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  • The Barn at Rembert Farms Wedding Film // Wesley + Christen

    Highlight Reel 7

    “Something was missing in my life, I never knew what it was. But since the moment you came into my life, I’ve felt complete.” – Wesley

    They first met when Christen was taking care of Wesley’s niece in the hospital. They didn’t reconnect till years later. Their story is one that is sure to stick with you long after viewing their film. Christen and Wesley, your love is unforgettable. Thank you for choosing us to capture your wedding. So much love to you both!

    Edited to “Go” by Cody Fry and licensed via The Music Bed.

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  • Gator Bride Video
  • Florida Military Homecoming // Welcome Home Andrew

    Andrew 1

    “Even though you are not there… even though you KNOW you are not there, she still doesn’t even count that as a thought. ‘No, you are here, you’re with us. We are doing things together right now’. That’s a great feeling. That’s what helps you get through rough days.”

    When Nicole contacted us to capture Andrew’s return home after an 11 month deployment, we were immediately on board. We captured their wedding 3 years ago and have enjoyed watching their family grow with the addition of little Caroline. To have the opportunity to create another beautiful film for them – we were beyond honored.

    This film is a testament to the love Andrew and Nicole have for each other and the family they’ve made together. What a beautiful way to end the week.

    We want to thank Andrew for taking the time to put into words what he was feeling (and filming it for us in such a cool location!) before he arrived home, Chad of Andreo Studio Photography + Cinematographyfor answering our frantic email when Andrew’s arrival changed to 12am at an airport 4+ hours from us, on a day we were already booked. We seriously contacted Chad with less than 24 hours to Andrew’s arrival and he was like “yup, I’ll be there”. Seriously the BEST. And big thank you to Nicole for working through all the details, sending us so many adorable videos of Caroline, and bringing down our family to Stuart, FL to photograph and film Andrew’s Homecoming Party.

    Films like these bring us such joy. They are truly labors of love.

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  • Downtown Orlando Citrus Club Wedding Film // Sean + Teagan

    Sean and Teagan 7

    I promise to give you a kiss goodnight, every night. No matter if we had argued 10 minutes before, because I know as long as I lie next to you… everything will be okay.” – Sean

    I’ve been sitting here for awhile now, trying to put into words how I feel about Sean and Teagan. Nothing I’ve written could truly say how beautiful these two are together. We are so thankful to work with clients like them. They are a prime example of why we do what we do, and absolutely love it.

    Sean and Teagan held their ceremony and reception at the Citrus Club in downtown Orlando, with a first look at Lake Eola.