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  • Just Mauied :: Into the Woods We Go!

    When I left off, Mr. Knight and I were being attacked by rogue bubbles. Next up? A little venture into the woods near Plantation Bay for another sweet photo op before our ceremony. :-)

    Who knew a wooded area on the side of a parking lot could turn out such fabulous photos? Our photographers sure knew how to turn any situation into a good photo opportunity!

    Yup… I’m a happy Bride for sure!

    Mr. Knight pulling a GQ moment. He’s so dreamy!!
    Although I did tell him during our first look that his nose hair was bursting out of his nose. He just laughed and said I better deal with it.

    Mr. Knight carrying me into a little spot in the woods where we took pictures. What a sweetie! You probably notice my Heel Straps. I ordered them so that I would be able to do our first dance in my beautiful Pave Crystal J Crew heels. They worked fantastic and gave me the support I needed!

    Love this man!

    After our little wooded adventure my feet and shoes were dirty and I had a few ant bites… ALL before our ceremony. But it was soooo worth it to have these special moment with Mr. Knight. I wouldn’t trade them for the world!

    Next, it was time for Mr. Knight and I to head back to our bridal posses for some much needed hydration, snacks and to get ready to be married in front of all our family and friends. :-)

    This way to Mr. Knight and Mrs. Gator’s Wedding!!! Knight Dad made these cute signs to help direct our guests on the Plantation Bay property. Isn’t he awesome?

    Up next… we’re getting MARRIED!!! And what do you think Mr. Knight forgot to bring to our ceremony?

    And in case you missed it, this is what’s happened so far:

    when bubbles attack
    our first look on a bridge
    moment with Gator Dad
    We got silly with our iPhones
    The girls and I mastered laughing
    put on that little white dress
    The boys got full of themselves
    I was hungover while getting our hair did
    We rehearsed with yummy BBQ
    The ladies lunched

    Photos by my favorite photographers EVER, Ben and Amy of Starks Photography.

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  • Just Mauied :: When Bubbles Attack

    I had this great idea to use bubbles as a ‘prop’ to get Mr. Knight and I comfy during our couples pictures. Fabulous idea until… the bubbles fought back.

    The bubbles went in our eyes, and our mouth. They were not cooperating!
    By the way, Mr. Knight makes some of the BEST faces. Love him.

    Mr. Knight bracing for impact. We had a strong wind that day, which made for us feeling quite cool but not so good for blowing bubbles.

    Finally, the bubbles decided to get with the program and work for us the way I dreamed!

    I love how it looks like Mr. Knight is teaching me how to blow bubbles. What a cutie.

    This little beauty is Mr. Knight and I’s favorite picture… EVER. You might even see it again soon in a little project I’ve been working on that has been taking me WEEEEEKS, cause I’m crazy OCD like that.

    Overall, very pleased with my little bubble prop. The only props I really brought with us was the bubbles and our iPhones, and I think they were enough for us (although I wish I had packed some sweet heart shaped sunglasses… bummers).

    Our favorite part of our ‘couples picture time’ was sitting in the grass blowing bubbles at each other. So relaxing! It was especially funny to see some of our guests drive by us on the road behind us (see – road approx. 12′ behind us… didn’t notice it? yeah, our photographers are amazing). They looked slightly confused! A few honked, which got us super excited.

    I can’t say it enough how amazing it was to see Mr. Knight before our ceremony. It was the best part of my day (besides pulling away from our reception… more on that later). These moments with him are some I will always cherish. :-)

    What was your favorite moment from your wedding? Was it a tender moment with your sweetie or the moment you pulled away from the reception? SPILL!

    If you haven’t entered my GIVEAWAY for fabulous Juicy Couture Earrings then you better get your butt over there and enter that SHIZ!

