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  • Blue Springs:: Part 2: Getting Our Feet Wet

    Welcome to Part 2 of Mr. Knight and I’s 3 part Blue Springs SAGA. Hooray for SAGAS! Once again, we would like to thank Lindsey of Pure Photography for her awesome photography, and Unique Designs for having such an awesome GiveAway.

    Mr. Knight dipping his feet in the freezing spring water at Blue SpringsMr. Knight is the first to take the plunge into the cold waters of the springs… and boy were they cold!

    Miss Gator braving the cold waters of Blue SpringsI think I’m laughing to take away from how nervous I was to try and swim in my long dress in waters that were over my head.

    Miss Gator and Mr. Knight kissing in Blue SpringsI really love this picture. This shoot turned out to be a little more love-y dove-y then our previous campus engagement shoot. There was definitely more kissing in this shoot then the previous.

    Miss Gator and Mr. Knight in Naked Spring of Blue Springs

    Mr. Knight kissing Miss Gator's foreheadMr. Knight always kisses my forehead. He is so sweet to me. He always kisses my face all over like 10 times before bed. {in love}

    Miss Gator Leaning on her Man

    Sweet Kisses in the SpringsMore kissing. This was sort of awkward because about 20 feet to the right of us was a group of swimmers watching us through this whole shoot.

    About to Jump!About to jump. I didn’t realize just how high this platform was till I got up there. Definitely a little bit nervous here.

    One last kiss from my Love before we jump in the cold spring water!Moving in for that one last kiss before the jump.

    Miss Gator and Mr. Knight taking the plunge!I think the best shot we have of jumping was our first jump. I believe we jumped off the platform about 5 times. Each time the pictures got worse and worse (I think we were tired for sure). I love the excitement in our faces on this first jump though!

    Miss Gator and Mr. Knight in mid air!This was taken from one of our other jumps. I love how we look like we are just floating in air.

    Are we standing on water? Maybe. :-)Walking on water? maybe.

    And some kisses!and… you guessed it… more kisses!!!

    More kissing! Oh those poor people just wanting to swim at Blue Springs! They have to watch us kissing everywhere!Oh those poor people just wanting to swim at Blue Springs. They had to watch us kissing just about everywhere!

    Miss Gator and Mr. Knight floating in the springs

    Up close of Miss Gator and Mr. Knight floating in the cool Blue springs water.

    Laughing in the springs

    Even MORE kissing!

    Mr. Knight giving Miss Gator a piggy back rideThis picture is definitely more us. Mr. Knight loves picking me up and carrying me places. He does this all the time. What a sweetie!

    More piggyback rides from Mr. Knight

    Phew! That was a lot of pictures! Lindsey did an amazing job capturing us. She captured the good, the wonderful, the incredibly sweet and…. our awkwardness between shots… and boy are they hilarious!

    Here is a sneak peek in to PART 3: Our Most Awkward Moments. ↓

    Mr. Knight with a crazy face!Mr. Knight is the King of funny faces. He cracks me up!

    Most brides would never ever show these pictures but… I can’t help it! Some are just so incredibly hilarious that I feel it would be a crime not to share them with you! It just goes to show that you have to just keep on snapping. You sometimes have to take 500 pictures to get  25 good shots (at least with us you do!).

    Stay tuned!

    Feel like you need to catch up on past Blue Springs entries? Check them out below.↓

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    Our Blue Springs Photo Shoot
    A Pure-ly Fancy Free Photo Session

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  • Blue Springs:: Part 1: Who Knew Balloons Could Be So Much Fun!

    I know it has been weeks since our fabulous photo shoot with the lovely Lindsey of Pure Photography… but it is finally time to show these babies off! I’m incredibly happy with how all the photos turned out. I love Lindsey’s style and am incredibly thankful for Unique Designs and their awesome GiveAways.

    *to see images larger simply click on them :-)

    Screen shot 2009-09-10 at 12.22.27 PMEasily one of my favorite pictures from the shoot.

    Screen shot 2009-09-10 at 12.23.10 PM

    Screen shot 2009-09-10 at 12.24.02 PM

    Kissing in the field with our Balloons!

