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  • Just Mauied :: Through Our Guest’s Eyes

    While on our honeymoon, Mr. Knight and I enjoyed seeing all the pictures from our wedding our guests were uploading to a share website we set up (via MobileMe) and Facebook. Since the both of us could barely recollect what happened on our wedding day, it was wonderful to view our day through the eyes of our guests. Many captured moments we forgot about, and details we never got to see. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from our special day, captured by our guests. Love them♥ Of course with a little commentary from yours truly.

    I was so happy when I saw this picture uploaded on Facebook by a family member. So glad someone enjoyed our water bottles enough to take a picture of them. We have a TON of water bottles left over. Gator Mom and Gator Dad have been enjoying taking the water bottles with them everywhere, and taking a picture of the water bottle wherever they are (sorta like those cat pictures in Buca di Beppo). And on another note, see those chairs in the background?  Totally not the chairs I ‘thought’ I ordered. Oh well, nothing you can do the day of!

    Our snazzy Groomsmen. Best Man- Little Knight, Groomsman M and his brother, Groomsman K. See those folks walking in the background? Those are our photographers! Hooray!! Also, incredibly happy that Groomsman K is holding the programs basket. Good job Groomsman K, gettin’ those babies out there!

    Cuteness overload. For serious. Our adorable little Flowergirl, KK, and her brother, B. They are too sweet. ♥them

    Gator Dad helping a slightly frazzled Gator Bride get to the altar. A few minutes before this picture I had just got a phone call from my groom saying I better get my butt to the altar pronto (we were running a little late and the future husband might have been a little nervous). Yes, I had my phone on our wedding day. Who do you think I am?

    Ahh… finally put together. Love those tall pine trees in the background. I didn’t notice it then (I actually didn’t notice ANYTHING except Mr. Knight’s face) but there were all these golfers and cars that had stopped to watch our wedding. We were the first wedding the Club has ever had on the golf course. I like being the first at something. :-)

    Currently my background on my iphone. Love it. Thank you to whoever of our guests took this picture. :-)

    Mr. Knight and I GETTIN MARRIED. When I got to the altar, Mr. Knight informed me that he had forgot the rings in his truck and that we would be using my engagement ring, and his promise ring for the ceremony. It was the perfect thing to happen as it helped lighten the mood for me, because I was seriously about to bawl with happy tears right there. Lots of laughing, and a few happy tears occurred at that little altar. Our alter had slightly (okay majorly) shifted before the ceremony from all the intense wind, and our preist almost forget to announce us as man and wife (I had to remind him as I was facing our guests… then he franticly started looking through his book FOR OUR NAMES). But it didn’t change a thing. That ceremony was absolutely perfect in our eyes. 

    Hooray! We’re married!

    Mr. Knight and I loved this photo because it was just too hilarious. We are flanked by our two videographers and are two photographers as we walk away from our guests as Mr. and Mrs. Loves it.

    Mr. Knight and I riding off in our golf cart. At this moment, it was so nice to look back and see all of our guests and wave to them. Most of them I didn’t even see at the wedding. I kept asking Mr. Knight ‘Is So and So there?’

    Happy Bridesmaid and Gator Bridesmaid being sneaky little bridesmaids, grabbing a golf cart and following us off to our secret hiding spot. They are too funny. It was so nice to get to our little spot and turn around and see my two architecture besties right there with us, laughing and taking pictures. ♥

    Our sweet little cake toppers that started it all! From bunnywithatoolbelt.

    Cutting the cake, with some supportive help from Mr. Knight. Our cake was perfect. Exactly what we ordered, and BEAUTIFUL!

    One of my favorite events… the Bouquet Toss!! I ended up throwing my actual bouquet. My florist forgot to give me a throw-away bouquet. My bridesmaids offered their bouquets to me, but I said ‘eh, I’ll just throw my actual bouquet, it makes it more fun to catch it!’. I have a whole OTHER post about my florist. Basically the flowers that we did OURSELVES were a million times better then the bouquets the florist put together. I was not impressed by their work at all. But, I wasn’t going to freak out when I saw the bouquets, because it was Mr. Knight and I’s wedding day, and marrying his sweet little face was all I wanted to do. Nothing would get in my way!

    My two snazzy men. Love them both sooo much. Seriously going to frame this picture.

    Groomsman M, Mr. Knight’s brother, and his daughter, little S, enjoying one of our cute little drink flags. How about I have a GAZILLION drink flags left over from the wedding. Note to other Brides out there: if you have drink flags, tell you bartender to PUT THEM IN THE DRINKS. Ours were left in little glasses for our guests to put in their drinks themselves. No bueno. Oh well, now I have drink flags for the rest of Mr. Knight and I’s lives. Next time any of you come to my house, you will be sure to find one of these babies in your drink. :-)

    Love this photo taken by Gator Dad’s friend. I had a fabulous time dancing it out with my ladies, and my sweet cousin, C. I danced so much that I was a hott, sweaty mess by the end of the night. Before the dollar dance I made sure to apply deodorant, perfume, dab the sweat off me, and put a mint in my mouth. Hey, nobody likes a smelly bride!

