• Commercial Work
  • Matt Whytsell Photography // Promo Video

    We met Matt (along with his team) at a wedding a few years back. He is so incredibly easy to get along with and his team works so well together. As Natalie says, they are like a “well-oiled machine.” Since then, we’ve become great friends. We’ve not only had the chance to work together multiple times at weddings, but we’ve also had a few sessions with Matt (Maternity and Little Man’s 1st Birthday), and we had the honor of capturing Matt proposing to his wife, Natalie.

    So, when Matt came to us with the idea of shooting a promotional video for his business, we were immediately stoked! We shot over the course of 2 days and really worked hard to figure out exactly who Matt was, and why his business is unique.

    Matt Whytsell Photography Promo Video Matt Whytsell Photography Promo Video Matt Whytsell Photography Promo Video Matt Whytsell Photography Promo Video Matt Whytsell Photography Promo Video

    We had a great time with Matt, Natalie and James (Matt’s 2nd shooter and Brother-in-Law). Matt’s longtime clients, The Duggers, had some really beautiful words to describe Matt and what he does. They were also very patient while we got all the shots we needed for Matt’s promo.

    If every shoot was as fluid and fun as Matt’s was, we’d say we have the best job in the world.

    Oh yeah, and the little puppy featured is not so little any more! Sampson Whytsell is almost 100lbs! Whew, I feel like we need a “Where are they now” session with Sampson. :)

    And be sure to check out Matt’s website and like him on Facebook!

  • Heart Happy Films
  • Sweetwater Branch Inn Wedding Highlights // Xiaotie + Yan

    Yan and Xiaotie were married at the beautiful Sweetwater Branch Inn right here in Gainesville, FL. We were immediately struck by what these two had to say about each other. AND they had an orange and blue themed Gator wedding. How cool is that? (images by Verve Studio)


    Lu-Wang-Wedding-0812 Lu-Wang-Wedding-0939-b Lu-Wang-Wedding-0998-b

    As you can see, this wasn’t the typical wedding we shot. Yan and Xiaotie actually had two wedding ceremonies on the same day. The first was the prototypical American-style wedding held in the gardens of Sweet Water Branch. Totally beautiful and the officiant, Chad Reed, did an amazing job as usual. Toward the end of the night, there was a traditional Chinese tea ceremony where bride and groom share tea with themselves and serve it to their parents symbolizing their union as one family. We’ve never seen this before but we hope we get the chance to shoot at least a few more in the future–Yan just looked so beautiful in her makeup and dress

    Thank you Xiaotie and Yan for choosing GBVideo (and the wonderful folks at Verve Studio) to capture your day!

    Much ♥

  • Heart Happy Films
  • Cross Creek Ranch Wedding Highlights // Chris + Mandie

    Mandie and Chris are one of our favorite couples ever. They were hilarious, down for anything, and had one of the most beautiful weddings we’ve been to. Every part of their day was filled with so much love and laughter. Just how we like them. :) And, hello? Isn’t Cross Creek Ranch like the BEST venue ever?

    Oh yeah, and Mandie is a real life Disney Princess. She spends some of her days at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL playing some of your favorite Disney Princesses, like Ariel and Cinderella. So, she had plenty of experience smiling for the camera, dancing around and twirling for us. Yup, best Bride ever. Love her.

    Mandie and Chris's Cross Creek Ranch Wedding

    Mandie and Chris's Cross Creek Ranch Wedding

    Mandie and Chris's Cross Creek Ranch Wedding

    Mandie and Chris's Cross Creek Ranch Wedding

    All those pretty lights. Totally in LOVE. Thank you Mandie and Chris for choosing US!

  • Heart Happy Films
  • Golden Ocala Wedding Highlights // James + Jessica

    James + Jessica // Highlight Reel from Gator Bride Videography on Vimeo.

    James and Jessica 1

    (Photo by Russell Martin Photography)

    I mean… WOW. Look at that dress!?

    Jessica’s dress was gorgeous – and PINK! Which totally complimented her personality. Jessica and James’s story of how they met is one of the most unique we’ve heard. Upon meeting James for the first time (before they started dating), Jessica’s Mother said “He’s the one you are going to marry.” It was meant to be between these two, and we couldn’t be more honored to have captured their day.

    I know we don’t talk about this often, but we purchase the license to all the songs we use in our videos. James and Jessica’s reel was cut to “Once in a Lifetime” by Landon Austin and licensed through The Music Bed. For more deets on why we license the songs we use, and what this means – check out our articled titled “Why use licensed music?” and get informed!

    Much love – GBVideo

  • Heart Happy Films
  • Orange Park Hilltop Club Wedding Highlights // Dan + Katie

    Dan + Katie // Highlight Reel from Gator Bride Videography on Vimeo.

    We love incredibly thoughtful gifts – and Katie sure had one for her groom, Dan. The raw emotion Dan shows while reading Katie’s letter and receiving Katie’s gift to him is intense. You can’t help but tear up! This has quickly become one of my favorite edits. From their first look, to the sweet letters they wrote each other. They make us smile. Dan and Katie 3 Dan and Katie 7 Dan and Keri 4 Dan and Keri 5

    Dan and Katie were married at The Hilltop Club in Orange Park, FL. This little gem is so hidden, we would have never known it was there if it wasn’t for Katie and Dan’s wedding!

    Once again, we had the opportunity to work alongside Sarah of Sarahdipity Photos. We absolutely love her, she keeps us laughing all day long and is so easy to work with. We also worked with her on Daniel and Elizabeth’s wedding at the River House in St. Augustine.

    Dan and Katie – we wish you both the very best. You two were meant for each other. Thank you for choosing GBVideo!