). SB was married a few years back. She never had bridal portraits taken (nor did I), which is a big ol’ thang here in the South. Recently she had the opportunity to “play” Bride again when her friends, who run An Absolutely Fabulous Wedding, needed a model for some promotional shots. Who wouldn’t say yes to the chance to get dolled up, prance around in a wedding dress (in cold December weather!) and have your photo taken? The result was some pretty awesome photos of SB.

    To see the rest of the photos from the shoot visit photographer Tiffany Vaughn’s bliggity blog.

    Do you plan/did you take bridal portraits?

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  • Just Mauied :: The Dress

    As I start recaps, I have to let you know that I’m probably not going to go in order of how things happened. I’m a “talk about what I wanna talk about” kinda gal. For the most part, things will be in order, but I may throw in a few honeymoon recaps here in there, as if our amaze-balls honeymoon video wasn’t enough. :-)

    Where to start? I mean… how do I truly recap such an amazing day in Mr. Knight and I’s lives and truly give it justice? Let’s start with THE DRESS.

    You know what I’m talking about… the dress that many TV shows are ALL about helping you find. The first thing that people ask you about when you say you are getting married, “Well, have you found a dress yet?” It is the one thing that I stressed about for months before choosing the right one. See, I’m a very VERY picky young lady. Things have to be in their place… my ducks all lined up in a row, etc. I’m what you would call an obsessive compulsive person. I mean…. I got a label maker for Christmas one year.

    I wrote about finding the dress, but never revealed my little beauty. And boy… is she a beauty. I present to you the Wtoo by Watters, Marquarite wedding dress. Click the images to view them larger, in all their glory.

    Hello Gorgeous.

    Dear Wedding Dress,
    I love you.
    ♥Mrs Gator

    Something I found throughout all our wedding pictures, that makes me love the dress even more, is how light flows through it. The light flowing through my dress certainly gave it this float-y, airy-ness to it that I was going for. Such heaven.

    Maybe a little risque but I love it. I feel we are being very ‘GQ’ in this picture.

    And for you budget-savvy brides, yes you can find a beautiful dress at the chic Solutions Bridal for under $1,000. I was told by more then a few people to not enter Solutions Bridal with a small budget, but I did it anyways and am so happy I did!

    Seminole Bridesmaid and I toasting to saying YES to the dress at Solutions Bridal. It is weird that a Gator and a Seminole are besties? What can I say, it was love at first sight (for both Mr. Knight, the dress and Seminole Bridesmaid).
    taken by Kari, my fabulous bridal consultant

    Wtoo by Watters Marquarite wedding dress, $937. Alterations by Alterations Unlimited, $172. Total $1,109. Seeing Mr. Knight with a huge grin on his face the first time he saw me in my wedding dress, PRICELESS.

    *All Photos taken by the talented husband and wife team of Starks Photography. Isn’t it adorable that they are a ‘husband and wife’ team. I thought so. :-)

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  • We’re Mauied: Wedding Photo Peek

    We’re Mauied! Get it? We’re married and honeymooning in Maui… {waiting for the slow ones in the back to catch on}. :-)

    While at the beach, soaking up some rays before some paddle boarding with my husband (love love love saying that!) we discovered a post Starks Photography did, giving us a little sneak peek at our bride and groom photos. I think I had a minor heart attack trying to get the photos to load on my trusty iPhone, so I had to wait till we got to our condo to see these babies…. oh boy, the wait was so worth it. ♥

    I’m in love with this happy cheery photo! {swoon}

    Ahhh heaven!! I told Amy of Starks Photography that I so wanted a photo of us laying in the grass after seeing a photo they did like this for an incredibly awesome e-shoot. It turned out amazing. I love it!

    I want to thank Ben and Amy for posting some pics for us, as we have been chomping (gator chomping?) at the bit to see some!

    Okay… back to more honeymooning with my husband! By the way, we are having a FABULOUS time. Can’t wait to share all of our fun adventures. We have been quite the busy bees. :-)


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  • We’re Married!!!

    We did it… we have crossed over to the other side…


    The day was perfect. We couldn’t have asked for better weather, or better company. We are so thankful to be surrounded by so many loving family and friends, we had a fabulous time! As Mr. Knight and I embark on some much needed time together, we would like to leave y’all with a little preview our amazing photographers, Ben and Amy of Starks Photography, posted today (♥them).

    Mr. Knight and his Wife, Mrs…. Knight? Gator? Knight-Gator? We’re still workin’ on that. :-)
    Starks Photography

    the married version of Miss Gator