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  • Marcela + Gabriel’s First Look

    Mr. Knight and I have been working hard to finish up Marcela and Gabriel’s wedding video. We were doing a final run-through last night and couldn’t help but fall in LOVE with their first look. They had it at a little stream with a waterfall in the Town of Tioga right here in Gainesville, FL. This couple have been together for years and even have a beautiful son together, but that still didn’t mean that they both weren’t incredibly nervous. I love the anticipation between these two. They were so excited to finally be getting married and were both a ball of nerves. Enjoy!

    Also, a fun new development, Gator Bride DESIGNS now has a Facebook page! Yay! So head on over and check it out! By far, my favorite part of the new page is the images of Gator Bride DESIGN projects in action! Love it. :)

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  • Preparing for our First Dance (+ Bloopers Reel)

    In my last entry, you saw our first dance along with a little bit of our practice footage. I probably showed a total of 20 seconds of practice footage. Y’all… it certainly took longer than 20 seconds to learn how to dance. That’s for sure.

    Here we are bustin’ a move.

    Mr. Knight and I took private lessons at the Imperial Dance Studio here in Gainesville. We signed up for their wedding package, which included 2 hours of private lessons, along with 2 hours of private practice (in our own studio, by ourselves) for $140. Not bad in our book.

    At our first lesson our instructor listened to our music and danced quietly around the room by herself, figuring out which type of dance style fit best with our music. After a few minutes of humming and moving around she determined a fox trot would be perfect for our first dance song, “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz featuring Colbie Calliet.

    The first practice consisted of loud sighs by Mr. Knight, lots of stepping on toes, and a few “scenes” by Mr. Knight. What I say Mr. Knight had a “scene,” I mean he had an all out tantrum. He got so frustrated during our first lesson that he laughed super loud and laid on the floor groaning. Yeah… he totally did this in front of me and our instructor. Soooo embarrassing.

    While leaving our first lesson, Mr. Knight proclaimed that we would never get the dance down and that we should just go back to the trusty “slow swaying” motion for our first dance.

    I, on the other hand, loved every minute of our practices. I smiled so much during all our practices that Mr. Knight had to tell me to STOP SMILING because it was distracting him. I grew up dancing, so being able to do something that I love with the person I love was so incredible for me. Plus, I love when Mr. Knight spins me. :)

    I became so obsessed with being spun that I made everyone who danced with me (for the dollar dance at our wedding) spin me at the end. It was a requirement in my book. ;)

    Anyways, after a few lessons we were starting to get the hang of it. Every lesson added more complexity – a new move here, learning how to start and end our dance, etc. We tried to practice in between lessons, but that didn’t always work out so well as we really didn’t have a large enough space and Mr. Knight was against practicing in our driveway. Some nights, we would try moving all the furniture out of our living room. After running into a side table, stubbing our toes on the couch and tripping over a cord, we decided to leave the practicing to the dance studio.

    When we did get to practice, we always recorded it to view later and see what we did wrong (helped make the most of our very few practices). Check out a little bloopers reel below, to the tune of Lady Gaga’s “Just dance.” Felt it was totally appropriate. :)

    First Dance Bloopers Reel from Mrs Gator on Vimeo.

    Practices were fun, stressful, and eye-opening. We danced, we played, we made funny faces, we fought with each other, we laughed – we just had a good time.

    As we neared our wedding, we both got more and more nervous about our first dance. We were more nervous about our first dance than we were for any other part of our wedding. We just wanted to get it right and show everyone what we had learned. Plus, we wanted to put on a show, because after all, we are the entertainment at the wedding. Har har.

    As you saw in my First Dance post, things went off without a hitch… Okay, maybe there was a few hitches, and a big mess up that caused me to burst out laughing – giving us one of my favorite photos ever:

    photo by Starks Photography

    But, no one noticed our mess up (or at least they didn’t tell us!), and we pulled it off.

    In the end I’m so incredibly happy we took dance lessons and I plan to encourage Mr. Knight to take lessons with me again, for fun. Well… I may have to black mail him to get him in a dance studio again, but it shall be done! For me, taking dance lessons was the most fun I have had in so long and I can’t wait to do it again. :)

    What was your favorite wedding activity? Was your fiancee a big part in making that wedding activity fun for you?

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  • A Second Life for Cake Toppers

    As Christmas ornaments!!!

    This Christmas, I have searched high and low for a knight ornament for Mr. Knight’s alma mater (and namesake). I even contacted Bunnywithatoolbelt (who made our cake toppers) to make a miniature knight ornament for us, but a custom piece proved to be a little more expensive then I had in mind. Then I thought, why not make our sweet little cake toppers into ornaments?

    Hello, I love you.

    They aren’t really doing anything right now, and we really haven’t decided what we were going to do with them (besides store them safely).

    I had thought about putting them on a shelf, but with frisky kitties I’ve learned to not leave anything sentimental/expensive out to be knocked down. I had thought of placing them in a shadow box with our invitation and picture from our wedding, but that just didn’t seem quite right to me. So, when making them into ornaments came to mind, I thought “perfect.”

