• Wedding
  • 1 Year Down

    Mr. Knight and I have been married for 1 year… ONE YEAR!?! I can hardly believe it. Wasn’t it just yesterday we were cutting endless invitations and fretting over whether an ivory vest would go with a white shirt? Ahh, the worries of planning a wedding.

    This year has been amazing. So much has changed for us both personally and professionally. It has certainly been an eventful year with many weekends spent working towards our future together. I guess you can tell by my light posting from the past year that we have been busy enjoying the newlywed life.

    Photoboothing-it-up at Ryan & Jen’s Wedding we shot as Gator Bride Videography (the business we started as newlyweds!)

    I love being able to call Mr. Knight my husband, which also makes chasing after him and calling him “boyfriend” so much more fun. No idea why this is fun, but it just is! I love giving his honeymoon tattoo a kiss before I head to work in the morning and greeting him at the door when he comes home from work. I love our daily walks to the mailbox together and sitting around talking about our day with each other. I love “date nights,” which are spent cooking dinner together and cuddling up on the couch watching our latest Netflix movie. I love how he playfully talks with our two little kitties, Pepper and Gator Kitty, as if they were little people running around the house. I love how he’ll show up with flowers for no reason, and with daises (my favorite). I love how thoughtful he is towards his family and mine. I love that he embraces my obsessive compulsive-ness, and will move furniture, rugs, glasses, plants, pictures, etc. to just to the right place to make me happy. I love that he is my biggest fan. I love that when I’m depressed he talks me through it and always reminds me of what’s truly important in life. Most of all, I love how hard he can make me laugh.

    Happy Anniversary Babe!

    And because we ate our cake topper 11 months ago I didn‘t like the idea of eating year-old cake, we had a new topper made to look exactly like our cake top from our wedding day. It was adorable and I loved taking our little toppers out of storage for the special occasion. Oh yeah, and fresh pineapple carrot cake tastes a million times better than the month-old cake we tasted 11 months ago. For sure.

    And, keeping with tradition, I gifted Mr. Knight with a special paper-cut by Storeyshop with a lyric from our favorite song:

    you and me together
    we could do anything

    Together, we could truly do anything.