• A Second Life for Cake Toppers

    As Christmas ornaments!!!

    This Christmas, I have searched high and low for a knight ornament for Mr. Knight’s alma mater (and namesake). I even contacted Bunnywithatoolbelt (who made our cake toppers) to make a miniature knight ornament for us, but a custom piece proved to be a little more expensive then I had in mind. Then I thought, why not make our sweet little cake toppers into ornaments?

    Hello, I love you.

    They aren’t really doing anything right now, and we really haven’t decided what we were going to do with them (besides store them safely).

    I had thought about putting them on a shelf, but with frisky kitties I’ve learned to not leave anything sentimental/expensive out to be knocked down. I had thought of placing them in a shadow box with our invitation and picture from our wedding, but that just didn’t seem quite right to me. So, when making them into ornaments came to mind, I thought “perfect.”

    When I told Mr. Knight about my idea, I believe his response (via Gchat) was “OMG YES.” Love him♥

    I wanted to be as minimally invasive as possible with these precious pieces. I just simply took some extra string I had and tied them around the neck of each. I know, sounds really awful that I hung our little toppers by their necks.

    And VIOLA! These babies are now fabulous little additions to our Christmas tree!
    I apologize for the terrible images. Mr. Knight would scold me if he knew I was uploading these images for a post!

    Don’t you just love them? I sure do.

    We plan to keep them safe and sound in our wedding box when they aren’t on our tree. Bringing them out each year will be so much fun, because it will make us go through all our wedding memories. :) Besides, putting our tree up every year is like taking a trip down memory lane as most of our ornaments were picked up from places we visited together, and special memories which connect us both. Our cake topper ornaments will just be the icing on the cake. Get it? Oh boy, I’m getting lame!

    Now, I just have to pray to the Kitty Gods that Gator Kitty and Pepper will leave our precious cake toppers alone.

    What are your plans for your cake toppers after your wedding? Will they go into storage? Do you have a special project from them? Or, will you follow my lead and make them into fabulous ornaments for your Christmas Tree?

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  • Our Adorama Wedding Album Sneak Peek

    Are you ready for this? I’ve been chomping at the bit to share what I’ve been working on these past few months. Putting our wedding album together has been an incredible undertaking. Who knew putting together a modern and simple album would be so involved? Well, it only became “involved” because I tend to make any project I do spiral out of control. I totally understand, now, why clients pay their photographers the big bucks to put these babies together.

    That’s a shiz load of albums right there!

    What? You want to see them NOW? I’m sorry my beautiful readers, these are Christmas gifts for our family! I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise of what’s inside, now would I? But, being that I spent so much time (i.e. blood, sweat, tears, coca colas), I wanted to share a little “peek peek” with y’all.

    Stay tuned after the holidays for a full write-up on these babies!

    Did/do y’all plan to put together your own wedding album or was an album by your photographer’s included in your package? If you plan to put your own together, what company do you plan to go with? I highly suggest AdoramaPix, the quality is RIDICULOUS amazing.

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  • Our Wedding Lives On

    Look what Mr. Knight and I found hiding in Gator Dad and Gator Momma’s pantry…

    Gator Dad and Gator Momma have been drinking these babies since our Wedding, over 4 months ago.

    And our altar fabric lived on at our cousin’s Wedding this past weekend…

    Hello GORGEOUS Casa Monica Wedding. Not only are our cousin’s the cutest couple to get married EVER, but the Bride wore an orange and blue garter embroidered with “Gator Bride.” Can we say AWESOME? Love her.
    source Emily E Martin Photography

    Mr. Knight and I took TONS of video footage at their Wedding. There was so much love, happy tears, laughter, gator chomps, and down right crazy shenanigans for us not to! Look for a video/photo recap soon… well, as soon as I can get Mr. Knight away from the TV. He has been watching football ALL DAY!

    And if you haven’t entered my giveaway for a $25 Olive Garden gift card, then you better get your butt over there and do so!

    Have you found your wedding items living on in ways you would have never thought?

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  • A Wedding Album from Scratch

    After spending 2 hours this morning trying to figure out the best way to make our wedding album with Adorama, I decided to forget about trying to use their online software/salvage their templates. The easiest way to make our album to all my OCD wants/needs is to make it from scratch via Adobe InDesign.

    InDesign and I became BFF this past year when I was putting together my Thesis book, so it was only natural that we rekindle our friendship and make a fantastical wedding album to give to our parents/grandparents/ourselves.

    And so it begins…

    Not sure where our wedding album is going right now. I’m just slowing working through it with these ideas in mind:

    • crisp
    • clean
    • modern
    • not all that ‘jazz’
    • something that is very ‘us’

    After falling in love with some crazy album designs, I’ve decided to make ours simple, lovely, and to the point. Because really, does anyone look though a wedding album and go “ohhh I really like your font/embellishments/background.” No. Sorry for all the ‘slashes’ today… I’m feeling very slash-y.

    Did I tell y’all I was going to make 4 albums (last time I blogged about this, we were only at 3)? How out of control am I?

