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    Don’t kid yourself and think you will eat at your Wedding.

    If you have the chance to put any sort of food in your mouth at your Wedding, you are one of the lucky few.

    Mr. Knight and I always said that no matter what, we would eat at our Wedding. Because after all, that shiz is expensive and we were getting our… I mean, my parents… money worth. Leading up to our Wedding we were so sure of ourselves. We were going to tell people they need to chill so we could enjoy our fabulous stuffed chicken and spring salad, along with maybe a slice of cake or two.

    Yeah, that didn’t happen.

    What we did end up eating, we scarfed down like two wild hyenas who haven’t eaten in days. Right after the speeches, our salads were set in front of us and we had a race as to which one of us could eat our salad the fastest. We probably looked crazy. I didn’t even get to finish my salad, because Mr. Knight won and we had to start making the rounds and saying hi to our guests (who had traveled far to celebrate with us). Okay, we didn’t HAVE to say hi to our guests, but we really really wanted to. We actually couldn’t wait to go table by table and see everyone.

    And that little bit of salad is pretty much what I ate all night. Major sads, but I didn’t notice. We were so busy that we didn’t even feel/notice our hunger pains and tummy growls. We just wanted to make sure that everyone was having a good time, and that our guests were happy.

    In fact, looking back, Mr. Knight and I wish we hadn’t ate our salads, because we missed saying hello to a whole table that got up and LEFT OUR WEDDING before we even had a chance to say hi to them. I mean… the cake wasn’t even cut! Who leaves before the cake has been cut?! The table is still a sore subject for Mr. Knight and I. And it wasn’t like they were friends that left… they were family! We don’t feel bad anymore about that table, because we watched a few of them do the same thing at another family wedding we attended. So we know it wasn’t just us, they are just early birds. But, still. Not even say hi to the Bride and Groom?

    Anyways, back to the FOOD. Besides the bit of salad and one bite of cake, we didn’t eat a thing. By the time we got to our bridal condo we were STARVING. We took off our shoes and crawled around the floor (we were in that much pain) and looked around the condo for the packed up food our coordinator was supposed to leave for us. Where the heck was that food?!? Yeah… she totally forgot to pack it. So, poor Mr. Knight, so hungry, tired and sore, had to drive back to the clubhouse and pick up some food for us.

    We ate that stuffed chicken up. Even cold, it was DELICIOUS.

    Mr. Knight scarfing down his wedding dinner. Later we wish we had picked up 2 dinners a piece because we were starvvvving.

    Yeah, I was totally in a robe at this point. The corset under my dress had left bursted blood vessels on my back and small bruises. No one tells you that will happen when the alterations lady INSISTS you have to wear one so your dress will stay up. Oh yeah, and totally on my iPhone. I’m ridiculous and felt the need to check my e-mail and Facebook. The next day their were TONS of pictures of our wedding up on Facebook. I was so happy our guests posted them because I was dying to see them! :)

    Oh… and the coordinator didn’t even pack us a piece of cake! We were livid at this point. We wanted out dang cake. After all, it was our splurge item, coming in at about the same price as my Wedding dress. Yeah, we totally ordered it without knowing the price. We are so bad, but it was the most delicious cake I’ve ever tasted in my life. Worth it.

    So what did we do the rest of our wedding night, after inhaling our dinner? Turned on “Family Guy” and fell asleep 5 minutes later. Yeah… we’re wild ones!

    So, I REALLY want to know. Do you have special plans to get to eat at your Wedding? And if you DID get to eat at your Wedding, how did you do it?!

    Looking back, I think if our wedding was earlier in the day, I wouldn’t have felt rushed to see everyone and I think I could have eaten something. I think that really is how I felt for most of our Wedding… rushed. Time flies faster than you can ever imagine.

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  • Just Mauied :: Speeches from the Heart

    What’s next on this fast-moving (okay… more of a slow-paced) recap bandwagon? Speeches!

