• Invitations Part 2: The REVEAL!

    If you missed Part 1: The Great Assembly, be sure to check out that mini post. Mr. Knight and I were cuttin’ fools cutting all the layers for our invitations!

    Yes, it is ABOUT TIME I showed ya’ll Mr. Knight and I’s labor of love. We spent quite a long time designing and putting together our invitations. Mr. Knight has been on my case for WEEKS to write this post because sooo many of our guests had no idea that we had designed and made our invitations ourselves. And, hey… we deserve some credit! :-)

    Over winter break, I designed the bulk of our invitation suite. We decided then that we would print and assemble our invitation ourselves, and send our RSVP postcard and Accommodations card off to Overnight Prints, to save us time and money.

    Want to see our little labor of love? I hope you do! Here they are {hooray}!!!

    The envelopes, all prettified with their Vancouver Olympics stamps and the cute wrap-around address label we made.
    photo by Miss Gator

    What our guests see as they open our their invitation to our Wedding.
    photo by Mr. Knight

    More postage. I do love fun stamps! This RSVP card was sent out to our Canadian family in Newfoundland!
    photo by Mr. Knight

    Our wedding invitation!!!! Hooray!!! These were really the only part of our set that we actually had to ‘put together,’ since the rest we had ordered from Overnight Prints (saving us valuable time and money). That being said, it certainly wasn’t a fast or easy task putting these babies together. So much cutting and gluing, I seriously don’t want to see an x-acto blade or cutting mat for at least a few weeks!
    photo by Miss Gator

    Here are our RSVP postcards and Accommodation cards printed through Overnight Prints. They did an amazing job with printing them, they are very sturdy, and the RSVP postcards held up well in the mail. Which makes for a happy bride! :-)
    photo by Miss Gator

    Here are all out invitation pieces (minus the super cute Gold shimmer envelope with wrap-around label), showing the reverse sides of the RSVP card and the Accommodation Cards. Map made by Knight Dad.
    photo by Miss Gator

    Overall, Mr. Knight and I are very happy with how they turned out. We love the little RSVP postcards (it has been a lot of fun getting them back), and the map Knight Dad made is just too cute! The only thing that Mr. Knight and I agree that we would have changed was how we glued them. We used a glue stick to glue the layers together of our main invitation. Bad idea. When we went back home and saw our invitations on family and friend’s fridges we discovered they had warped terribly from heat and moisture and the layers were starting to pull apart from each other. This was incredibly upsetting for Mr. Knight and I since we had invested so much time into trying to make these invitations perfect, in our eyes.

    After seeing how the glue stick SUCKED, I tried a few invitations just using double sided tape and they have been holding up pretty well. We’ll see how that goes. :-)

    Okay, so now for the all important price break down!

    • Envelope Mall: 100 Gold Stardream A7 envelopes and 100 Quartz Stardream 81lb sheets $41.19
    • Envelope Mall: 100 Aquamarine 81lb Stardream sheets $21.42
    • Paper-Papers: 50 Gold 105lb Stardream sheets because they were sold out at Envelope Mall $24.30
    • Overnight Prints: 100 double sided postcards for RSVPS, 100 double sided postcards for Accommodations/Map $60.91
    • OnlineLabels: 98 (7.5″x1.5″) glossy labels for wrap-around address labels $18.87
    • Postage: $72.20
    • GRAND TOTAL $238.89 at $3.14 an invitations set (including postage) for 76 invitations

    $3.14 an invitation, including postage? Not bad in our book, considering postage ended up being around around $1 per invite (and a little more for our Canadian guests).

    Now lets compare our invitation set price to one that is similar on Wedding Paper Divas (one of my favorite stationary shops):

    Wedding Paper Divas Stylish Sweet Invitation
    I chose this one to price compare to ours, since they didn’t have any close to ours, and this one is super cute, and could have been a contender for our invites. :-)

    Wedding Paper Divas price? For 75 invitations, 75 response cards, and 75 reception cards the final price would be $285. This doesn’t include postage, additional two layers of paper behind the invitation (for a swanky border like ours), or labels for the front of the envelopes. There is also no map for this price, and the postage would cost us more considering the response cards are not postcards.

    Sure it would have been much faster and easier (and pricier) to just order our invitations from Wedding Paper Divas (or another company) but Mr. Knight and I had too much fun putting our invites together, we would have missed out on all that forced quality time together. :-) We had so much fun designing our invitation suite together, and ordering pizza while we spent hours (upon hours) assembling all the pieces. I wouldn’t give that up for the world. I swear, our invitations have brought us closer together. For reals.

    So, I say, if you want to DIY your invites, and you have a helpful future hubby, GO FOR IT! You will not regret it, plus your wallet will be thanking you! Just be sure to figure out that pesky glue situation, speaking of which…

    What kind of glue/adhesive/etc did you use to put your invitations together? How did it hold up? Please… I need to know!! :-)

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  • RSVP Status :: 92 Yes, 10 No

    So far the count is at 92 attending and 10 not attending. Pretty good for 5 weeks out, right? If you are reading this and you have been invited and are planning on attending our wedding… TURN IN YOUR RSVP CARD!!!! Okee? Thanks!

    I just realized that this is ya’lls first glimpse at our invitation suite, lucky you! For our RSVP cards we decided to do a postcard to save on postage and envelopes, and make our life easier (as we ordered our design through Overnight Prints).

    Gator Kitty’s paw of approval!

    Mr. Knight and I have had so much fun receiving our RSVP cards in the mail. We make it a little ‘event’ when we get home from work and school. We both walk out to the mailbox together. Mr. Knight always gets the mail out of the box, and plays the ‘guess who RSVP’ed today’ game with me. I got smart one time and checked the mail before he got home (just so I would have the upper hand in the game), Mr. Knight got major upset and chased me back to the house once he had figured it out. He’s so funny. :-)

    Besides enjoying our daily walk to the mailbox, Mr.Knight and I have enjoyed all the fun ways that our guests have RSVP’ed, and the sweet little notes they leave us.

