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  • A Night Out With Mah Ladies!

    In about 2 1/2 short weeks I will be re-united with some of my best friends for a girl’s night out before my bridal shower at Mama Knight‘s house. Our plans? Who knows… and who cares! All I know is that I’m gonna have my girls by my side for a night/weekend of girl time, girl talk, eating, dancing, and girl bonding (with no boys!). What more could a sweet little Gator Bride want? Is it weird I just called myself sweet? Well, I am sweet, what can I say? :-)

    *click image to get a better look at my chickas!

    Unfortunately, one awesome chicka will not be able to make it for a girls weekend, my beloved happy bridesmaid. She is cooped up in a blizzard-y NYC and has a boss who gives her very little days off a year (but, hey, that’s NYC for ya). She will be missed!

    ♥Love her

    And, an entry about a girl’s night out wouldn’t be complete without an outfit mood board…

    Donna Morgan Dress, 6pm.com, $107; Nine West Valenka Heels (bought on sale last summer… by the way, most comfortable heels I own) $69; J Crew Earrings, $68; J Crew Necklace $50; random Pink Satin Clutch; cute Forever21 hair clips, $1.50 (love this $)

    Of this look, I currently own the beautiful Donna Morgan dress, and the Nine West Valenka Heels. I’m currently on the look for a clutch, jewelry and hair accessories (totally hitting up Forever 21 soon). While I absolutely adore these JCrew earrings and necklace, they are way out of this budget brides price range. Sunny MOH and I are headed to the outlets this weekend for some dress/accessory/bonding shopping day, so I’ll be on the lookout for these items.

    I plan to wear this sweet Donna Morgan dress for our Rehearsal Dinner, which will be poolside at our Country Club (in-less I fall in love with something else while out shopping… but this dress is, most likely, the one I’ll be wearing). I plan to accessorize the dress differently, with possibly more gold tones in jewelry then the black, which I’ve accessorized with for the girl’s night out.

    Do you plan to wear the same dress to multiple wedding events? Or will you be changing it up each time?

    Also, do any of my lovely readers have some ideas for me, on how I can re-accessorize this dress for the rehearsal dinner?

    ♥Miss Gator