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  • A Serious Daisy Obsession

    Have I told you about my Daisy obsession? If not, then you are in for a surprise… cause girl… I am in love with daisies! I mentioned in my cake post that I wanted to put little white daisies on our wedding cake. Well, I’m not stopping there. I’m thinking daisy bouquets, daisy centerpieces and daisy decor. They are just so sweet and summery (and happy!).

    Check out some of my Daisy Inspiration.↓

    Snippet and Ink Daisy Inspiration BoardLove the daisies on the cake!
    source Snippet and Ink

    Daisy PomanderThis image was the inspiration for some cute Daisy Pomanders I made to line the aisle at our ceremony (I’ll be blogging about that soon!).
    source WeddingBee classifieds

    Juicy Couture Daisy EarringsRehearsal dinner earrings? Possibly paired with a little white sundress?
    source Nordstrom; $48

    Girl with Flower Head CrownWouldn’t a Daisy head band be adorable on a Flower girl?
    source Your Best Wedding

    Mint Julip Flower Sandal Rehearsal or Bridal Shower Sandal?
    source UrbanMinx; $92

    J Crew Ikat Dress source J Crew; $224 (eek! Not budget friendly)

    Right Hand Flower Ring on Wedding DayFlower Ring on Wedding Day? A MUST!
    source Pure Photography

    Yummy Daisy cupcakes with Blueberry Icing Daisy Cupcakes… Bridal shower anyone?? {hint hint}
    source Cake Journal

    Daisy Wedding Bouquetssource Unknown

    Flowers from Mr. KnightFlower from Mr. Knight. He knows my favorite! And is that our vases for our centerpieces I see? I’m thinking something like this for our tables but with all white daisies.

    So I guess my obsession is more of a daisy/floral/yellow obsession. I don’t know what it is about that combination. All I know is that all these pictures make me incredibly happy inside. :-)

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  • Lovely {handmade♥} Gator Bridesmaid Dresses

    Boy, it has been quite the week for bridesmaids over here at Gator Bride. First we had beautiful flower hair pieces, then I revealed my lovely bridesmaid dresses, and now we have actual GATOR bridesmaid dresses. I can’t think of a better way to finish out this week!

    One of the lovely ladies from the Florida Bride’s Blog left me a comment with a link to these spirited bridesmaid dresses. I just couldn’t help but blog about them right away! They are made by Haute Fan Couture (email Jana at HauteFanCouture@gmail.com or facebook her) and come in many SEC team colors. Perfect for game day or a spirited orange and blue wedding. Love them!

    Gator Bridesmaid and Flower girl DressesWouldn’t this little girl make the perfect Gator flower girl?
    Photography by Pink Coffee

    UCF Knight and UF Gator Bridesmaid DressesMr. Knight would love this dress in his Alma Mater colors (Black and Gold). But really, everyone knows the dress on the right is way cuter!
    Photography by Pink Coffee

    I think I may just have to get one of these dresses. They are just too cute to pass up!