    When I told Mr. Knight about my idea, I believe his response (via Gchat) was “OMG YES.” Love him♥

    I wanted to be as minimally invasive as possible with these precious pieces. I just simply took some extra string I had and tied them around the neck of each. I know, sounds really awful that I hung our little toppers by their necks.

    And VIOLA! These babies are now fabulous little additions to our Christmas tree!
    I apologize for the terrible images. Mr. Knight would scold me if he knew I was uploading these images for a post!

    Don’t you just love them? I sure do.

    We plan to keep them safe and sound in our wedding box when they aren’t on our tree. Bringing them out each year will be so much fun, because it will make us go through all our wedding memories. :) Besides, putting our tree up every year is like taking a trip down memory lane as most of our ornaments were picked up from places we visited together, and special memories which connect us both. Our cake topper ornaments will just be the icing on the cake. Get it? Oh boy, I’m getting lame!

    Now, I just have to pray to the Kitty Gods that Gator Kitty and Pepper will leave our precious cake toppers alone.

    What are your plans for your cake toppers after your wedding? Will they go into storage? Do you have a special project from them? Or, will you follow my lead and make them into fabulous ornaments for your Christmas Tree?

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  • Just Mauied :: Into the Woods We Go!

    When I left off, Mr. Knight and I were being attacked by rogue bubbles. Next up? A little venture into the woods near Plantation Bay for another sweet photo op before our ceremony. :-)

    Who knew a wooded area on the side of a parking lot could turn out such fabulous photos? Our photographers sure knew how to turn any situation into a good photo opportunity!

    Yup… I’m a happy Bride for sure!

    Mr. Knight pulling a GQ moment. He’s so dreamy!!
    Although I did tell him during our first look that his nose hair was bursting out of his nose. He just laughed and said I better deal with it.

    Mr. Knight carrying me into a little spot in the woods where we took pictures. What a sweetie! You probably notice my Heel Straps. I ordered them so that I would be able to do our first dance in my beautiful Pave Crystal J Crew heels. They worked fantastic and gave me the support I needed!

    Love this man!

    After our little wooded adventure my feet and shoes were dirty and I had a few ant bites… ALL before our ceremony. But it was soooo worth it to have these special moment with Mr. Knight. I wouldn’t trade them for the world!

    Next, it was time for Mr. Knight and I to head back to our bridal posses for some much needed hydration, snacks and to get ready to be married in front of all our family and friends. :-)

    This way to Mr. Knight and Mrs. Gator’s Wedding!!! Knight Dad made these cute signs to help direct our guests on the Plantation Bay property. Isn’t he awesome?

    Up next… we’re getting MARRIED!!! And what do you think Mr. Knight forgot to bring to our ceremony?

    And in case you missed it, this is what’s happened so far:

    when bubbles attack
    our first look on a bridge
    moment with Gator Dad
    We got silly with our iPhones
    The girls and I mastered laughing
    put on that little white dress
    The boys got full of themselves
    I was hungover while getting our hair did
    We rehearsed with yummy BBQ
    The ladies lunched

    Photos by my favorite photographers EVER, Ben and Amy of Starks Photography.

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  • Just Mauied :: When Bubbles Attack

    I had this great idea to use bubbles as a ‘prop’ to get Mr. Knight and I comfy during our couples pictures. Fabulous idea until… the bubbles fought back.

    The bubbles went in our eyes, and our mouth. They were not cooperating!
    By the way, Mr. Knight makes some of the BEST faces. Love him.

    Mr. Knight bracing for impact. We had a strong wind that day, which made for us feeling quite cool but not so good for blowing bubbles.

    Finally, the bubbles decided to get with the program and work for us the way I dreamed!

    I love how it looks like Mr. Knight is teaching me how to blow bubbles. What a cutie.

    This little beauty is Mr. Knight and I’s favorite picture… EVER. You might even see it again soon in a little project I’ve been working on that has been taking me WEEEEEKS, cause I’m crazy OCD like that.

    Overall, very pleased with my little bubble prop. The only props I really brought with us was the bubbles and our iPhones, and I think they were enough for us (although I wish I had packed some sweet heart shaped sunglasses… bummers).

    Our favorite part of our ‘couples picture time’ was sitting in the grass blowing bubbles at each other. So relaxing! It was especially funny to see some of our guests drive by us on the road behind us (see – road approx. 12′ behind us… didn’t notice it? yeah, our photographers are amazing). They looked slightly confused! A few honked, which got us super excited.

    I can’t say it enough how amazing it was to see Mr. Knight before our ceremony. It was the best part of my day (besides pulling away from our reception… more on that later). These moments with him are some I will always cherish. :-)

    What was your favorite moment from your wedding? Was it a tender moment with your sweetie or the moment you pulled away from the reception? SPILL!

    If you haven’t entered my GIVEAWAY for fabulous Juicy Couture Earrings then you better get your butt over there and enter that SHIZ!

    And in case you missed it, this is what’s happened so far:

    our first look on a bridge
    moment with Gator Dad
    We got silly with our iPhones
    The girls and I mastered laughing
    put on that little white dress
    The boys got full of themselves
    I was hungover while getting our hair did
    We rehearsed with yummy BBQ
    The ladies lunched

    Once again, all photos by Ben and Amy of Starks Photography; taken on the property of the Plantation Bay Country Club