    The bubble getaway! One of my favorite moments! Funny, I don’t remember seeing all these people here.

    I have to say that I think I barely saw anyone at our wedding. The whole day/night was a blur. I can only remember little moments. Once Mr. Knight and I got into Gator Momma’s hot ride, we were suddenly relieved. We couldn’t wait for it to be just the two of us. Now that our wedding is over, I’m not really depressed, or sad but more relieved than anything else.

    Relieved that all our vendors showed up, that it didn’t rain, that the only item I forgot was the flower girl basket, that we had plenty of time (pre-ceremony) to take pictures together, that I got to see just about everyone (if only for a half second), that I got to dance with my Dad, that there were no major crisises (besides my dress coming unzipped all night.. not really a crisis), that everything was in it’s place exactly as I wanted it for the reception, that our DIY centerpieces turned out AMAZING (so much better then anything the florist did), that everyone showed up that RSVPed and that I got to have a moment alone with my sweet husband.

    We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.

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  • DIY :: Modern Accordion Fold Programs

    I know I know… I’ve said several times that I was going to recap and show off our little labor of love♥… our invitations. But, since Mr. Knight is currently at work, and has all the images we took of the invitations on his laptop, I can’t get to them. Soon, I promise you will see our sweet invites! Why don’t I just get on his laptop and get the images myself, you may ask? Well, apparently Mr. Knight has been working on something for me for the wedding (he said he meant to give it to me on our anniversary last year, but it wasn’t finished), so he has changed his password on his laptop and desktop computer. So, no snooping! I have NO IDEA what it could be at all. No idea.

    Well… on to another DIY.. our programs! I believe our programs took longer for Mr. Knight and I to do then our invitations. It has been, by far, the most intensive DIY project we have had. It took us the better part of 2 weeks to finish them (in between class and work).

    The ‘original’ accordion fold program, brought to us by the lovely Ms. Martha Stewart
    Blushing Designs Blog

    Inspired by Mrs. Cupcake and Mrs. Joey’s fabulous accordion fold programs, Mr. Knight and I embarked on a long and labor intensive journey to create these babies. Wait… I have to stop for a moment and just tell you all how much I love the hive on WeddingBee, so much help and inspiration. When it came to actually getting our programs to sit properly in our little basket, Miss Cola had already come up with the perfect solution and shared it with us. She is so clever!

    Okay… back to the programs.

    I had been coveting sweet accordion fold programs for MONTHS (should I say years?). But, time and time again Mr. Knight would say ‘no’, deeming them expensive and too much work. I somehow convinced him about 4 weeks ago, and he jumped right on board. We have this saying around our house (especially when it comes to wedding DIYs), if you’re going to do it, then you better do it right.

    Following the instructions given by the sweet Mrs. Joey in her post, we made our accordion inserts legal size (so that we could print them on our laser printer). Now, I would reveal the inside of our programs, but I’d rather leave those a mystery for now, as Mr. Knight and I have included a few things in there for our guest’s eyes, and we’d like to keep some part of our wedding a secret (I know… sorta difficult when you blog)!

    But, I shall show you the cover, cause I loves it, and it makes me happy. :-)

    Mr. Knight and I saved time/aggravation by not gluing our program title/cover/thingy-mah-jiggers but rather ordering labels from OnlineLabels (I swear we must be their new best friends, we’ve ordered so much from them) and printing our cover design on them. It made for super easy and fast sticker-ing of these bad boys to the covers. Mr. Knight was so clever as to suggest we add a notch to each side of the program so that our ribbon would stay properly in place, keeping the program closed, till our guests opened them. But, y’all know my type A, crazy OCD-ness, and that I couldn’t just ‘freely’ notch the sides of these beautiful programs. So I had Mr. Knight pick me up a little scrap booking tool (see the green punch hole thing in the picture below), and he got to work ‘perfectly’ notching our programs. What a sweet thing, he was so careful as to do it right. Love him.

    Bought at Michael’s Craft store for $4.99

    After cutting, taping, cutting more, tying, and sticker-ing these babies, we put them in a little basket ala Miss Cola.

