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  • Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

    I know I have been a little MIA on my Recaps. Life after the Wedding has been BUSY. That’s all I can say about that. With starting a new job, figuring out what to do with all my leftover Wedding goodies, and putting together my little Etsy shop (along with hanging with my Husband), I have had little time to do anything! While I am waiting on my Professional Pictures (they should be here early next week, eek!), and pictures off a random hard drive some where (man we are overflowing with pictures… just no way to get to them), I thought I’d share with you a little excitement that happened to me today. :-)

    While home on my lunch break, I checked Facebook on my iPhone (as I typically do on any sort of break from anything) and discovered I had won a giveaway from the lovely Jessica of JMG Jewelry Designs (if you don’t remember, I purchased custom hair flowers for all my sweet bridesmaids from her). Want to see what I won???

    Isn’t it just GORGEOUS!!! And in my new married name. LOVE ♥♥♥
    photo via JMG Jewelry Design

    The giveaway was apart of Jessica’s launch of these little beauties. Wow… I’m still in shock that I won. I can’t wait to wear this baby to work and on the weekends. Have to show off my new MRS status. :-) And what fabulous timing, as I OFFICIALLY became ‘Mrs. Farris’ two days ago. And I feel that this necklace is my reward for spending hours/days/years of my life at the Social Security office and DMV.

    Miss you all bunches! Stay tuned for a post about our ladies luncheon the day before the Wedding, along with my reveal of the gifts I gave my beautiful bridesmaids!

    Mrs Gator

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  • Our Very 1st Giveaway!!!

    I am so happy to announce our very first giveaway here on Gator Bride! {hooray!!!}

    Jessica, of Especially Brides Jewelry, is incredibly sweet and is offering a pretty awesome giveaway to celebrate the launch of her new website.

    Especially Brides Jewelry

    Especially Brides is a great place to find that perfect piece to complete your wedding look! On her website you’ll find beautiful jewelry sets for you, your bridesmaids, flowergirls, and for mothers (plus, great little pieces to wear for a night on the town!). The shop is filled with beautiful rings, earrings, necklaces, and even a little something for the groom and his groomsmen in the Men’s Corner.

    Okay, so you all will want to know, what’s up for grabs in this fabulous giveaway? This beautiful pearl bracelet with gold metal accents and crystals. The perfect amount of vintage-y goodness. Yums.

    There are several ways to enter. If your comment doesn’t show up right away on the blog, please be patient, as I will try to approve comments as soon as I receive them. :-)

    To Enter:

    1. Simply leave a comment on this post! Extra points if you visit Especially Brides Jewelry shop and report back with which item is your favorite!

    2. Follow Gator Bride on twitter and retweet the following: {plz RT} I entered to win a gorgeous pearl bracelet from Especially Brides and @themissgator !!! http://tinyurl.com/2c9q3rl then comment to let us know it was you!

    Please only 1 entry per e-mail address a day, and you can enter as many times as you want! {super happy dance}

    The Giveaway will end Thursday June 17th at Midnight (Eastern Time) so be sure to check back every day to enter for your chance to win this beautiful piece of vintage-y goodness! The lucky winner will be announced Friday June 18th.

    Also, Jessica has been so awesome as to offer 15% off to Gator Bride Readers, just use code EBGO (sale ends June 30th).

    Oooo I’m so excited about this giveaway, I can’t wait to see who wins! Happy entering Gator Bride-ers!

    ♥Mrs Gator

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  • That ‘Something Blue’

    As the old saying goes, the Bride is to carry…

    Something Old, Something New,
    Something Borrowed and Something Blue

    on her wedding day for good luck. I actually love this tradition, and have finally found my ‘something blue.’

    I originally thought my cute orange and blue garter, I picked up a few months ago, would be my ‘something blue.’ But, when I really thought about it, I wouldn’t be wearing my garter for the whole wedding (probably slipping it on a few minutes before the garter toss), and felt I needed a ‘something blue’ that would be with me throughout the day. Little did I know that my earrings would become my ‘something blue’!

    Check out these beautiful Aquamarine drop earrings Mr. Knight bought me!
    You know they are a winner when Gator Kitty gives her ‘paw of approval’!
    (Yes… that would be my wedding shoes in the background. I decided to have a wedding accessory photo shoot one afternoon.)

