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  • Eating at your Wedding

    Don’t kid yourself and think you will eat at your Wedding.

    If you have the chance to put any sort of food in your mouth at your Wedding, you are one of the lucky few.

    Mr. Knight and I always said that no matter what, we would eat at our Wedding. Because after all, that shiz is expensive and we were getting our… I mean, my parents… money worth. Leading up to our Wedding we were so sure of ourselves. We were going to tell people they need to chill so we could enjoy our fabulous stuffed chicken and spring salad, along with maybe a slice of cake or two.

    Yeah, that didn’t happen.

    What we did end up eating, we scarfed down like two wild hyenas who haven’t eaten in days. Right after the speeches, our salads were set in front of us and we had a race as to which one of us could eat our salad the fastest. We probably looked crazy. I didn’t even get to finish my salad, because Mr. Knight won and we had to start making the rounds and saying hi to our guests (who had traveled far to celebrate with us). Okay, we didn’t HAVE to say hi to our guests, but we really really wanted to. We actually couldn’t wait to go table by table and see everyone.

    And that little bit of salad is pretty much what I ate all night. Major sads, but I didn’t notice. We were so busy that we didn’t even feel/notice our hunger pains and tummy growls. We just wanted to make sure that everyone was having a good time, and that our guests were happy.

    In fact, looking back, Mr. Knight and I wish we hadn’t ate our salads, because we missed saying hello to a whole table that got up and LEFT OUR WEDDING before we even had a chance to say hi to them. I mean… the cake wasn’t even cut! Who leaves before the cake has been cut?! The table is still a sore subject for Mr. Knight and I. And it wasn’t like they were friends that left… they were family! We don’t feel bad anymore about that table, because we watched a few of them do the same thing at another family wedding we attended. So we know it wasn’t just us, they are just early birds. But, still. Not even say hi to the Bride and Groom?

    Anyways, back to the FOOD. Besides the bit of salad and one bite of cake, we didn’t eat a thing. By the time we got to our bridal condo we were STARVING. We took off our shoes and crawled around the floor (we were in that much pain) and looked around the condo for the packed up food our coordinator was supposed to leave for us. Where the heck was that food?!? Yeah… she totally forgot to pack it. So, poor Mr. Knight, so hungry, tired and sore, had to drive back to the clubhouse and pick up some food for us.

    We ate that stuffed chicken up. Even cold, it was DELICIOUS.

    Mr. Knight scarfing down his wedding dinner. Later we wish we had picked up 2 dinners a piece because we were starvvvving.

    Yeah, I was totally in a robe at this point. The corset under my dress had left bursted blood vessels on my back and small bruises. No one tells you that will happen when the alterations lady INSISTS you have to wear one so your dress will stay up. Oh yeah, and totally on my iPhone. I’m ridiculous and felt the need to check my e-mail and Facebook. The next day their were TONS of pictures of our wedding up on Facebook. I was so happy our guests posted them because I was dying to see them! :)

    Oh… and the coordinator didn’t even pack us a piece of cake! We were livid at this point. We wanted out dang cake. After all, it was our splurge item, coming in at about the same price as my Wedding dress. Yeah, we totally ordered it without knowing the price. We are so bad, but it was the most delicious cake I’ve ever tasted in my life. Worth it.

    So what did we do the rest of our wedding night, after inhaling our dinner? Turned on “Family Guy” and fell asleep 5 minutes later. Yeah… we’re wild ones!

    So, I REALLY want to know. Do you have special plans to get to eat at your Wedding? And if you DID get to eat at your Wedding, how did you do it?!

    Looking back, I think if our wedding was earlier in the day, I wouldn’t have felt rushed to see everyone and I think I could have eaten something. I think that really is how I felt for most of our Wedding… rushed. Time flies faster than you can ever imagine.

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  • Preparing for our First Dance (+ Bloopers Reel)

    In my last entry, you saw our first dance along with a little bit of our practice footage. I probably showed a total of 20 seconds of practice footage. Y’all… it certainly took longer than 20 seconds to learn how to dance. That’s for sure.

    Here we are bustin’ a move.

