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  • Keeping The Inner Bridezilla Under Wraps

    Bridezilla Moment CardI work very hard to not become a Bridezilla… but I do have my moments. There has been times through the planning process (and through our year and a half engagement) where I have fully unleashed my inner Bridezilla and later realized that I was being a little unreasonable… okay maybe a lot unreasonable.

    Case 1: Trying to convince Mr. Knight that $700 shoes for our wedding was something I absolutely needed.

    Case 2: Arguing with Mr. Knight that we can’t just have a honeymoon registry, we still need to have a registry at a store. I think I won this one but when I look back I think… why did I care so much? Wouldn’t I rather have money for our honeymoon then place settings for 12? I barely have a table that can sit 4.

    Case 3: Obsessing over a venue where the price per plate was so outrageous, we would have to cut out half of our family and no children could come, and I was actually considering this. It was on the beach, and absolutely fantastic! but… way out of control price-wise.

    UPDATE: Case 4: Saying my wedding instead of our wedding when talking to people; I’ve only done this a few times and each time I feel that voiceover from the ‘Bridezilla’ show calling me a briiiiiiiiiidezilla.

    Okay maybe these aren’t all ‘Bridezilla’ moments (I have seen A LOT worse on the actual Bridezilla TV show) but I still feel they are worthy of the 1/4 Bridezilla or 1/2 Bridezilla designation. We are still 10 months out from our wedding, and I’m sure I will have more to add to this list.

    If you have had a Bridezilla moment, please share! Make this Gator Bride feel a little better that she isn’t the only one. :-)