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  • Holiday Gift Giving via Etsy

    The holidays are quickly approaching and it’s getting to be that gift giving time of year. I know, it’s crazy that it is even November, wasn’t it just May and Mr. Knight and I were tying the knot? Boy how the time flies!

    This year, Mr. Knight and I plan to purchase most of the gifts for our friends and family on Etsy. Those who are not familiar with Etsy, it’s a fabulous place where handmade artists from all across the world sell their goods (and services!). Heck, I even have a little ol’ Etsy shop. Anyways, they have TONS of great items on there, and most are one-of-a-kind. How awesome is it to give your loved ones one-of-a-kind gifts along with supporting an artist and their art?

    Hens and Chicks Echeveria Succulent Garden, $44
    by monkeysalwayslook
    This would look so great on a dining room table or in an office. Shoot, you can put this thing just about anywhere and it will look fabulous! Can you believe they sell plants on Etsy?

    Dinky Porcelain Hanging Drop Vase, $21
    by wendyjung
    How cute would these be for a Mom or Grandmother?

    Gator Girl Onesie, $18
    by fulfilled
    For the little Gator in your life!

    Open Heart Necklace, $30
    by moncdeau
    So cute for a sister or friend.

    Heart Rose Gold Ring, $260
    by zahour

    Bear hat for Cat, $24
    by xmoonbloom
    I feel like Gator Kitty can’t go one more day without this hat. Sooo adorable!

    While Mr. Knight and I have most of our Family and Friends gifts figured out for this holiday season, there are still a few lingering. For our Family, this year Mr. Knight and I made something for them. You can probably guess what it is. We love it and it took us 5 months to put together. We are out of control, I know.

    Trying to find the perfect little something for the one’s you love can be difficult, but with so many amazing one of kind items on Etsy, your bound to find something that will put a smile on their face. :-)

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  • Just Mauied :: Ladies Who Lunch

    The day before Mr. Knight and I’s wedding, I threw a small little lunch for my awesome bridesmaids, Gator Mom and Knight Mom. I set up the luncheon at a local place in Ormond Beach, Frappes North.

    Okay, before I start the story of how fabulous our lunch was (and finally reveal my gifts for my beautiful bridesmaids and mothers), I have to say something about the restaurant we lunched at. Okay so, number 1: I hadn’t had lunch/dinner/whatever there in YEARS, but I remembered it being a nice classy establishment way back when, so I thought it would be a safe bet for lunch. WRONG. Although, the food was nice, the place left little to be desired. I was actually sort of embarrassed when I went inside with my ladies. From the weird ‘old’ smell, to the smallness of the place, and the fact that they sat us RIGHT NEXT TO the doors to the kitchen, made me a little upset/embarrassed/couldn’t believe I took my sweet ladies here.

    But, alas, we were already there and my OCD Bride-ness had to just GET OVER IT. Cause we were having lunch here whether I liked it or not. Note to self: For Mr. Knight and I’s next wedding, I’ll remember to have it locally so that I won’t have to book things ‘sight unseen.’

    So moving on…

    I put this lunch together so that I could have a moment with my ladies, and thank them all for being such amazing people and taking such special roles in Kyle and I’s lives. I mean, how awesome is it to have your best friends, your future sister, your mother, and mother-in-law in the same room? Some other Bride’s nightmare, my dream!

    After we ordered lunch, it was time for gifts! My favorite part! I LOVED putting together these gifts for my bridesmaids, and Mr. Knight’s tight budget he gave me made it even more fun! I know… this is about the point where you are probably thinking I’m crazy. It’s okay. I get that a lot. :-)

    Sweet Bridesmaid showing off her goodies, while Sporty Bridesmaid searches for the rest of hers.

    Gator Bridesmaid studying my pocket schedule intensely while Happy Bridesmaid laughs at my silly OCD-ness. :-)

    All this unwrapping, and I know y’all just want to know… what did they get?!? Once again, since I’m crazy, I put together a little photoshoppin’ to show you all their goodies. Holla!

    Earrings on Etsy, $6; Custom Hair Flowers on Etsy, $14; Ikea Vase for each, $2.99; Liberty of London Gift bag (w/tissue), $2.99; Pocket Schedules $My blood, sweat, and tears; Frames from Target, $4; Personal message to each in the frame, Priceless.

    So my grand total on my ladies? $29.98 a piece, and I would have spent more, if Mr. Knight wasn’t holding the purse strings. But, looking back, I think this was just the perfect amount, and I managed to get my ladies everything I wanted to get them (minus those dang heart sunglasses I couldn’t find ANYWHERE… oh well). Happy bridesmaids make for a happy bride.

    The Mom’s were certainly not left out. Not only did they receive cute little turquoise silk tissue packs (via Etsy), they also received a ‘wedding day survival kit’ complete with Advil, a sewing kit, breath mints, safety pins (which came in handy keeping my dress up), bandaids, bobby pins, and so many other ‘must have’ goodies for the big day. Oh… and we also included this little note in their gift bags:

    Wedding albums for our Mommas!!!

    I wish I had more pictures to show y’all from the lunch. Maybe a picture of me in my cute little J Crew dress I bought for the event? Well, all the pictures I need are in places I can’t get to. :-( And I thought it was about time I got on and finally STARTED our recaps. It’s only been a month and a half, right?

    Stay tuned for our Rehearsal Dinner recap, complete with awesome bbq food, great company, Mr. Knight running around with his fisheye lens and a fabulous video by Little Knight (♥ him and his video making mad skillz).