    I admit. When other bloggers are recapping their weddings and they get to the speeches part, I skip over it. Eek! I can’t believe I typed that out. So embarrassing. But, I’m all about truth up in this bia, so I’ve gotta tell it like it is.

    So, I understand if y’all skip over this post, but I promise to include some super cute pictures of Gator Dad (which… most likely only Gator Mom and I will enjoy), and a little video for those who were with us and want to reminisce, and for those who weren’t there and want to see all the love that surrounded our Gator/Knight booty’s on our wedding day. Let’s face it, I would have LOVED to invite all my blog-y buds to our wedding, but Mr. Knight had to cut me off somewhere. ;)

    After our first dance, Mr. Knight and I started off by thanking our guests for being apart of this special day in our lives, and that it was ABOUT TIME that Mr. Knight made an honest woman out of me. All these years of cohabitation with no marriage certificate had made my grandmother uncomfortable for long enough.

    Fun fact: My grandmother called Mr. Knight my “friend” the 8 years we were dating. As in, “how is your friend?” She didn’t start calling him by his first name till he proposed. Now she calls him my husband. I {heart} old school grandma’s. They are so funny.

    Me = honest woman. Thanks hubs!

    First up to bat? Sunny MOH! Sunny MOH has known us for years and years. She reminisced about our days in fashion class (high school classes were ridiculous), and how I never stopped talking about Mr. Knight, even though we weren’t dating/talking/seeing each other. I was a crazy stalker, thank goodness Mr. Knight asked me to a movie before I went all psycho on him.

    Then we had Little Knight. He gave such a funny and sweet speech. He mentioned how he couldn’t remember his life without me in it (yeah… I was around a lot before Mr. Knight decided to propose), and that since I knew his family’s quirks already, I wouldn’t be scared away. In the end, he made me cry (which I tend to do a lot) by welcoming me officially to the family as the sister he knew he would always have.

    Next up was Gator Dad. Gator Dad always knows the right thing to say, and he says it so very well. So, instead of trying to recap his speech, I posted it in video below! Yay for Gator Daddy speech!

    Just Mauied :: Father of the Bride Speech from Mrs Gator on Vimeo.

    I couldn’t help but get a little teary-eyed. Once again, I’m a sap but I love him and can’t hold it in (plus I look super crazy when I’m trying to hold in tears). ♥ I love how he was impressed with everything Mr. Knight and I can do as a team. It really feels good for all our hard work together to be noticed.It’s really weird, but more and more I’m starting to notice that Mr. Knight is so much like my Dad. I guess there is some truth that some little girls grow up to marry men like their Dad.

    I know how difficult it is to speak at someone else’s wedding. I was my best-friend, Seminole Bridesmaid’s, MOH and I remember being incredibly nervous. I knew what I wanted to say. I had typed it out, practiced it multiple times in front of Mr. Knight, but when it came down to that evening I could barely keep myself together as I spoke. I was just filled with so much love for her that I couldn’t contain all my happy tears.

    Can’t fake the love between our eyes! Bwahaha. We’re the sisters we never had (she has all brothers, I’m an only child).

    I’m pretty sure I cried more at her wedding than at my own wedding! I remember crying for pretty much 20 minutes straight during her ceremony. And I couldn’t even watch her walk down the aisle without breaking down (which I also did at Gator Bridesmaid’s wedding when she walked down the aisle… I’m an equal-opportunity crier). You could have also caught be weeping quietly throughout SunnyMOH’s ceremony.

    Anyways…So I know how much work, practice, thought and love went into these speeches and I’m forever thankful. Let me take that back. WE’RE forever thankful. ♥♥♥

    What do you think makes the best speeches? Ones that are heartfelt or funny? or both? Have you ever given a speech, what are your tips? I’d love to hear them!

    And in case you missed it, this is what’s happened so far:

    All photos by Starks Photography

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  • Just Mauied :: When Bubbles Attack

    I had this great idea to use bubbles as a ‘prop’ to get Mr. Knight and I comfy during our couples pictures. Fabulous idea until… the bubbles fought back.

