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  • Just Mauied :: Our Honeymoon Video

    Mr. Knight and I had a fantastic time on our honeymoon. We had the time of our lives. We never held back, if we wanted to go do something, we did it (which I think is a state of mind everyone should try and be in on their honeymoon). I could just post a bunch of pictures from our honeymoon… but what’s the fun in that? Instead, my awesome husband made this cute little video to give you a better idea of the ‘feeling’ of our honeymoon. Enjoy!

    Just Mauied :: Our Honeymoon from Mrs Gator on Vimeo.
    If you would like to see the video larger, click the video link.
    If you are viewing this post on a mobile device (via Android, iPhone, iPad, etc), please click here to view our honeymoon video mashup on youtube (a more mobile friendly site, but design-wise Vimeo beats it, like WOAH).

    Mr. Knight made this video through a compilation of video and photos taken with a DSLR, a HD Camera, our iPhones, and a small Sanyo waterproof camera/videocamera. Yes, we looked crazy carrying around so much equipment everywhere we went. I often complained that I was tired of having the camera in my face or I was tired of having my picture taken, but now I understand why Mr. Knight was so persistant. I will try and remember this video the next time we go on vacation and he takes 20GB worth of video and photos. Love him♥

    What do y’all plan to do on your honeymoon?

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  • 7 Years of Love♥ and Happiness :-)

    Today marks the day of Mr. Knight and I’s 7 year anniversary. Yes I said it, we have been together 7 years and he is just now marrying me? I kid. Truth be told, we started dating really young (when we were 16) and knew we had to wait till after we both finished college to tie the knot. Even though Mr. Knight asked me to marry him 1 month into our relationship (yes, he really did do this) we knew realistically we couldn’t, but in our own little world we were husband and wife. :-)

    Through the years we have seen each other change, mentally and physically. For me, it is crazy to look back on those first few years. I always think, what was this hott piece of man doing with little ol’ me? I felt then, and feel now that I’m truly blessed to have Mr. Knight in my life! How about a trip down memory lane?

    Warning: this is going to be an extremely LONG post. So sit back, relax and enjoy! :-)

    If we are going back in time… then lets go way back… starting with the 7th grade.

    Mr. Knight and Miss Gator in Band in the 7th GradeThis is the first recorded photograph of Mr. Knight and I, taken at our 7th year band concert in our middle school’s lunch room (I know… classy). I played the flute and he played the oboe. We shared a music stand together… you can say that 7th grade is where it all started.

    Mr Knight and Miss Gator at they Junior Year PromHere we are with our lovely Mommas, posing for pictures for our Junior Prom (we had been together about 6 months at this point). Doesn’t Mr. Knight look handsome? Prom also just happens to fall around my birthday and Mr. Knight showed up with a beautiful ring (with diamonds in it!) for my birthday. Love him! :-)

    Mr. Knight and Miss Gator at their Senior Homecoming DanceHere we are before our Senior Homecoming. We look so little!

    Mr. Knight and Miss Gator at their Senior PromHere we are taking photos for our Senior Prom. Don’t you just love Mr. Knight in the Black on Black combo? Yeah… I totally picked that out. :-) I still can’t believe that was 5 years ago. DANG!

    Mr. Knight and Miss Gator at the UCF vs. UF GameHere we are at the UCF vs. UF Game… strange… Mr. Knight doesn’t seem to be wearing his colors….

    Miss Gator's Christmas Gift from Mr. Knight... a CRUISE!The Christmas before we got engaged, Mr. Knight took me on my first cruise as my Christmas gift. How cool is that? Even cooler, my future Mother-in-law and her husband upgraded our room to a balcony room. Totally cool. What else? Mr. Knight’s grandparents had the crew decorate our room with balloons, and streamers, complete with a cake and champagne. His family is too good to me!

    I knew Mr. Knight had wanted to propose to me on the cruise. He later said that he felt it would have been the perfect time to do so. But, both he and I knew it wasn’t financially the right time  (besides, I waited this long to marry him… what is a few more months?).

    Us at Seminole Bridesmaid's weddingHere we are at Seminole Bridesmaid‘s Wedding. I was the Maid of Honor and had to give a toast. Mr. Knight knew how nervous I was and did his best to make me feel better. He even let me practice the toast on him and gave his helpful suggestions to me as to what would make the toast better. That’s one thing I really love about Mr. Knight, he is a great listener. When I come home after a long day of school, he will ask me about my day because… he genuinely wants to know, and will sit and listen to me.

    Mr. Knight and Miss Gator at Miss Gator's GraduationMr. Knight and I at my Bachelor’s Degree Graduation.

    One of the things I love so much about Mr. Knight is how supportive he is of anything I want to do. Even when I mentioned to him that I might want to stay in school and get a second Master’s degree, he totally supported me and said I should do it. It is truly wonderful to have someone like that in your life. He never crushes my dreams, he always supports them and pushes me to fulfill them.

    Miss Gator and Mr. Knight in Ferryland, NewfoundlandHere we are in Ferryland, Newfoundland. Mr. Knight’s family were incredibly awesome and took us to Newfoundland for a family trip to visit relatives. It was incredible up there and even better to get to share the memories with Mr. Knight.