    These earrings are absolutely beautiful in person (pictures do not do them justice!), and the Aquamarine is such a pale blue that it will be barely noticeable (plus the vintage look of them goes perfectly with my dress).

    So… this is my status so far:

    Something Old: Still searching, though the vintage lace I bought on eBay to make my veil would suffice. But, still looking.
    Something New: My dress! (and just about everything else I’m wearing that day)
    Something Borrowed: Still searching!
    Something Blue: My earrings!

    So, as it stands, I still need my ‘something borrowed’ which could also work for my ‘something old.’ Any suggestions?

    What are you planning to wear/wore on your wedding day to satisfy this time-less tradition?

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  • A Weekend of Tuxes and Diamonds

    First off, I want to apologize for being MIA lately. Can you believe it has been three days since my last post? Unfortunately it will probably only get worse as we head into finals these next few weeks. I have TONS of posts just waiting to be written, I only wish I had more time!

    This past week Mr. Knight and I reviewed our little checklist for what needs to be done each month before the wedding. We are 6 months out and the list is long that we need to accomplish this month. We need to find a Priest, a florist, rent the chairs for our ceremony, look for flower girl dresses, search for wedding bands, register for gifts, and pick out tuxes.

    This weekend we decided to try and tackle the Priest (sorry for the football pun) and the tuxes. We went to Men’s Warehouse on Saturday and picked out the tuxes for Mr. Knight and his Groomsmen. Mr. Knight was so sweet and modeled the two combinations for me (since I’m a very visual person). :-)

    The Groomsmen will be wearing a Pool tie and vest along with an ivory tux shirtMr. Knight is wearing the Groomsmen’s tux. The Groomsmen will be wearing an ivory shirt (since my dress is ivory), and a pool vest and tie to match the bridesmaid dresses, along with a Calvin Klein tux. The Tux is specially made to be as cool (temperature) as possibly. Which is good, considering our wedding is outside in May at 5 in the afternoon. Can you say hot?
    *Note: The jacket is way too small and Mr. Knight needs a haircut and to shave his face. Don’t judge Mr. Knight’s hott-ness from these photos.

    Mr. Knight modeling what he will be wearing on our wedding dayMr. Knight is modeling what he will be wearing when we tie the knot in 6 months. I originally wanted him in a color, since we are both very cheerful and bright people. But, the sales lady some how convinced me to go with all ivory. I was skeptical but once he had it on I was pretty happy. Boy, does he look sharp.
    *Yes, Mr. Knight is wearing khaki shorts. It is Gainesville. It is hot…. and it is Game day. What can I say?
    **Yes… that is a Christmas tree you see in the background. Men’s Warehouse is out of control.

    Men’s Warehouse also had grey suits for rentals, which I would have LOVED for Mr. Knight and his groomsmen (check out my inspiration for it here) to wear… or even khaki suits. But, Mr. Knight would not budge on wearing a black tux. Which, in the end I’m very pleased with.

    We also dropped by the mall to check out some wedding bands. We found one that matched my engagement ring PERFECTLY! I couldn’t believe it. The round diamonds and baguettes lined up perfectly with the ones on my engagement ring.

    Helzberg Diamonds Wedding Band source

    Mr. Knight ruled it out and said we should continue looking and take a trip to Orlando to some jewelry stores. His problem with the ring? It didn’t have big enough diamonds in it. Don’t you just love him?♥ Too bad ladies, this one is taken!

    Another problem with the wedding band is that you couldn’t specify the clarity of the diamonds since it was a ‘stock’ setting. Mr. Knight says he wants the diamonds to be as perfect as possible. We always noticed that with my engagement ring the side diamonds are not as sparkly (it was a stock setting) compared with my center diamond (hand picked by Mr. Knight). He always says to me that he wants to make sure we get exactly what we want. Which you should when you will be wearing something for the rest of your life. That is a long time to wear something your not happy with.

    I believe Thanksgiving weekend we will be driving down to Orlando to check out some wedding bands for both him and I. Stay tuned shortly after for a full run down complete with pictures of some beautiful diamonds!