    The bubbles went in our eyes, and our mouth. They were not cooperating!
    By the way, Mr. Knight makes some of the BEST faces. Love him.

    Mr. Knight bracing for impact. We had a strong wind that day, which made for us feeling quite cool but not so good for blowing bubbles.

    Finally, the bubbles decided to get with the program and work for us the way I dreamed!

    I love how it looks like Mr. Knight is teaching me how to blow bubbles. What a cutie.

    This little beauty is Mr. Knight and I’s favorite picture… EVER. You might even see it again soon in a little project I’ve been working on that has been taking me WEEEEEKS, cause I’m crazy OCD like that.

    Overall, very pleased with my little bubble prop. The only props I really brought with us was the bubbles and our iPhones, and I think they were enough for us (although I wish I had packed some sweet heart shaped sunglasses… bummers).

    Our favorite part of our ‘couples picture time’ was sitting in the grass blowing bubbles at each other. So relaxing! It was especially funny to see some of our guests drive by us on the road behind us (see – road approx. 12′ behind us… didn’t notice it? yeah, our photographers are amazing). They looked slightly confused! A few honked, which got us super excited.

    I can’t say it enough how amazing it was to see Mr. Knight before our ceremony. It was the best part of my day (besides pulling away from our reception… more on that later). These moments with him are some I will always cherish. :-)

    What was your favorite moment from your wedding? Was it a tender moment with your sweetie or the moment you pulled away from the reception? SPILL!

    If you haven’t entered my GIVEAWAY for fabulous Juicy Couture Earrings then you better get your butt over there and enter that SHIZ!

    And in case you missed it, this is what’s happened so far:

    our first look on a bridge
    moment with Gator Dad
    We got silly with our iPhones
    The girls and I mastered laughing
    put on that little white dress
    The boys got full of themselves
    I was hungover while getting our hair did
    We rehearsed with yummy BBQ
    The ladies lunched

    Once again, all photos by Ben and Amy of Starks Photography; taken on the property of the Plantation Bay Country Club

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  • Just Mauied :: Marrying Your Dad

    Okay, so this post isn’t really about “marrying your Dad”  but the title caught your attention, right?

    I’ve been told many times, little girls grow up and find someone like their Dad and marry them. Which probably explains why Mr. Knight and Gator Dad get along so well, they are so much alike. They both hatch up crazy ideas (that often are really incredible), can fix any electronic/mechanical device, can whip up yummy food in the kitchen, are super smart and have an entrepreneurial spirit, can strike up a conversation with ANYONE about ANYTHING, both are excellent at public speaking, both are the first ones to purchase that hot new gadget on the market, and both can talk websites/media devices/gators/inventions for hours, and I love them both with all my heart.

    Which makes these next two pictures extra special for me. My two most anticipated moments on our wedding day was Mr. Knight seeing me for the first time (see: our first look coming up in an entry soon!) and my Dad seeing me in all my Bride-ness.

    I love Gator Dad. Doesn’t he look very ‘Bond-like’ in his tux? :-)
    Excellently captured moment by Amy of Starks Photography

    So, if little girls grow up to marry someone like their Dad, who do little boys grow up and marry? Someone like their Mom? What do y’all think? Did you marry someone like your Dad or like your Mom?

    And in case you missed it, this is what’s happened so far:

    We got silly with our iPhones
    The girls and I mastered laughing
    put on that little white dress
    The boys got full of themselves
    I was hungover while getting our hair did
    We rehearsed with yummy BBQ
    The ladies lunched

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  • We’re Married!!!

    We did it… we have crossed over to the other side…


    The day was perfect. We couldn’t have asked for better weather, or better company. We are so thankful to be surrounded by so many loving family and friends, we had a fabulous time! As Mr. Knight and I embark on some much needed time together, we would like to leave y’all with a little preview our amazing photographers, Ben and Amy of Starks Photography, posted today (♥them).

    Mr. Knight and his Wife, Mrs…. Knight? Gator? Knight-Gator? We’re still workin’ on that. :-)
    Starks Photography

    the married version of Miss Gator