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  • Gator Fridays :: A Few of my Favorite Gator Things

    Lately I haven’t been able to control my obsession with anything and everything orange/blue/gator/tebow. It’s quickly become out of control. I guess that’s what I get for living in Gainesville, where every Friday is “Gator Friday” (what’s this “casual Friday” you speak of?).

    Pinterest has been the instigator of my Gator obsession, allowing me to save and categorize all my favorite orange and blue items. Here’s a peek into the life of a Gator Girl.

    Gator District, $28.00
    Perfect for Summer and July 4th BBQs… oh and Gator Fridays, of course!

    {heart}him. Just purchased my first broncos tank. TRUTH.
    GQ Magazine

    Orange and Blue flower headband. Adorbs.
    Prettylicious, $7.00

    Gingham + Orange + Blue = FANTASTIC
    The perfect shirt. Period.
    Pennington Bailes, $85.00

    I’d feel so FESTIVE with this. :)
    Ilene’s Gator Store, $14

    Orange and Blue Keds. Ultimate PREP.
    Zazzle; apparently their shoe section is down right now. Darn!

    I feel adorable Valentine’s day clutches may be sewn soon. Either way, this fabric HAS to make an appearance in my life.
    Spoonflower, $18/yd

    Orange scarves are a MUST.
    Target, $14.99

    I wear mine all. the. time. Here’s proof:

    Happy Bridesmaid, Gator Bridesmaid and I at the UF Stadium. LOVE.

    And a trip to the stadium wouldn’t be complete without visiting Timmy:

    Showing Tim Tebow some love. I guess “Tebowing” would have been appropriate at this moment.
    If you’re a Gator and don’t know what Tebowing is. You’re missing out.

    Funny how this post started out with me showcasing my favorite Gator items and ended with me posting pictures from my recent girl’s weekend. It’s easy for me to become sidetracked. Obviously.

    In other news, Mr. Knight and I have been busily working on our 2011 album. Mr. K takes so. many. pictures. that we thought it was a waste to have them all neatly organized on our computer for no one to see. So, we’ve decided (like many others) to make an album every year of all the pictures from that past year. It’s been fun looking back at all we did this year (we started a business, went on some fun trips, I got a new awesome job, filmed 7 weddings, etc.). When you start to look back, you realize that DANG it really has been a busy year. I look forward to sharing the fruits of our efforts with all my bloggy friends (if y’all are still out there! hello?).

    Till then, ciao!
    Oh yeah, I’m Italian now.


  • Sewing
  • Father’s Day + Handmade Quilt Reveal

    Being that it’s Father’s Day and all, I thought I’d come back from my blogging hiatus and share with you all something that’s been keeping me busy these last few months. Although, I can’t say this little gift is the only reason I’ve been a little MIA, it is part of the reason.

    I’m sew excited to share with y’all this project. It’s something that is really close to the heart for me. I spent many weekends (and weeknights) putting this baby together. Sure, it’s not perfect. I messed up quite a bit. I’m not a seasoned quilter, I’ll tell you that for sure. Yes, it was ambitious to do a rather large quilt as one of my first projects with my new sewing machine, but I was up for the challenge. I mean… I did go through 6 years of architecture school. I figured if I could make it through architecture undergrad and grad school, I can do just about anything (which I often tell myself when the going gets tough).

    So without further adieu, I’d like to show you a little something I made for Gator Dad for his birthday (00h and aahs are welcome). :)

    Gator Dad was speechless. That is the easiest way to describe it. He couldn’t believe I had spent so much time making something just for him. It was incredibly gratifying to see the love across his face when he saw the finished quilt. I have to say, Gator Mom did a pretty good job of keeping it a secret too, as I had made many phone calls to her in the previous weeks expressing my frustration and she never once gave an inkling to Gator Dad of what I was making.

    Even Gator Dad’s kitty, Mac-Mac (who was lovingly referred to as my “brother” growing up), loves the quilt. Mac-Mac can sense my love flowing out of the quilt. :)

    Since then, I have completed a few other projects, much smaller in size. I love making little ruffled clutches, they are my fav! I  just recently made some fun throw pillows for our new couch (which is a good story in itself, so I’ll save that for another day). I also have a very special project I’ll be starting in the next few weeks. With Gator Football season starting this fall, I planning on making some hair accessories to gator-fy my work attire. Who knows, I may make a few extra and giveaway them on the blog. :)

    But, really, enough about my sewing adventures and aspirations. Today is really all about Dad.

    photo by Starks Photography

    I feel very lucky to have such a loving and supportive Dad. I know that not everyone has this person in their life and I thank God every day for him. He has always been the driving force in my life, challenging me and pushing me to be the best I can be. I always say, Dad had (and still does) have a plan for me, and he’s sacrificed to keep me on my path. I’m forever thankful for the all that he does for me. With everything he does, he always has me and Gator Momma in mind. He’s truly an incredible person. ♥

    Happy Father’s Day!

  • Gator Bride Designs
  • Gator Fridays :: Orange + Blue Ruffled Clutches

    Aloha Gators! Long time no talk? Mr. Knight and I have been beyond busy, working on our day jobs, side jobs, special projects we’ve been wanting to complete (with one very special quilt I’ve been dying to share with y’all), and our new business, Gator Bride Videography. If you missed my post on our new business, you can check it out here, and be sure to view the highlight reel from our first wedding! We’ll be shooting our second wedding this weekend for Marcela + Gabriel and we are SOOO excited. Be sure to join the Gator Bride Videography Facebook page to receive updates!