    I will leave you with this picture of Mr. Knight, in a shirt gifted to him by one of this groomsmen:

    Mr. Knight thinks he’s funny. I’m not amused, well actually, I was pretty darn amused! He wore this shirt the day we got back from our honeymoon.

    Mrs Gator

    P.S.- Our photographers said we would most likely be getting our professional pictures sometime this week. SCORE! I can’t wait to unleash those babies all over this blog. Be prepared! :-)

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  • Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

    I know I have been a little MIA on my Recaps. Life after the Wedding has been BUSY. That’s all I can say about that. With starting a new job, figuring out what to do with all my leftover Wedding goodies, and putting together my little Etsy shop (along with hanging with my Husband), I have had little time to do anything! While I am waiting on my Professional Pictures (they should be here early next week, eek!), and pictures off a random hard drive some where (man we are overflowing with pictures… just no way to get to them), I thought I’d share with you a little excitement that happened to me today. :-)

    While home on my lunch break, I checked Facebook on my iPhone (as I typically do on any sort of break from anything) and discovered I had won a giveaway from the lovely Jessica of JMG Jewelry Designs (if you don’t remember, I purchased custom hair flowers for all my sweet bridesmaids from her). Want to see what I won???

    Isn’t it just GORGEOUS!!! And in my new married name. LOVE ♥♥♥
    photo via JMG Jewelry Design

    The giveaway was apart of Jessica’s launch of these little beauties. Wow… I’m still in shock that I won. I can’t wait to wear this baby to work and on the weekends. Have to show off my new MRS status. :-) And what fabulous timing, as I OFFICIALLY became ‘Mrs. Farris’ two days ago. And I feel that this necklace is my reward for spending hours/days/years of my life at the Social Security office and DMV.

    Miss you all bunches! Stay tuned for a post about our ladies luncheon the day before the Wedding, along with my reveal of the gifts I gave my beautiful bridesmaids!

    Mrs Gator

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  • Cake Toppers for a FSU Groom and a Gator Bride

    It’s homecoming… how about another Gator-ific entry?

    One of my very first posts ever was featuring our cute Knight and Gator cake toppers custom made by Bunnywithatoolbelt. Since being featured here on Gator Bride she has been asked several times to make college themed cake toppers. Here is her latest creation for a FSU Seminole Groom and UF Gator Bride.

    The Seminole Groom rendered these little figures to give Bunnywithatoolbelt to build their Cake Toppers fromThe Groom made these little renderings for Hilary of Bunnywithatoolbelt. These are really cute renderings, minus the last one. The Gator should really be chomping the Seminole considering how awesome our football team is… just throwing that out there. The Groom must be in denial. :-)

    Either way I give the groom some major brownie points for making these little renderings. Too cute!

    The Final Product! Gator and Seminole Wedding Cake Toppers by BunnywithatoolbeltAnd the final product… amazing. Just too cute for me to handle.

    The Final Product! Gator and Seminole Wedding Cake Toppers by Bunnywithatoolbelt

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  • Accessorizing the Bride

    Handle and Spout Mixed Pastel FlowersThese would look absolutely beautiful with my dress (and Mr. Knight has said they are ‘pretty’). Mr. Knight approves and they are within budget…  Score!
    Handle & Spout
    Mixed Pastel, $35.

    Here is what they look like with a bunch of the flowers (imagine it half as full as pictured, that is what I’m looking for). She is wearing 5 of these gorgeous flowers (I’m going for 4).

    Handle and Spout

    B. Poetic Shoe ClipsA pair of cheap heels dressed up with these adorable shoe clips? Might be too much going on to go with my dress, but worth mentioning. :-)
    B. Poetic Shoe Clips
    , $26.

    JMGJewelDesign Bride Hair FlowerThis beautiful hair flower was made by the same seller that made my bridesmaids there beautiful hair flowers
    JMGJewel Design Hair Flower
    , $36.50

    Cream Silk ClutchStill going back and forth on whether I need a clutch for the day of or not. Where will I put my iPhone? My makeup? Deodorant? Perfume? Mints? etc… I want to go for something simple, budget friendly, and re-usable. This clutch is certainly breaking the budget strings.
    , $68.

    Silk Bridal ClutchI think I’m definitely feelin’ this clutch more (and you can get the inside lined in blue!). 
    , $40

    Nina Custom Height Electra ShoesI love the Nina Electra’s but the stock heel height is 4″, way to high for this tall Bride. So in order to get the 3″ heel height I need I have to order them custom {bummer}. 
    Nina *Thank you Lynne for informing me about this horribly wrong link (I apologize to anyone who might have clicked it)  www.NinaShoes.com , Custom heel heigh Electra, $199

    Helzberg EarringsFound these on a shopping trip with one of my lovely bridesmaids. Yes… I have tried them on and they are gorgeous! What is so great about them? They are absolutely beautiful and can be worn for years/decades after our wedding day (but will be worn for the first time on our wedding day… of course). Mr. Knight liked them but agreed with me that they are out of our wedding budget. {sigh}
    Helzberg Diamond Earrings, $599.

    Crystal EarringsSomething beautiful to catch the light?
    , $22

    Mindy's I DO Shoe BlingMindy Weiss “I DO” Shoe Bling, $3.75

    Can’t forget  a little Orange and Blue

    Gator Garteravysum Gator Garter, $24.99 for set of 2