    Yes… your eyes do not deceive you, our programs are on a Gator rug. Yes.. we have one.. and we LOVE IT. :-)

    Our programs are rather small, approx. 4″ x 5″, so we had to prop them up by using floral foam wrapped in left over tulle we had laying around. We also followed the clever Miss Cola’s instructions, sticking faux daisies in floral foam and wrapping the foam with left over yellow ribbon from our pomanders. I affixed the little sign to the front of the basket with paper clips taped to the sign and clipped to the basket. Overall, we are seriously happy with how they turned out.

    Mr. Knight keeps saying that if we go to anyone’s house who attended our wedding, and one of our programs aren’t prominently displayed, he is going to de-friend them. Silly Mr. Knight!

    And what would a DIY project post be without the approval of Gator Kitty?

    Gator Kitty making sure the flowers are up to her standards of excellence.

    It sort of feels weird not having Gator Kitty at our wedding since she has been soooo involved in all our projects. She will be vacationing with Maxwell Kittnah over at Gator Momma and Gator Dad’s while we are honeymooning. They are going to have  a blast. I secretly think they have a ‘thing’ for each other… but that is a whole other story.

    And I simply can not end this post without the image below… what Mr. Knight and I call my ‘bride-slave’ chair.

    Mr. Knight set this up for me the week classes ended. He knew I wanted to catch up on all my TV shows I had missed, and he still wanted me to get some of our programs done at the same time. So he moved out our coffee table and set up a ‘work station’ for me to work on our programs at while he is at work. How sweet of him… ?

    But the ‘bride-slave’ chair surly did it’s job, and I managed to bust out tons of programs before he got home.

    What was your most labor intensive DIY project? Did your fiance help you or did your fiance set up a ‘bride-slave’ workstation?

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  • Bamboo Altar Status :: Finished!

    Wow… I love saying one of the things on our to-do list, followed by the word FINISHED. How does it feel? Oh, it feels fabulous!

    Okay, so as you can see from past posts here and here, our bamboo altar  has been in the works for several months now. We have gone through several revision to get to the final look of the altar. It has been a tough and slightly stressful road for me, as I’m a control freak to the extreme. I don’t even let Mr. Knight fold towels because I like them folded a certain way. Yes, I know I need serious professional help, but we’ll save that story for another day.

    The altar is being made by Gator Dad with his friend Ray, back home,  2 hours from where Mr. Knight and I live. So, naturally I can’t just drive on over on a whim to check out how the construction is going, so I’ve been mostly relying on iPhone pics from Gator Dad and email correspondance.

    This past weekend Mr. Knight and I traveled back home to finish up the construction and look of the altar (with the addition of some pretty FAB fabric). But, before we get to the final reveal of our sweet altar, lets take a look back at the iterations we’ve gone through to get there.

    Iteration #1: bulky bases

    photo by Gator Dad

    Okay, so after receiving this picture in my email a few weeks ago, I was happy to see the altar was coming along, but was overall not happy with those bases. In all my beautiful pictures I sent as inspiration there was not one where I saw big bulky bases like this. Gator Dad listened to my concerns and worked with Ray in minimizing the bulky bases. You think me, being an Architecture Student (and soon GRAD!), would think about wind loads and stability, etc of the altar… NOPE! I was too busy trying to make it pretty and delicate, the altar of mah Gator Bride dreams!

    Iteration #2: wrong fabric

    Before going home this past weekend, Mr. Knight and I hit up JoAnn’s for fabric to drape on the altar. I was dreaming something soft, white, flow-y, slightly transparent… just enough to let light come through. While Mr. Knight was dreaming about something under 30 bucks. Yes.. I’m the dreamer, and he’s the crusher of all dreams. We joke about this all the time. I say something float-y and romantic, and he brings in the common sense and our budget (the ultimate dream crusher). So, we bought the $30 fabric (which ended up being ivory tulle, the same that my veil was made of) and headed home to try it out. I knew it wouldn’t work but, I like to let Mr. Knight figure things out for himself, so I tried my best to keep my mouth shut. :-)

    Mr. Knight taking a step back and coming to terms with the wrong fabric choice. Don’t ya just love that he’s wearing a Gator football shirt? He’s so cute. :-)

    Me trying to cover the green bases (which are a must for stability) with the tulle, to no success.
    *Please avert your eyes from my paleness, I haven’t seen the sun in 2 years (this is what happens when you’re in grad school).

    So on we went to:
    Iteration #3: addition of fabulous fabric

    We headed down to Moretz Fabric store on U.S.1 in Holly Hill. If you are ever in Holly Hill/Ormond Beach area and are looking for FABULOUS fabric… go here. Mr. Knight and I practically planned the look of every room in our future dream house (including baby room) while walking through this fabric store. {sigh} Just gorgeous.

    In the end, I’m not sure what type of fabric we picked up (I’ll have to have my fashion savvy friends assess the fabric and give a full report later), all I know is that it is perfect.