    Mr. Knight and I took private lessons at the Imperial Dance Studio here in Gainesville. We signed up for their wedding package, which included 2 hours of private lessons, along with 2 hours of private practice (in our own studio, by ourselves) for $140. Not bad in our book.

    At our first lesson our instructor listened to our music and danced quietly around the room by herself, figuring out which type of dance style fit best with our music. After a few minutes of humming and moving around she determined a fox trot would be perfect for our first dance song, “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz featuring Colbie Calliet.

    The first practice consisted of loud sighs by Mr. Knight, lots of stepping on toes, and a few “scenes” by Mr. Knight. What I say Mr. Knight had a “scene,” I mean he had an all out tantrum. He got so frustrated during our first lesson that he laughed super loud and laid on the floor groaning. Yeah… he totally did this in front of me and our instructor. Soooo embarrassing.

    While leaving our first lesson, Mr. Knight proclaimed that we would never get the dance down and that we should just go back to the trusty “slow swaying” motion for our first dance.

    I, on the other hand, loved every minute of our practices. I smiled so much during all our practices that Mr. Knight had to tell me to STOP SMILING because it was distracting him. I grew up dancing, so being able to do something that I love with the person I love was so incredible for me. Plus, I love when Mr. Knight spins me. :)

    I became so obsessed with being spun that I made everyone who danced with me (for the dollar dance at our wedding) spin me at the end. It was a requirement in my book. ;)

    Anyways, after a few lessons we were starting to get the hang of it. Every lesson added more complexity – a new move here, learning how to start and end our dance, etc. We tried to practice in between lessons, but that didn’t always work out so well as we really didn’t have a large enough space and Mr. Knight was against practicing in our driveway. Some nights, we would try moving all the furniture out of our living room. After running into a side table, stubbing our toes on the couch and tripping over a cord, we decided to leave the practicing to the dance studio.

    When we did get to practice, we always recorded it to view later and see what we did wrong (helped make the most of our very few practices). Check out a little bloopers reel below, to the tune of Lady Gaga’s “Just dance.” Felt it was totally appropriate. :)

    First Dance Bloopers Reel from Mrs Gator on Vimeo.

    Practices were fun, stressful, and eye-opening. We danced, we played, we made funny faces, we fought with each other, we laughed – we just had a good time.

    As we neared our wedding, we both got more and more nervous about our first dance. We were more nervous about our first dance than we were for any other part of our wedding. We just wanted to get it right and show everyone what we had learned. Plus, we wanted to put on a show, because after all, we are the entertainment at the wedding. Har har.

    As you saw in my First Dance post, things went off without a hitch… Okay, maybe there was a few hitches, and a big mess up that caused me to burst out laughing – giving us one of my favorite photos ever:

    photo by Starks Photography

    But, no one noticed our mess up (or at least they didn’t tell us!), and we pulled it off.

    In the end I’m so incredibly happy we took dance lessons and I plan to encourage Mr. Knight to take lessons with me again, for fun. Well… I may have to black mail him to get him in a dance studio again, but it shall be done! For me, taking dance lessons was the most fun I have had in so long and I can’t wait to do it again. :)

    What was your favorite wedding activity? Was your fiancee a big part in making that wedding activity fun for you?

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  • Just Mauied :: Love dem der Boys

    Love dem der boys
    I was feelin’ a little redneck up in herrr. Be prepared for a full on southern language post.

    A long time ago, in a far and distant pre-marriage world, I spoke about how I would be outfitting Mr. Knight and his groomsmen. On our wedding day, I was so happy to see all the boys outfitted in our selections. Them boys sure did look snazzy.

    There some good lookin’ boys right there. Mmm hmm.

    Getting the Bride’s Approval from Mrs Gator on Vimeo.
    Mr. Knight is so silly. He even took a video with his iPhone, so that I could see that the boys were all accounted for, in their tuxes, and were wearing the right boutonnieres (as Mr. Knight was originally worried about who had which boutonniere… you think it would be obvious). Love him and his silly-ness.

