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  • Happy Lover’s Day ♥

    Not only are Mr. Knight and I celebrating National Lover’s Day (as I’d like to call it), but we are also celebrating 2 years of being engaged. Two years ago today, Mr. Knight proposed (what a sweet-face!).

    This Valentine’s Day, Mr. Knight gifted  his sweet lover (that would be me!) with a brand new range!! Yes… I know. For some, this is not very exciting. For me, it is the best Lover’s Day gift! He also baked me some sweet cinnamon rolls in our new convection oven (he felt I needed some sugar to keep me working on the ‘Great Laundry Room’ makeover, stay tuned for the results!).

    Goodbye 80s range, Hello new stainless steel convection perfection! {What is that you spotted on top of our new range? That would be the amazing cinammon rolls Mr. Knight made! Yums}
    photos taken on Miss Gator’s phone

    I love you Darling. Happy Valentine’s Day!
    {umm… how cool are we in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium?}
    photo by Starks Photography

    With that, I will leave you, this beautiful Sunday, with a lovely song (I love it so much, that I often go to the Starks Photography website, just to listen to it… maybe it’s about time that I purchase it on iTunes…hmm).

    “Recognize” by Stephanie Schneiderman

    Happy Lover’s Day Everyone!
    Remember to tell those that you care about, how much you love them!

    Miss Gator