    Please ignore my pouty face, I was having one of those days. And thank you Mr. Knight for taking the picture at an upward angle, since that is always the most flattering angle. Not.

    Our florist is adding flower arrangements of white gerberas and white daisies to the tops of each joint to draw attention away from the bases. Kinda like this:


    Hey, if you are looking at the bases and not Mr. Knight and I at our Wedding… then you will be shown the door. :-)

    I just noticed I’m wearing an ivory shirt in the picture and my dress isn’t nearly as ivory as my shirt, so I’m confident Mr. Knight and I will look fabulous under this altar.

    Overall, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Yeah, it may not be exactly what I thought it was going to be but sometimes you have to make compromises when wind loads and stability are issues. I’m really happy with how it turned out and I can’t wait to marry my knight in shining armor under this baby.

    I ♥ Gator Dad.
    He always has to put up with my crazy requests and I love him, because he takes every one of them in stride and works so hard to make me a happy Bride and Daughter.

    I want to thank Gator Dad and Ray for being so patient with all of my requests and crazy-ness. I try not to be a bride-zilla, but I think a little bride-zilla-ness peeked out this past weekend, and Gator Dad and Ray were real sports dealing with me. :-)

    Did any project in your wedding planning process cause you to become a bit of a Bride-zilla?

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  • Status of Our Bamboo Altar

    I don’t have much time today, but was just sent this image by Gator Dad and got super excited!!!

    Our beautiful bamboo altar being assembled.
    photo by Gator Dad

    Now, I have to go back to hatching a 15 hour drawing… then move on to 4 other drawings of similar nature. Goodness I can’t wait for this semester to be over. :-) Pretty soon I will be a Master’s degree carrying Gator. How cool is that? I can’t wait!

    I have so much to blog about that I even had to make a list, just to keep it all straight. I’m all jittery and excited to blog about my awesome bridal shower… if there was only more hours in the day. Oh and I can’t wait to tell you all about the amazing favors Mama Knight made for everyone. They were beautiful and smelled amazing (there’s a hint!).

    Okay… back to the grind (big bad thesis presentation in t-minus 12 days…oh my). {heart} my beautiful readers. Miss you bunches!

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  • Miss Gator’s Easy DIY Daisy Pomanders

    What are ‘pomanders’? Well, when Mr. Knight and I jumped on this crazy ride called ‘our wedding,’ we had no idea. I simply dubbed them ‘daisy balls’ till I could properly pronounce their official name (thanks to some help from Seminole Bridesmaid aka the wedding guru).

    image from WeddingBee classifieds

    After seeing these daisy pomanders in the WeddingBee classified section for $75 for 10 of them (not including shipping or shepherds hooks to hang them on), I figured I could tackle these myself (and since the listing quickly sold, I had no choice but to make them myself). So, on I went to Wal-mart to purchase 6 green floral foam balls (only 6, not 10, because we are on quite the budget), yellow ribbon, and several bunches of daisies.

    These beautiful daisy pomanders are super easy (and really quite fun to put together).

    Step-by-Step Instructions: (I apologize I don’t have photos, I made these last May, before my sweet little blog was created)

    1. Cut the faux daisy off the bunch at about 1.5″ from the flower
    2. Take the flower stem and stick it into the floral foam ball (I originally bought a hot glue gun to glue the daisies into the ball, but found that simply just sticking them into the ball, held them enough)
    3. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat until the green of the floral foam ball is no longer seen
    4. Then take a strip of ribbon, fold it over into a knot. String a large metal paper clip through the ribbon and stick the paper clip into the floral foam ball.
    5. Adjust the daisies until the paper clip is no longer seen.

    photos courtesy of Mr. Knight

    And… WA-LAH! You have a Daisy Pomander, ready to hang on a cute little shepherds hook, or chair arm.

    • faux white daisy bunches $4.50/bunch
    • green floral foam ball $2.37/piece
    • 40 inch Shepard’s hook $5.97/piece

    Total per Daisy Pomander set = $13.28
    Grand total for 6 sets = $79.71
    all items bought at Wal-Mart

    The ad on WeddingBee classifieds charged $7.50 per pomander (no hook), and I made them for about $7.31 each (no hook).  Which I think, isn’t quite bad at all!

    Our ceremony decor hanging in our wedding closest. Mr. Knight even installed a light in the closest, so I could better see and organize all our wedding stuff. What a sweety!

    These babies are now hanging peacefully (as long as Gator Kitty doesn’t get to them!) in our wedding closet. Yes…. we have a closest mostly devoted to all things wedding. We are very lucky to have this extra storage space to hold our items safe from the grips of Gator Kitty.

    Are any of you planning on DIY decor for your ceremony?