    And in case you missed it, this is what’s happened so far:

    our first look on a bridge
    moment with Gator Dad
    We got silly with our iPhones
    The girls and I mastered laughing
    put on that little white dress
    The boys got full of themselves
    I was hungover while getting our hair did
    We rehearsed with yummy BBQ
    The ladies lunched

    Once again, all photos by Ben and Amy of Starks Photography; taken on the property of the Plantation Bay Country Club

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  • Just Mauied :: Our First Look

    In the beginning, Mr. Knight wasn’t completely on board with the ‘first look’ idea. The ‘first look’ seems to be a relatively new wedding trend. My parents had no idea what I was talking about when I mentioned it and many of my friends, who were married only a few years ago, hadn’t heard of it when they were planning their wedding. I searched the internet for some great examples to show Mr. Knight and even made a little pros and cons list for him to look at. In the end, Mr. Knight was on board (anything to keep his stressed out bride happy). After it was all said and done, Mr. Knight says these set of pictures are some of his favorite from our wedding. Bride – 1, Groom – 0. :-)

    I believe the ‘first look’ is such an important moment on your wedding day. Many brides and grooms are hell-bent on not seeing each other till the ceremony (which is tradition) but, having a ‘first look’ and seeing each other, just the two of you, is so much more intimate (in our eyes). We both were so excited to see each other and get a moment to take in everything that was happening that day… we were getting married! Enough of my jibber-jabbering, the pictures truly say it all.

    I’m trying to contain my excitement, but failing at it. I had never been so excited to see him in my life!

    At this moment I’m so excited that I’m stomping my feet up and down on the bridge super fast so that he can hear me coming.

    I’m here Mr. Kniiiiiiiiggggghhhhhhhhht

    Mr. Knight checking our my dress, the elusive little white dress he had been hearing about for MONTHS.

    This is right after Mr. Knight kissed me and got my lipstick all over his lips. He was smacking his lips together all funny. It was perfect. He made me laugh and I certainly needed a good laugh on our wedding day. Nerves anyone?

    That smile… agh I just love him so much!

    Mr. Knight checking out the detail on my dress and all my accessories. Even months later, when he sees a picture of us from our wedding day he still tells me how beautiful I looked on our wedding day. So sweet.♥
    Accessories: Watters Dress, J Crew Pave Crystal Heels, Handle & Spout hair flowers,  Tulip Couture clutch, Aquamarine drop earrings

    Truth be told, I don’t think our family was completely on board with our ‘first look’ idea till after they saw our ‘first look’ pictures. I remember telling my parents we were going to see each other before the ceremony and I will never forget the shocked look on their faces (they are very traditional). They also had this same shocked look when I told them the dress I wanted wasn’t white (it was champagne). They eventually came around when they heard all the positives: more time for pictures, less time between the ceremony and reception taking photos, giving us more time with our guests. My parents were really good sports with all my slightly untraditional ideas for Mr. Knight and I’s wedding.

    Having a ‘first look’ gave us time so that we could get all the fun pictures we wanted (which is coming up next!) and allowed us to just hang out and chill. We weren’t rushed, we had nowhere to be for an hour and a half. It was perfection. Just Mr. Knight, Me and our 2 photographers and 2 videographers (okay, we were quite a crew). We frolicked all over the Plantation Bay Country Club property. I had time to really think about which pictures I wanted, what would be a good background, etc. I was one of THOSE brides who directed our photographers some. I was out of control. I could have taken pictures with Mr. Knight for hours if I hadn’t gotten so hungry/sweaty/thirsty/tired. I remember wanting to take a nap right before our ceremony. Staying up all night before your wedding is never a good idea. Bad gator bride.

    Did you plan to have a first look? What was your deciding moment to have a first look? If you decided not to, why? I’d love to hear what y’all think of this (relatively) new wedding trend.