    A sweet note from Mr. Knight’s Aunt that reads: See ya’ll soon! Stay calm and have fun these last months of preparation. Love her!

    Some of our guests even had fun with our little menu entree animals. So cute!

    At the moment, Mr. Knight and I have all these babies sitting on a shelf in our living room, but we have already made plans to place them in a special ‘wedding memories’ box (which will be in a later post). How cool will it be to go through all these RSVP cards on our 10, 20, 50th anniversary and remember all the people who came and made our day extra special.

    Do you plan on keeping your returned RSVP cards? Do you have any special plans for them?

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  • A Very Special Custom Wedding Map

    Wow… how did I get so lucky as to have such awesome future In-Laws?? Not only is Mr. Knight’s Mom throwing me a Bridal Shower (which I’m super excited about) but, Mr. Knight’s Dad has made us a super sweet map for our invitations!

    Mr. Knight and I have been busy working on our invitation design, and when it came to making a little map to let our guests know where our ceremony and reception will be, we were stumped. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to draw (as you can see in my little cake sketch), but for some reason I just wasn’t getting pumped up about this map. So, we enlisted the help of Mr. Knight’s Dad, who whipped us up 2 drafts in about a week. We just received the final copy of the map this week and are quickly sending it off to the printer to have it printed with our RSVP cards, accommodation cards, and Menu Cards.

    But, I just had to give ya’ll a sneak peek at this cute little map. I will be having the ‘big reveal’ of our invitation suite after all our guests receive their invitations (sometime around the March 10th mark). Enough of my jibber jabbering, check out this sneak peek for yourself!

    Um… How cute is our likeness drawn at our ceremony site? LOVE IT! And those palm trees? Beautiful!
    Map drawn by Knight Dad

    We are so incredibly happy with how the map turned out, Knight Dad did an amazing job and we are so honored that he did this for us. I just can’t get over how cute this little map is!

    I have to say that everything is really coming together with our invitations. I am having a ton of fun designing all our stationary and wedding paraphernalia. Maybe I should make a business out of it? It sure has crossed my mind a few times in the past weeks.

    We also just finished designing water bottle labels for our ceremony. They are all printed and ready to go… now we just need about 180 water bottles. :-) Stay tuned!

    On a side note:

    I have been a very stressed out little Gator Bride, and I’m about a week out from my midterm presentation for Thesis. So… if I go MIA for a few days… or maybe a week, please bear with me! I will return to my little Gator Bride Readers!! You may be having a guest blogger in the next few days… So certainly stay tuned for that! It is about time ya’ll heard from my other half, Mr. Knight. :-)

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  • Not Your Typical Wedding Invitation

    So… I have been working on our wedding invitation design (which I’m really super excited about!) and have been browsing the internet for invitation, rsvp, etc. wording for the invitations. I came across cute a few really quite invites with fun wording and that I’d share them with ya’ll. (Plus… a little sneak peek at what my little Gator butt has been working on this week!)

    source: Ritzy Bee Blog
    Something about this one reminds me of Gator Dad’s humor… I think he’d enjoy this RSVP card. :-)

    source: Beast Pieces
    While the wording on this ceremony program is nothing special, it is the way the wording is presented that is most interesting. No script fonts here!! {hint: this may be a sneak peek image of what Mr. Knight and I’s invitations might resemble… exciting? YES!}

    source: Honey & Bloom
    A cute way to display meal choices!

    source: Honey & Bloom
    This would look so cute on the front of a ceremony program. Knight + Gator = LOVE!

    source: Luke and Saddie’s Wedding Blog
    Candy heart wedding invitation? Sweet.

    source: unknown (found in my crazy big inspiration folder)
    I love the images and how they help to tell the story of this couple’s love. Too cute!

    So…. do ya’ll want a sneak peek at our wedding invitations I’ve been working on??? {Miss Gator imagining her readers screaming “YES YES YES!!!!”} Here is a tiny sneak peek (I will reveal the whole set once everyone receives their invites after March 1, our unofficial send out deadline).

    A little snippet of the invitations, and rsvp cards, I’ve been working on this week. Do you see a daisy in there? Yup, that would be the beautiful daisy Mr. Knight made for our invitations in photoshop. He knows their my favorite!

    I’ve already ordered paper samples (pretty Stardream Metallic paper) from Envelope Mall and are waiting for them to come in. We ordered our envelopes for our Save the Dates from Envelope Mall and were very satisfied with the quality and price. Their prices are right in the range we are looking to spend for the invitations, so we are hoping their paper is the quality and weight we are looking for. I will be ordering a color laser printer this week (which will not only come in handy for printing our invitations, but also for printing my architecture portfolio when I go on the job search in February).

    I still need to design the directions/accommodations/our website card, and the back of the RSVP card postcard (we are doing an RSVP card postcard to save money on postage… did I mention we were on a budget? haha). I also need to make a map this week, of our wedding and reception location. The map I have gotten the most inspiration from is by Amanda over at Swoon Over It. She makes the most beautiful maps at a great price. But, since a custom map is not in the budget, and I have some design background, I doubt Mr. Knight would let me order one from her. Here is one of her custom creations:

    source: Swoon Over It
    Amanda’s custom maps start out at $99. Super cute.
    I doubt my map will look as cute as her’s, but either way, it will get our guests from point A to point B. :-)

    Well, I’m off to more invitation designing and DIY project making before my week of freedom ends (my last semester of Grad school starts Monday… ick!). I’m currently working on some adorable little drink flags for our bar area. Stay tuned to see how they turned out!