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  • A Very Special Ring

    You probably think this article is about our wedding rings. Yeah, their pretty special, but this story is about a whole other ring. It’s about Mr. Knight’s Great-Grandmother’s wedding ring.

    The 3 rings: On my left hand, my engagement ring. On my right hand, a silver promise ring given to me by Mr. Knight on Christmas Day 2006, and Mr. Knight’s Great-Grandmother’s pink gold wedding ring stacked on top.
    click the image to get a better look-see

    When I was trying to come up with my “something old,” as the tradition goes, I couldn’t figure out what it would be. Mama Knight came to the rescue and gave me this little pink gold ring to wear. Not only did I think the ring was absolutely beautiful (took me a few weeks after our wedding to hand it back over to Mama Knight, it had to go to Maui first), but it also had such a strong history with Mr. Knight’s family. And, a fabulous story. Oh, I love jewelry with a story!

    I could tell you the story, but Mama Knight does it so well:

    The ring was my Mother’s Mother’s wedding ring (her name was Mary Elizabeth), and it’s 18kt pink gold.  When my Grandmother was dying, she was only 55, my Mom and my Aunt Eva (who passed away in ’02, miss her sooo much) took care of her and the younger children.  My Mom got the ring and always told me never to tell Eva (????). My Mom gave me the ring to wear when I was pregnant with Mr. Knight because my wedding ring wouldn’t fit my fat fingers.  I wore it through all three pregnancies :-).  YOU are the only other person besides my Grandmother to wear it on their wedding day, how cool is that?

    Pretty darn cool.

    Did you wear anything extra special on your wedding day?