    So, in between all the craziness of the past few months, I managed to make a few adorable little orange and blue ruffled clutches. Check them out↓

    Orange and Blue Ruffled Clutch

    I’m in love with them. I even made some for Gator Mom and Momma Knight. Sewing is so relaxing. Well, it’s only relaxing if you have made the same pattern several times and you no longer have to actually “think” about what you’re doing, but just do it. :)

    Since I have a few extras of these little clutches, I’ve listed them in my shop. These are perfect for the Gator Girl or Gator Bride in your life. And who doesn’t love a one-of-a-kind handmade piece? Okay, so maybe it’s two-of-a-kind. But, you know what I mean.

    Check them out and be sure to favorite my shop if you love love love orange and blue clutches. I plan to add more this summer, just in time for Football season. Yay!!

  • Giveaway
  • Contest :: Win Custom Cake Toppers from Bunnywithatoolbelt!

    Y’all remember the little cake toppers that started it all?

    How could you forget? I probably write posts about how much I love them at least once a month!
    photo by Starks Photography / cake toppers by Bunnywithatoolbelt

    Well the artist behind these adorable toppers is Hilary from Bunnywithatoolbelt and she is currently running her annual “How’d ya get Hitched” contest on her blog! Oh, and I did I mention I’m a judge? {hooray!} Be sure to read my special “Meet the Jury” interview. :)

    This year she will be giving away two sets of cake toppers. AWESOME! Here’s the details on how you can win you and your fiance some adorable custom cake toppers!


    Tell Hilary your cutest, goofiest, or most swoonfully romantic story of your “I do moment.” Then choose one of the designs on the Bunny with a Toolbelt Etsy site, her online album of cake toppers, or one you spotted hanging out at the Chapel of Bunny Love that she can use to illustrate your saga on her blog. Send a picture of the two of you to sweeten the pot,and she’ll publish your stories between now and 11:59 PM, Pacific Standard Time on May 15, 2011.


    Then, we’ll let the voting begin. One winner will be determined by the one who gets the most unique comments from readers who will declare which story made them go “awwww!” or “ohhhhhh!” or “mmmmmmmmm!” A second winner will be selected by Hilary and an esteemed panel of judges, including Reverend Steve Sharp from A Beautiful Ceremony NW, Kimberly from Gator Bride {that’s me!}, and Rebecca Amblin from Origin Flowers.

    Adorbs! Especially for those who have “little ones” and want to include them on their wedding day!

    The two winners will get a custom cake topper set that Hilary will make with whatever critters make their hears go purrrrrrr!! She will also give you the keys to the castle where you can order custom invitations, big gifts for the wedding party, or little ones for the guests–all with the picture of your adorable Bunny with a Toolbelt wedding cake topper on them and whatever personalized text you like!

    The “We do” little monsters. So cute! Bunnywithatoolbelt

    Please limit your entries to 500 words. This contest is intended for currently engaged couples. She’ll post them as they come in. Email your story to Hilary at bunnywithatoolbelt@gmail.com.

    There are currently 2 blogged engaged couples so far. Only 2! So, if you’re engaged (or know someone engaged), submit your story and have your friends and family comment on your entry once it’s been published! You could be the winner of some very adorable cake toppers.

    Deadline is May 15th, 2011!

    Will you be entering?

  • Gator Fridays
  • Gator Fridays :: Gator Cake Toppers

    Now, I know y’all have seen the fabulous cake toppers Bunnywithatoolbelt made us for our wedding. Shoot, these little babies inspired this blog! I guess you can say, Gator Bride started with the commissioning of these little characters. Thank you Hilary for bringing our little mascots to life!

    Here we are, just chillin’ on our wedding cake. ♥

    Since then, Hilary has received quite a few commissions for custom college-themed cake toppers. Just recently she sent me an album featuring some of her adorable Gator creations, along with their stories. Check them out below. :)

    This first topper was actually commissioned by the fabulous Kari, who helped me find my wedding dress (and who was also getting married). She asked Hilary to create a topper for her Groom’s cake that would incorporate the Gators, the video game Halo, and the band Coldplay. I’m pretty amazed at what Hilary came up with. Perfection!

    This little topper was commissioned by a University of Florida Alum for his Groom’s cake. The topper features the Groom enjoying his favorite past time with his beloved German Shorthair pup.

    Aren’t these two adorable? Easily one of the cutest cake toppers I’ve ever seen. They make me so happy. :) Oh my goodness, and the bride even has a mini veil! Love the details.

    I think I can look at Gator cake toppers all day! :)

    Now, on to a few cake toppers that are hard for my little Gator eyes to see. Oh, I feel for these Gator Brides marrying Seminole Grooms.

    I’m actually totally digging how Hilary gave the Seminole Groom a little mohawk of feathers. Totally a different take on the Seminoles. I wonder if the Groom is a musician?

    This set is probably one of my favorites. Not loving who it’s for (that team out west), but loving the inspiration. The bride and groom met in the marching band, so they wanted little cake toppers showing their team spirit and instruments. Mr. Knight and I both played the flute. We fell head over heels for each other in middle school band class, but didn’t start dating till high school.

    These cake toppers really get me going. Poor Gator groom!!!

    We loved our cake toppers Hilary made us, so much that we just didn’t want to keep them boxed up. This past Christmas we made them into ornaments for our tree. Currently, they are displayed prominently on a shelf in our living room. I get so much joy from seeing them everyday.

    Did you have sentimental cake toppers? Where are your cake toppers now? Did you come up with a creative way to display them? I’d love to hear!

    Also, be sure to check out Hilary’s Etsy shop. She has a few super cute bride and groom cake toppers that are on super sale! Oh, and if you want to see more of Hilary’s AMAZING custom cake toppers, check out her Picasa Album.