    I love this picture of the boys and how it looks like they are nonchalantly going to go bust a cap on someones a**. The boys knew how good they looked and even had a full on Facebook conversation with each other about it (related to this photo).

    Them boys be out of control.
    Conversation taken from Facebook

    Love ‘in the moment’ pictures of Mr. Knight. My happy little Groom!

    I think Mr. Knight was more excited about having all his friends in one place and hanging out with them then us actually getting married. None of our friends live near us, so having them all there for our wedding was like Christmas (or the best wedding gift ever).

    Yellow daisies and aqua ties. Love it. Let me guess, who’s unshaven face is that? They DID know they were going to a wedding, right? And that they were IN the wedding? It’s all good though. As much as Mr. Knight probably doesn’t want me to tell y’all, he had crazy bursting nose hair the day of our wedding. I was like “It’s our wedding day and you forgot to cut your nose hair when you shaved? Fabulous.” Not like anyone was close enough to tell. Just another funny memory from that day that I love. ♥

    What’s even more out of control then the Facebook love-fest? Our two youngest groomsmen smoking cigars at our wedding.
    Taken via random guest’s camera

    I probably should have had Mr. Knight recap his pictures with his groomsmen. He could have provided  more insight into what was really happening while these photos were taken.

    Stay tuned as I prepare one of the most awesomest posts EVER… our Wedding Highlights video. It is nothing short of AMAZING and I can’t wait to share it with y’all. :-)

    All the photos above were taken by the husband and wife team of Starks Photography unless otherwise noted.

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  • Discovering Mr. Knight’s Doppelgänger

    While watching the movie Observe and Report last night, I finally found Mr. Knight’s doppelgänger. A doppelgänger is a double or a look-alike person. A few months ago there was doppelgänger week on Facebook and everyone was uploading their celebrity look-alike. Mr. Knight and I don’t really participate in anything that makes us change our profile picture because we are too lazy to change it… or participate for that matter. But last night… when I saw Seth Rogen in Observe and Report, I knew I had found Mr. Knight’s celebrity double (+30lbs).

    Uncanny, right? Between the squinty eyes, side burns, similar hair cut, pink lips and cheek mole, I couldn’t stop looking at Seth Rogen in the movie because he just looked SO MUCH like Mr. Knight.
    Figures the FIRST wedding picture I show on the blog is for a celebrity look-alike comparison. Go me.
    Seth Rogen via Google; Mr. Knight via Starks Photography

    When we first started dating (well when we first started liking each other) I used to think Mr. Knight looked like high school jock Princess Mia liked for a split second in The Princess Diaires.

    Must have been the surfer (see bowl haircut) and the tan skin that got me thinking this.
    Erik Von Detten, typical teen heartthrob, via IMDB; Mr. Knight circa 2002

    I never knew what celebrity I looked like, I have gotten a few Pams from The Office but that is about it. I always thought it was funny how everyone on Facebook, during doppelgänger week, would change their profile picture to some HOTT celebrity and be like “oh sometimes people say I look like this person, I don’t see the resemblance” and act all coy. Whateves.

    I’m sure Mr. Knight isn’t going to be all pleased with me writing a post about his celebrity look-alike’s but, our wedding photos appear to be lost in the mail. There has been no sign of them and it has been 2 weeks since our photographers first tried to send them to us (did I mention we live 2 hours away from our photographers?). The Starks have been awesome to share some of our wedding pictures on their blog for us (and so I keep my sanity). I can’t wait to get the CD and spend a whole day going over and over and over them, memorizing every single one and organizing them for an album, blog posts, and frames. So excited!

    Till then…

    What celebrity do people usually say you look like? Whose your celebrity doppelgänger?

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  • The ‘Disney Face’

    This past weekend, Mr. Knight and I scanned a bunch of images of us when we were little for a video Little Knight is making for our Rehearsal Dinner. My favorite picture, so far, that we have scanned? Just check out this beauty below.

    I present Mr. Knight’s ‘Disney face.‘ Wasn’t going to Disney, when you were younger, always the BEST day and the WORST day? Tensions were always high as you tried to go on every ride, beg your parents for sugary treats, and goodies from the shops. I just love this image… hilarious.