    Screen shot 2009-09-10 at 12.24.42 PMSuch sweetness. I just love these shots!

    Screen shot 2009-09-10 at 12.25.19 PM

    Miss Gator and Mr. Knight swinging on a Swing Set at Blue Springs

    More Swinging on the Swing Set... Vintage style!

    swings + candy stripes + two lovers = great photo op :-)

    Screen shot 2009-09-10 at 12.26.53 PMEven though I’m sort of in a weird position in this photo, I just love our faces. We are so happy. :-)

    Screen shot 2009-09-10 at 12.27.18 PM

    Stay tuned for Part 2 of this three part SAGA, as we enter the deep blue of Blue Springs…

    The photo before we were about to get into the waterUs laughing, thinking “what did we get ourselves into?”

    Screen shot 2009-09-10 at 12.28.10 PMAnd the moment of truth…just how cold spring water is. Mr. Knight’s face says it all!

    Feel like you need to catch up on past Blue Springs entries? Check them out below.↓

    Our Blue Spring Photos Are In!
    Our Blue Springs Photo Shoot
    A Pure-ly Fancy Free Photo Session

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  • Our Blue Springs Photo Shoot

    I’m so excited our pictures from our Blue Springs photo shoot with Lindsey of Pure Photography are up! I only stalked her blog like every day since the shoot. :-)

    If you didn’t know (from one of my previous posts), we actually won this shoot with the amazing Lindsey. A Gainesville invitation designer, Unique Designs, was having a free photography session giveAway with Lindsey in celebration of their new blog and website.

    When we won, Mr. Knight and I knew we wanted to do something totally different. So, Lindsey suggested we head over to Blue Springs in High Springs, FL for some cool/blue/crystal clear/watery fun! Bring some balloons into the mix and you have a pretty sweet Gator/Knight photo shoot. ↓

    Mr Knight and Miss Gator sitting on a fence at Blue Springs This is probably one of my favorites (so far) from the shoot. Love!

    Mr Knight and Miss Gator walking with a bunch of balloonsSweet Kisses in the Springs

    Lindsey probably got some hilarious pictures of us getting in the water. It was soo cold but still refreshing (it was incredibly hot that day). We probably made so many weird faces when we were getting in. Ahh.. can’t wait to see!

    More sweet Knight and Gator kisses in the Springs This was taken in what was called the ‘Naked Spring’ at Blue Springs. Love the lighting.

    Miss Gator and Mr. Knight floating in Blue Springs

    I just love how blue the water is. This is at the main spring, taken right under the jumping platform. Mr. Knight was an expert floater… me on the other hand… I had a rough time trying to stay up with my dress. It was like a sail under the water.

    Miss Gator and Mr Knight laughing This picture totally encompasses Mr. Knight and I’s personality. We can’t help but laugh at just about everything. It is incredibly difficult for us to make serious faces… especially when our picture is being taken. But we managed to stop for a split second to get this one↓

    Miss Gator and Mr. Knight being serious

    Miss Gator and Mr. Knight kissing in the Springs

    Umm… Making out in front of people swimming at the springs… AWKWARD! But worth it. :-)

    Mr. Knight and I would like to thank Unique Designs for having such a cool giveAway and Lindsey, of Pure Photography, for taking some incredibly unique pictures of us. We are so thankful and feel lucky to have been given such a great opportunity.

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  • A Trash the Dress Shoot that Will Blow Your Mind

    And by “blow your mind,” I mean blow your mind with how incredibly poetic and beautiful (and creative!) it is. One of my favorite videographers to stalk, StillMotion, has done it again with this amazing Trash the Dress video. Check it out ↓

    Griffen + Curtis’ Trash the Dress Shoot in CA from stillmotion on Vimeo.

    (might stutter a bit, click on the link above to go to the original video)

    And the music… absolutely love the song… and when the “new Mrs.” is running on the beach around the 2:30 mark, so dramatic, love it!

    Bride running down the beach.

    Still Motion is way out of this Bride’s budget costs just as much as this Bride’s wedding, but a girl can dream! :-)