    1. All our Pre-Wedding Extravaganzas (still need a fun title, any ideas?)
      Engagement Party, Bridal Shower, Guy’s Paintball, Bridal Brunch, Rehearsal Dinner
    2. Through Our Guest’s Eyes
      A compilation of the photos our guest’s captured at our wedding. Some of them were able to capture the moments even better then our photographers, and moments we never witnessed!
    3. Kyle {hearts} Kimberly
      Our Professional Wedding Pics Album
    4. Just Mauied ♥ Our Honeymoon
      Somewhere to put the MASSIVE amount of photos Mr. Knight took in Maui

    All of them are going to be made in the same 8″x10″ size Adorama album, and will have corresponding spines that make them appear as a ‘set’. Still not sure how to make them look like a ‘set’ on a shelf. I was thinking of having a heart on each spine in a different color (can you tell I love hearts?)… Not sure.

    I’m off to more Wedding Album designing. Wish me luck! I will report back when I have something worth sharing. :-) Maybe several album covers, and a poll to help me decide which one to use? Stay tuned!

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  • Just Mauied :: Ladies Who Lunch

    The day before Mr. Knight and I’s wedding, I threw a small little lunch for my awesome bridesmaids, Gator Mom and Knight Mom. I set up the luncheon at a local place in Ormond Beach, Frappes North.

    Okay, before I start the story of how fabulous our lunch was (and finally reveal my gifts for my beautiful bridesmaids and mothers), I have to say something about the restaurant we lunched at. Okay so, number 1: I hadn’t had lunch/dinner/whatever there in YEARS, but I remembered it being a nice classy establishment way back when, so I thought it would be a safe bet for lunch. WRONG. Although, the food was nice, the place left little to be desired. I was actually sort of embarrassed when I went inside with my ladies. From the weird ‘old’ smell, to the smallness of the place, and the fact that they sat us RIGHT NEXT TO the doors to the kitchen, made me a little upset/embarrassed/couldn’t believe I took my sweet ladies here.

    But, alas, we were already there and my OCD Bride-ness had to just GET OVER IT. Cause we were having lunch here whether I liked it or not. Note to self: For Mr. Knight and I’s next wedding, I’ll remember to have it locally so that I won’t have to book things ‘sight unseen.’

    So moving on…

    I put this lunch together so that I could have a moment with my ladies, and thank them all for being such amazing people and taking such special roles in Kyle and I’s lives. I mean, how awesome is it to have your best friends, your future sister, your mother, and mother-in-law in the same room? Some other Bride’s nightmare, my dream!

    After we ordered lunch, it was time for gifts! My favorite part! I LOVED putting together these gifts for my bridesmaids, and Mr. Knight’s tight budget he gave me made it even more fun! I know… this is about the point where you are probably thinking I’m crazy. It’s okay. I get that a lot. :-)

    Sweet Bridesmaid showing off her goodies, while Sporty Bridesmaid searches for the rest of hers.

    Gator Bridesmaid studying my pocket schedule intensely while Happy Bridesmaid laughs at my silly OCD-ness. :-)

    All this unwrapping, and I know y’all just want to know… what did they get?!? Once again, since I’m crazy, I put together a little photoshoppin’ to show you all their goodies. Holla!

    Earrings on Etsy, $6; Custom Hair Flowers on Etsy, $14; Ikea Vase for each, $2.99; Liberty of London Gift bag (w/tissue), $2.99; Pocket Schedules $My blood, sweat, and tears; Frames from Target, $4; Personal message to each in the frame, Priceless.

    So my grand total on my ladies? $29.98 a piece, and I would have spent more, if Mr. Knight wasn’t holding the purse strings. But, looking back, I think this was just the perfect amount, and I managed to get my ladies everything I wanted to get them (minus those dang heart sunglasses I couldn’t find ANYWHERE… oh well). Happy bridesmaids make for a happy bride.

    The Mom’s were certainly not left out. Not only did they receive cute little turquoise silk tissue packs (via Etsy), they also received a ‘wedding day survival kit’ complete with Advil, a sewing kit, breath mints, safety pins (which came in handy keeping my dress up), bandaids, bobby pins, and so many other ‘must have’ goodies for the big day. Oh… and we also included this little note in their gift bags:

    Wedding albums for our Mommas!!!

    I wish I had more pictures to show y’all from the lunch. Maybe a picture of me in my cute little J Crew dress I bought for the event? Well, all the pictures I need are in places I can’t get to. :-( And I thought it was about time I got on and finally STARTED our recaps. It’s only been a month and a half, right?

    Stay tuned for our Rehearsal Dinner recap, complete with awesome bbq food, great company, Mr. Knight running around with his fisheye lens and a fabulous video by Little Knight (♥ him and his video making mad skillz).

    I will leave you with this picture of Mr. Knight, in a shirt gifted to him by one of this groomsmen:

    Mr. Knight thinks he’s funny. I’m not amused, well actually, I was pretty darn amused! He wore this shirt the day we got back from our honeymoon.

    Mrs Gator

    P.S.- Our photographers said we would most likely be getting our professional pictures sometime this week. SCORE! I can’t wait to unleash those babies all over this blog. Be prepared! :-)