    And in case you missed it, this is what’s happened so far:

    a moment with Gator Dad
    We got silly with our iPhones
    The girls and I mastered laughing
    put on that little white dress
    The boys got full of themselves
    I was hungover while getting our hair did
    We rehearsed with yummy BBQ
    The ladies lunched

    *All photos by Ben and Amy Starks of Starks Photography

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  • The Infamous iPhone Wedding Photo

    I’ve mentioned a few times before how much I love pictures of iPhone’s in Wedding pictures. I even wrote a few more posts about how cute they were in pictures, and since Mr. Knight and I are avid iPhone users, we couldn’t be apart from our little iPhones on our Wedding day either.

    So now, I present to you our covetted iPhone Wedding photo:

    I loves ♥

    I think I must of asked our photographers a million times on our Wedding day – “When do we get to do our iPhone picture?” Can you tell I was excited? I think they finally just gave in and was like “Let’s do it now,” after I had asked them for the 1 bazillionth time. :-)

    Do y’all plan on incorporating your iPhone (or other smartphone) into your wedding pictures?

    Photo, and idea behind photo, by Starks Photography ♥them

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  • Just Mauied :: Hello Beautiful Ladies

    I love my bridesmaids. Not only are they incredibly beautiful (which makes for some excellent pictures), but they are the sweetest gals a girl could have as friends. Not to mention, they look FABULOUS in light blue. Fabulous. I swear I’m not shallow, I just can’t get over how good they all look in those dresses, and hair flowers. Amaze-balls.

    Hello hardest picture to pose for EVER. You wouldn’t think so. I was seriously cranking my neck around as hard as I could so I could see the camera, but sooo worth it. I needed at least ONE picture with my little Bride hoodie. :-) BTW, totally rockin’ the southern bump. You know you love it.

    Hi Bridal jacket that costs mucho $$ and can only be worn 1 day. I wore the jacket on the plane to Maui hoping they would see we were newlyweds and bump us to 1st class. My plan didn’t work. I understand though. We were competing with the girl CARRYING her wedding dress on the plane, and a couple wearing bride and groom hats (complete with detachable veil). Next time we will be more prepared.

    Everyone wearing different silver shoes? Love. Red color of the boards of the little white bridge we were on, in contrast with the girl’s dresses. Also love. This is one of those pictures that older folks look at and ask “Why did the photographers cut all y’all’s heads off? They must not be very good.” Oh quite the contrary, they are soooo good.

    Faux laughing like its our JOB. We rock.

    Sunny MOH and I possibly laughing at how awkward it is to take a GAZILLION photos.

    We’re FIERCE and we know it. Seminole Bridesmaid and I hamin’ it up for the camera.

    Gator Bridesmaid and I Gator chomin’, our usual activity when we are around each other. :-)

    Happy Bridesmaid and I bein’ sweet.
    Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, those are the bridesmaid bouquets/weeds our florist delivered to us. Waaaay embarrassing. A full drag-out post on ‘he who should not be named’ is coming soon!

    Sporty Bridesmaid and I rockin’ like the true Rock Stars we are.

    Definitely a framer! Sweet Bridesmaid and I giving our best ‘whateves’ face. We had run out of poses at this point.

    Aren’t we a little more creative in our pictures then the boys were? I always joke to Mr. Knight that his pictures with the boys were sooo creative {sarcasm}. Being the funny guys they are, I figured there would be some goofy ones in there somewhere, but they really ‘held it together’ during their picture session. Us gals, I can’t say we held it together. :-)

    This post wouldn’t be complete without a picture of me and the cutest little flower girl ever, my god-daughter KK. Fun (and random) Fact: Little KK and I were born exactly 20 years apart and both our names start with a “K.”

    And in case you missed it, this is what’s happened so far:

    The ladies lunched
    We rehearsed with yummy BBQ
    I was hungover while getting our hair did
    The boys got full of themselves
    I put on that little white dress

    And if you haven’t seen our Wedding Video, I can’t talk to you. You MUST see it. Loves it like WOAH.

    *All photos by the rockin’ husband and wife team of Starks Photography (Go to their website, the music on it is AMAZING. Loves it.)