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  • A Budget Bride’s Search for the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress

    When I first started looking for bridesmaid dresses I knew one thing: I didn’t want to get them at David’s Bridal.

    I know this is silly. David’s Bridal has about a bazillion dresses in hundreds of colors. I just felt that purchasing from David’s Bridal would be like buying from ‘The Man’—a company built around playing on the emotions of brides and gorging the pockets of their bridesmaids (but what bridal store doesn’t do this?). Plus, purchasing bridesmaid dresses from a huge bridal warehouse didn’t really jive with me (and I thought their dresses were low quality for the price). Yes, I was crazy.

    I was obsessed with finding a dress under $100 and one that my gals could wear again. I began my search online at Macys, Dillards, and Nordstrom. I thought it would be easy to find a light blue dress for our little garden wedding…but GEEZ I couldn’t find any dress remotely near the color I was looking for (or in the price range I was looking for).

    While on one of my (many) trips to Solutions Bridal in Gainesville, I came across a beautiful Watters bridesmaid dress. But, once again, the price was a shocker coming in at about $204. J Crew makes a similar dress priced at $180. I was left disheartened by how much I loved both dresses and that I was extremely uncomfortable asking my bridesmaids to pay so much. My wonderful bridesmaid, Emily, saved the day and found a ‘knock off’ of both dresses as an ‘online exclusive’ at David’s Bridal. And the price? $120. I was SOLD! Plus I found a discount code which took $20 off each dress (put in 0029RWD1 at checkout), putting them right into the price range I was looking for. Hooray!!!

    Now for a comparison between these three gorgeous (and garden style) dresses:

    Bridesmaid Dress Comparisons

    From Left to Right: Watters $204; J Crew $180; David’s Bridal $120 ($100 with coupon)

    Here’s a picture of the J Crew dress in action:
    J Crew bridesmaid dress modeled in Real Weddingsource Once Wed


    Here is a picture of the dress (David’s Bridal #83362) in ‘real life.’ Picture came out a little more turquoise then it really is.

    I have to say I was a little skeptical about the David’s Bridal version but was pleasantly surprised when the dresses came in. They were even more beautifully crafted then I expected (and I got them within 3 days of ordering). All of my bridesmaids love them. I certainly give David’s Bridal brownie points on this one. I won’t be so quick to judge in the future after seeing the beauty this company has produced. :-)