    Mr Knight and Miss Gator's Engagement Shootphoto by Starks Photography
    And now here we are… 5 months and 27 days till we are Mr. and Mrs.!

    I really had a great time writing this post. It was great to look back on all the photos of us through all the years we’ve been together. All the trips we have taken together, all the major steps in life we have taken. I’m so incredibly proud and blessed to call Mr. Knight my fiance (and future husband!). I can’t wait to be his wife.

    Happy Anniversary Mr. Knight! I look forward to many more happy and loving years with you! ♥ I still can’t believe it has been 7 years. You are absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to marry you, have a family with you, and grow old with you.

    Love you my sweetness!

    ♥ Miss Gator

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  • The Etsy Way of Outfitting Your Groom

    I very much believe that, when you can, you should buy handmade. Not only are you getting an item which is (at times) completely custom but you are also supporting an Artist (and their art) and usually getting a better deal over factory-made items (which is always a plus!).

    There are so many talented Artists and Designers over on Etsy. When looking through the wedding category, I am stunned by the amount of talent and beautiful items that are being sold. Any idea you have ever had for your wedding, chances are there is someone who can make it for you on Etsy. Just about anything in a Seller’s shop can be altered to fit your wedding. Mr. Knight and I had some pretty awesome custom Gator cake toppers made through Etsy. My bridal consultant Kari had her Groom’s cake toppers custom made through Etsy too. So, without further adieu, here is a small taste of items available on Etsy to outfit your Groom on your Wedding day ↓

    Etsy Groom Accessories

    MichelleVerbeeck His/Hers Hitched Cuff $14; ErinBorges “In Case You Get Cold Feet” Socks $30; Cuftlynx Custom Cuff Links $60; MeandMatilda Black Damask Tie $19.99; JMGJewelDesign Flower Fascinator and Boutonniere $45; Somethingbluedesigns I ♥ My Wife Shirt $14.95; InitialImpressions Personalized Grosgrain Ribbon Tag Set (for Dress and Tie) $13; MeandMatilda Modern Ring Bearer and Tie Set $38.99

    Sometimes we are so concerned with what we (as brides) are wearing that we forget how important the groom’s attire is in relation to the bride. It is important to remember that the groom’s attire is JUST as important as the bride’s. I know… you all are say “What are you thinking Miss Gator? The bride is the most important!” Well, it is important the groom and bride compliment each other. You can really make a bold statement with the groom’s attire, which often makes for some pretty SWEET pictures. Check out below↓

    Very Dashing Bride and Groom Kissing

    Complimenting Bride and Groom My little heart skips a beat every time I see this beautiful wedding. I just love the look!
    source: Once Wed

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  • Oh My! Your Boudoir is Showing!

    I recently had the opportunity of accompanying a courageous friend to her boudoir shoot. Many brides choose to do a boudoir shoot before their wedding day, but my friend’s wedding day has come and gone so she has chosen to give the photos as a gift to her husband (lucky him!). I have been nervous about doing a boudoir shoot for quite sometime but know that this is something I might want to do for my hubby-to-be. There is just something about skimping down to my undies for a photographer I don’t know that sort of creeps me out… So, alas, my friend (we will call her the ‘guinea pig’) has tested the waters for me so that I may live vicariously through her!

    The photographer we went with was Jaime from JLS Photography out of Gainesville, FL.  Jaime held what she calls a “Rockstar Session” at the The Camelia Rose Inn (a local bed and breakfast) in the ‘Anticipation’ room (by the way, super awesome room). I have to say we were both incredibly nervous going into this but Jaime and her sister were incredibly nice and easy-going. We turned up some tunes and handed my friend (the guinea pig) some champagne as she posed (tastefully!) in her lingerie.

    Before diving head first into a boudoir shoot you will need to find some inspiration…

    Inspiration boudoirYou gotta keep it classy and tasteful girls!
    Left Source: Studio Nouveau Right Source: Spoiled Pretty

    Remember, boudoir shoots don’t have to be risqué—they can be very classy if the pictures are taken with the right photographer. Make sure to communicate exactly what you are looking for with your photographer.

    I definitely recommend bringing a friend that you feel comfortable with when doing a shoot like this (you will need someone to help you get ready, amongst other things). Be sure to have poses and ideas about how you want your shoot to go. My friend arrived hair glamorized and makeup completed. She did a fantastic job and her husband is going to be surprised and shocked when he receives his ‘little black book.’

    Here are some pictures of some of the other ladies who had their boudoir pictures taken by the lovely Ms. Jaime of JLS  Photography

    boudoir examples

    Here is my friend, the awesome and glamorized ‘guinea pig’ (I sooo need to stop calling her that!) and her beautiful photos. These are a surprise for her husband but she has been very kind to give Gator Bride’s blog readers a sneak peek (as long as we keep her pictures a secret!) ↓


    Jaime at JLS Photography will be having another Rockstar Session this fall on Saturday, October 24th. It is currently $250. The session includes:

    A Pre-Session Consultation
    1 hour of photography in the awesome Anticipation Room
    Champagne for those over 21
    a Little Black Book with 20 of your images
    and a Private Online Gallery for your Proofs

    And if you book by the 10th of July you will get $25 off! What a deal on something your man will absolutely love.♥